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We often travel to Hoi An from other places. Today, our article “Motorcycle Tours From Hoian – The Amazing Trips” will introduce the wonderful tours from this famous city.

Hoi An is a city in Quang Nam province, Vietnam. Hoi An Ancient Town used to be a bustling international trading port, including architectural heritage dating back hundreds of years, recognized by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage since 1999. 

It is not surprising that hundreds of tourists visit the place every year. However, we can start from here and explore many new lands with simple motorcycles. Now, together we will start to learn them.

10+ Hoian Motorcycle Tours to Central Destinations

10+ Hoian Motorcycle Tours to Central Destinations
Hoian ancient town Vietnam

Duration: 4 days 3 nights

Day 1:

We start leaving Hoi An early in the morning for My Son, a heritage site that would be the Cham equivalent of Angkor Wat. We would then continue along the main road from My Son, which will be busy until the street shifts and then becomes smaller, despite being paved. 

Day 2: 

After breakfast at a nearby diner, we proceed to ride southeast on Highway 14. We’ll ride over the famous Lo Xo Pass, frequently stopping to meet the De and Trieng minority group. Lunch will be in Tan Canh, and we’ll have the opportunity to visit the village of Se Dang before actually continuing to Kon Tum. 

Day 3:

We’ll keep going on Highway 14, where traffic is heavier than usual. Lunch is served in Pleiku. We would then keep crossing the Nha Rong pass and arrive at Buon Me Thuot, the regional capital of the Dac Lac Region.

Day 4:

We drove to Lak Lake on Route 27, a comparatively tiny paved road of poor surfacing. We could indeed rest here for refreshments and troll around in the lake. 

Dac Lac is said to have 31 different ethnicities. Some communities are recognized for elephant hunting or taming, while others are renowned for weaving and arts. We keep going on to Da Lat after our meal in Lak Lake.

We will end one of the marvelous Central Vietnam Motorcycle Tours on this day.

Hoian Motorbike Tour to DaNang Beach

Hoian Motorbike Tour to DaNang Beach
Panorama View from top, Hai Van Pass is one of the most beautiful mountain passes in Vietnam, which is the bridge connecting DaNang and Lang Co Bay

Duration: 1 day

This motorcycle visit could begin from Hoi An and take you to Danang’s high points. 

We begin our motorcycling journey by departing Hoi An, stopping along the way to see a Cham monastery and one former US military base. We then drive around Danang on narrow roads before ascending the steep hills of the Son Tra, also renowned as Monkey Mountain.

We explore a pagoda with the nation’s top Buddha statue and then see colorful boats being fixed along the shoreline as we loop around both sides of a mountain. We visit the sanctified Marble Mountains before actually returning. We could discover the caves or start taking an additional abseil into Hell’s Cave’s temple.

It requires about 15 to 20 minutes to climb up Marble Mountain to a rappelling area.

The first rappel is just a quick walk from the practice area and has a beautiful view of the water. This line has massive publicity and beautiful scenery and gives the impression that you are far greater than you truly are. Then comes the last rappel, one 50-meter drop into a huge hole so dark. This incredible cave rappel declines straight from the forest into a monastery chamber.

10+ Motorbike Ride to Saigon From Hoian 2022-2023

10+ Motorbike Ride to Saigon From Hoian 2022-2023
Traditional Vietnamese boats on the Nha Trang beach.

Duration: 9 days 8 nights

Day 1:

We will pick guests up at approximately 8.30 a.m. in Hoi An and take you through residents’ country life, such as incense creation and rice paper production. 

And then proceed to My Son Holyland, where you would learn about the ancient Cham Towers’ culture and history. We arrive in Kham Duc at approximately 5 p.m. and spend the night in a small town.

Day 2:

Continue on the Ho Chi Minh trail to Phoenix Airport and other significant Southern Government bases.

Day 3:

We start riding our bikes from Kon Tum to Kon Ktu town early in the morning to discover Bana’s routine job and enjoy something about their traditions. Then proceed to Mang Den to take in the simply stunning scenery and wildlife.

Day 4:

We ride our motorcycles and meet one rubber plantation and the Ede people’s village to learn about their distinct culture. We’ll stay the evening in its bungalow near the Virgin waterfall.

Day 5 – 8:

We will visit Lak Lake and Dalat. We ride to the residents to understand how they produce coffee and taste the finest coffee in Vietnam. 

We could then go forest trekking to calm down and take in the stunning views of the famous Central Highlands. We’ll start our motorcycle tour with a big journey down Highway 20. 

Day 9:

We cycle to Nam Cat Tien Park. These regions still have a lot of bamboo or grassland cover. Moreover, the trees haven’t gotten bigger yet. 

You would have the opportunity to go on off-road motorcycle trips through dense forests with dirt roads to discover the variety of fauna and flora in one National Park. Our special journey comes to an end in Ho Chi Minh City.

10+ Ho Chi Minh Trail Motorbike Tours 2022 -2023

10+ Ho Chi Minh Trail Motorbike Tours 2022 -2023
QUANG TRI, VIETNAM – JUNE 16, 2020: Khe Sanh combat or Ta Con old airport, Quang Tri, Vietnam

In Hoi An Motorcycle Tours, the landscape along this path is also beautiful and meaningful to the Vietnamese and their nation.

Since the route goes through many cities and provinces in Vietnam, there seem to be many places to stop and appreciate your journey. Visitors shouldn’t have to worry about finding a spot to stay since there are innumerable hotels and guesthouses along the street to choose from.

The scenery along the route is also beautiful and meaningful to the Vietnamese and their nation. The Ho Chi Minh trail has an overall length of about 17,000 kilometers. 

It has become a renowned road, contributing to the glorious victory in the tense battle against the US and the domestic redemption.

The broad, silent regions of the forests and mountains will attract you. Also, the comforting sounds of grass blowing in the wind and singing tiny birds could be heard.

This Vietnam motorbike holiday would enable you to rejoin nature while getting away from the busyness of daily life and spending more quality time with buddies.

With less than a year of motorcycle riding, motorcycle riders are welcome to travel with the Vietnam Motorcycle Tours team along the HCM Trail.


You will have more options with Motorcycle Tours From Hoian – The Amazing Trips. We have listed three detailed tours and an overview of what a trip to Ho Chi Minh will be like. Each tour has its characteristics but brings great emotions to anyone participating.

Departing from Hoi An and traveling to the surrounding areas will help you expand your knowledge more than you think. We hope your group will have unforgettable backpacking experiences with versatile motorbikes. Vietnam Motorcycle Tours On Tripadvisor!

Top 10+ Motorcycle Tours From Hoian 2022-2023