Book a tour: Discover Ha Giang by motorcycle 2021 – The majestic natural beauty of the first land of the country

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Ha Giang is a land renowned for its beautiful mountain scenery, terraced farms as far as the eye can reach, and fields of purple buckwheat flowers from the valley to the hamlet, all of which combine with the vibrant ethnic culture of the highlands. Nature and people here will bring you many interesting experiences while you discover Ha Giang by motorcycle.

Attractive things of Ha Giang - Discover Ha Giang by motorcycle

Discover Ha Giang by motorcycle

Ha Giang, in the high mountainous north of Vietnam, has a magnificent mountain complex with an average altitude of 800 to 1,200 meters, with numerous mountain ranges rising beyond 2,000 meters above sea level. sea. That is why the average temperature in Ha Giang's hilly area is always tens of degrees Celsius cooler than in the lowlands.

Ha Giang on motorbike has become one of the most popular tourist destinations due to its pleasant temperature, which remains cool even in the height of summer. The scorching, oppressive summer heat seemed to have "forgotten" about this location.

Many people travel to Ha Giang to escape the city's stuffiness and loudness, as well as to explore the beautiful natural mountains,forests, and immerse themselves in the ethnic cultural identity of the highlands.

Riding a motorcycle across the hazardous and zigzagging passes on the way to Ha Giang is perhaps the greatest part of the trip. Although it is a little hazardous, reaching the top of the peak and looking back at a winding pass is easy to become overwhelmed and interested when you discover Ha Giang by motorcycle

Lung Khuy cave - Discover Ha Giang by motorcycle

Lung Khuy cave is located in Dong Van area, around 10 kilometers from Quan Ba. If you are planning a trip to Ha Giang on motorbike, you must include this location in your itinerary or you will be disappointed. According to young people's accounts, Lung Khuy Cave is also the most beautiful cave in Ha Giang. Coming here will overwhelm you since it is just around 300 meters deep, yet the landscape is spectacular, and there are many dazzling stalactites deep within.

Tham Ma Slope - Discover Ha Giang by motorcycle

From Ha Giang to Meo Vac district, you will go through National Highway 4c, where there is Tham Ma slope winding between two high mountain ranges.

Ma Pi Leng Pass - Discover Ha Giang by motorcycle

As one of the four great peaks of Vietnam's passes, Ma Pi Leng pass is famous for its craggy pass extending up to 20km. Ma Pi Leo is located on Hanh Phuc street, connecting two places, Dong Van and Meo Vac town. Ma Pi Leng is not only the most beautiful pass in Ha Giang but also the place where the most passionate adventurers conquer while you discover Ha Giang by motorcycle.

Lung Cu flagpole - Discover Ha Giang by motorcycle

Lung Cu flagpole is located in Lung Cu commune, Dong Van province with an altitude of nearly 1,470m above sea level. This place is also known as the northernmost point of the country, having a sacred meaning for the country of Vietnam. When touching the red flag with a fluttering yellow star, everyone will feel a sense of pride in a brave and resilient country.

Palace of the Vuong family

The Vuong family's palace, also known as King Meo's home, was erected over a century ago. The mansion's owner had to spend up to 150,000 silver coins, which is equivalent to $150 billion today, to create such a remarkable building. The Vuong family's palace has retained its intrinsic mystique to this day, hidden in the heart of a beautiful valley that is well worth a visit when you discover Ha Giang by motorcycle.

See Hoang Su Phi in the pouring water season

It is true to say that Hoang Su Phi is most beautiful in the pouring water season. May is also the time when people here rush to go to the fields to start a new crop. Then, when it comes to September, the waterfalls that once poured down have now turned into golden terraces that are about to be harvested.

Sung La Valley is as beautiful as a picture

If you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the majestic scenery of Ma Pi Leng Pass, do not miss Sung La - a small valley in the middle of a rocky plateau. This place attracts many travelers by not only the cool beauty of the mountains and forests, the greenness of the rice fields but also the small houses on the side of the road. Sung La is one of the few places where the identity of the ethnic people is still intact, the image of girls wearing baskets going up the mountain to pick vegetables or leisurely weaving cloth.

Dong Van Ancient Street

Dong Van Old Town is famous for being a place that still preserves the old houses with quite bold walls. If you are lucky enough to come to the old town on the full moon day, you will see a very special and splendid old town with lanterns hanging everywhere while you travel to discover Ha Giang by motorcycle

Yen Minh pine forest - Discover Ha Giang by motorcycle

Somewhere, people still call Yen Minh pine forest as the second Da Lat of Vietnam. As soon as you reach the alley of the pine forest, you will feel like you are lost in a wild but quiet place, where the atmosphere is extremely airy that someone does not want to return.

Pho Village

People are easily impressed by the majesty of the top of Ma Pi Leng pass, but they accidentally forget a small town located right in Dong Van. Called a town, but here is the "small roof" of about 500 Chinese and H'Mong people living here. The most noticeable thing is that Pho Bang is nestled inside the rocky mountains. Coming here, you will feel the idyllic truth, the moss-covered earthen houses, surrounded by lovely rose beds, the brilliant yellow rapeseed flowers in the sun.

If you are too stuffy and noisy in the urban area, then discover Ha Giang by motorbike to immerse yourself in the majestic natural mountains and forests, and learn about the cultural characteristics of the highland ethnic groups. Ha Giang promises to be an interesting destination, giving you a memorable trip. Visit our website for more information.


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