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Sapa is a famous tourist destination with attractive natural scenery for tourists to explore and enjoy its beauty. For young people, especially backpackers, it is no longer strange to travel by motorbike. However, should you go to Sapa by motorbike? That is the question of many people.

Discovering Sapa by motorbike 2021 - ​​Attractive and outstanding?
Sunset over Terraced rice fields, Mu Cang Chai, Yen Bai, Vietnam

The beautiful scenery of Sapa infatuated with many people - Sapa by motorbike

Sapa is a highland town known for its humility and solitude, although it hides numerous natural beauties. The natural beauty of Sa Pa is coupled with people's creativity, as well as the topology of the mountains and the green of the forest, to create a beautiful place with poetic scenery, like a picture put in a harmonious arrangement.

Unlike the beautiful, poetic and lyrical drawings of Dalat, lying in the floating clouds makes Sapa town like a foggy city, creating a charming painting. Coming to Sapa, visitors can relax with the fresh and cool atmosphere, with many diverse nuances.

 Any tourist to SaPa on motorbike may go to Ham Rong mountain, which is immediately adjacent to the town, to witness the entire town, Muong Hoa valley, Sa Pa, and Ta Phin buried in the haze. Ham Rong is now a fruit-filled Sapa landscape, thanks to human adornment. Visitors to Ham Rong appear to be lost in a fairy garden, where the clouds are thick with people and the ground is carpeted with bright flowers.

 In Sapa town, there is also an ancient church made of stone, and from here going back to the northeast, on the way to Ta Phin cave, there is a monastery built almost entirely of stone on a clear hillside. , cool. Going up about 3 miles we will see a cave. In the cave, many stalactites create interesting shapes such as dancing fairies, sitting fairies, distant fields, sparkling forests, as a small part of Phong Nha - Ke Bang caves.

More specifically, when coming to Muong Hoa valley, there are 196 stones carved with many strange shapes of ancient inhabitants thousands of thousands of years ago that many archaeologists have not yet deciphered. . The ancient carving area has been ranked as a national relic and is being proposed by our State to be ranked as a world heritage site. There is also Silver Waterfall from a height of over 200m, the rushing water creates the sound of mountains and forests while discovering Sapa by motorbike.

Sa Pa is also the "kingdom" of fruits, such as peach blossoms, large yellow peaches, small yellow peaches, plum plums, purple plums, tam Hoa plums, gladiolus flowers, plum flowers, pear flowers, peach blossoms, chrysanthemums, and flowers. roses ... especially the immortal flowers live forever with time. And you can easily see these flowers on Sapa by motorbike.

Coming to Sapa in the snowy season, visitors will also admire the amazing natural scenery that few places have. The green color of the rice fields on the terraced fields is replaced by the white of the snow, creating a spectacular scene.

There are beautiful poetic and enchanting scenes, there are herds of oxen wearing bells leisurely grazing, there are beautiful pine forests shimmering under the sun... Coming to Sapa on motorbikes, we can shake off all the troubles of life and is a place where time stops so that we can relax and enjoy the world freely.

What is attractive and outstanding about Sapa culture and people? Sapa by motorbike

For those who are passionate about photography, traveling to Sapa is a paradise, because of the natural beauty of the boys, girls and ethnic women. They are hard working, black, their clothes are not fancy, a bit messy but they are too confident and authentic. Their beauty seems to be instilled in the souls of the people who make art to create photos that have not been edited but are highly appreciated in the photography industry.

Talking eyes, sympathetic smile, dry hands full of dyed fabrics are also unforgettable highlights in the portraits of ethnic minorities. This beauty is easily found in the highland provinces such as when you ride a motorcycle to Sapa or discovering Ha Giang.

Most of the ethnic minorities in Vietnam in general and Sapa in particular have their own voices and languages. However, when the economic development is more and more widespread, it is required and required that people in all provinces from lowland to highland must be able to speak and write in Mandarin. Therefore, when traveling to Sapa, you also haven’t to worry about the language difference.

Moreover, maybe you also have to respect the English language and the ability of Sapa’s speakers to speak foreign languages. The short, black children are smaller than their real age, and have the ability to communicate quite fluently with Western guests. It's a miracle, isn't it? It is shamelessly called a "tourist town". You can also easily see children, or street vendors shooting English at famous places in Vietnam while traveling to Sapa on motorbikes.

Hilltribe women walk near paddy fields against sunset light to Red Dao village in Sapa, Vietnam

Traveling to Sapa by motorbike

Nowadays, many young people prefer to travel by motorbike rather than traveling by car or train to tourist destinations. Because when traveling Sapa by motorbike, you will have the feeling of conquering and discovering with your own speed and strength, so it will be more exciting and for the following reasons:

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  • Help discover, challenge and conquer yourself and tourist places
  • Save money compared to going by car or train
  • Traveling by motorbike, you can comfortably rest your feet and take pictures in any location
  • Easily change the schedule and move to other areas, other tourist destinations such as Ha Giang,...
  • You can vividly experience the nature and people of the locations you visit with all of your emotions, without having to look out the window; you may appreciate nature freely, enjoying the fragrant mountain winds…

Join Sapa tour at our website to be able to freely explore, see, take pictures of different people and cultures. The beauty while discovering Sapa by motorbike is natural, clear, and carefree expressed in personality, soul, in costumes, and in traditional festivals.

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