Top Vietnam Motorcycle Tours

Top 5 Best Vietnam Motorcycle Tours


Vietnam is the best place to go if you want to have an unforgettable Asian vacation. The stormy past, tremendously diverse scenery, delicious food, and gorgeous people have made this place renowned. 

For people who are interested in discovering this amazing country, opting for Vietnam motorcycle tours is highly recommended. If you want to ride your own motorcycle to travel the length and width of the nation or escape from the crowds, we have the perfect motorbike trips in Vietnam for you. However, be warned: once you’ve seen what rustic Vietnam has to provide, you’ll want to return time after time! Scroll down for more!

Top 10+ Best Vietnam Motorcycle Tours 

Top 10+ Best Vietnam Motorcycle Tours 
Hai Van Pass- Vietnam Motorbike Top Gear Special

1. Motorcycle Tour In Central Vietnam (9 days/8 nights)

Take yourself on an epic 9-day adventure through central Vietnam, where you’ll visit historic sites, breathtaking beaches, and the sites of a few of the American War’s fiercest engagements. You will start in the Thu Bon Delta paddy fields before ascending 2,000 feet through one of Vietnam’s highest highways, departing from the UNESCO world heritage city of Hoi An. It’s on to the Ho Chi Minh Road, which go along with the famed Viet Cong Ho Chi Minh route.

Follow the path with dense rainforest, mountain roads, and a halt at a waterfall after resting at the mountainous area of Kham Duc, where the US army lost nine aircraft during the 1968 Tet Offensive. You may see the spectacular limestone caverns in Phong Nha National Park before traveling to the Vinh Moc Tunnels, where an entire hamlet retreated underground to avoid American bombardment. 

After passing the former boundary between the Northern and Southern parts, visitors then arrive in Hue – Vietnam’s historic royal city. Before returning to Hoi An, you can drive via the magnificent Hai Van Pass, a stunning coastal road with excellent views of Da Nang

Motorcycle Tour In Central Vietnam (9 days/8 nights)
Ho Chi Minh road to Phong Nha cave

2. Motorcycle Tour In Ha Giang – The Northern Loop Of Vietnam (8 days/8 nights)

Drive through Vietnam’s legendary Northern Mountains, where you’ll be surrounded by stunning landscapes, breathtaking sights, untouched environment, and diverse ethnic communities. Layers of blue-green hills stretch as far as the eye could see; jagged dark rocks protrude from the misty green environment, and steep cliffs drop abruptly from the edge of tiny hilly roads. This is undoubtedly an incredible ride!

Recommended tours:

Motorcycle Tour In Ha Giang - The Northern Loop Of Vietnam (8 days/8 nights)

3. Motorcycle Tour From Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City (14 days/13 nights)

Traveling from the north to the south of Vietnam is a once-in-a-lifetime event. A motorbike ride in Vietnam can greatly broaden your mind.

Beginning in Hanoi, Vietnam’s headquarters, and driving south, you’ll be able to ride the world-famous Ho Chi Minh route, stop in ethnic villages and beach cities, unwind on beautiful beaches, sample local culinary traditions, and socialize with local residents. 

Do not forget to pay a visit to UNESCO sites like Hoi An Ancient Town and Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park to immerse yourself in love for the antique beauty of Vietnam!

Motorcycle Tour From Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City (14 days/13 nights)

4. Vietnam Motorcycle Tour With Rally Indochina Adventure ( 1 Day )

Rally Indochina is the biggest annual fundraising motorcycle race in Southeast Asia, conducted every year in Vietnam. The Rally is offered to any explorer who wants to return to Vietnam, with 400 USD of the entrance fee going straight to the Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation. More specifically, Blue Dragon is a grassroots Australian organization that helps Vietnamese children in need. 

Motorcyclists created the route for motorcyclists, so the Rally isn’t just about traveling from point A to point B as quickly as possible. The organizers have spent several years scouring Vietnam for the best motorcycle routes, with just the right combination of landscapes, heritage landmarks, highland and lowland communities, mountains, and valleys.

Cyclists have raised about US$284,000 with Rally Indochina since its establishment in 2010. All of the funds are used to help rescue exploited children and avoid exploitation in rural regions around the nation.

Vietnam Motorcycle Tour With Rally Indochina Adventure ( 1 Day )
Beautiful green vivid landscape on the trip from National Park Phong Nha Ke Bang to Cua Lo in Vietnam.

5. Motorcycle Tour To Tea Plantation & Villages (1 day)

On the trip to the minority group in Co Tu village of Bho Hoong, begin your adventure by cruising past picturesque towns and hamlets in the Thu Bon river basin. Discover the village firsthand with a guided village stroll led by a local resident, followed by a traditional Co Tu meal and live music performance.

You can travel through the tea gardens to Trung Mung – another Co To town, following the rural visit. Then, stop by Y Khong – the previous Co Tu monarch, to enjoy a lovely cup of coffee or tea (or, for the braver, a swig of traditional CoTu rice wine). While you sip the drinks, you can admire the traditional timber carvings and other Co Tu cultural things.

Returning to Hoi An is a lovely journey that takes a completely different path, passing by the beautiful Non Nuoc coastline before seeing Marble Mountain, a sacred Buddhist shrine. There are pagoda stands at the topmost summit of the Mountain, and behind it, you can catch a glimpse of the frighteningly named Hell’s Cave dips deep into the ground. We suggest you spend time exploring the surroundings before going to Hoi An!

Motorcycle Tour To Tea Plantation & Villages (1 day)

6. Motorcycle Tour In My Son, Da Nang (0.5 days)

In fact, My Son is one of the UNESCO World Heritage-listed ruins of the ancient Cham city.

The My Son journey begins by traveling on a Jeep or motorcycle into the gorgeous Thu Bon Delta region, with the sun following you. If you are fond of different cultural rural life, make a pit stop at a lively village market to learn about Vietnamese rustic life here!

Next, take a lovely drive through the countryside on country lanes before arriving in My Son for a traditional Vietnamese breakfast. Once the tummies are full, you can embark on a guided My Son trip of the historic city’s sad remains.

After the My Son trip, you can hop back on your motorcycles and return to Hoi An along little back roads and past the rice terraces’ dispersed hamlets.

Motorcycle Tour In My Son, Da Nang (0.5 days)


Overall, we hope this article is informative enough that it provides you insights on Vietnam motorcycle tours regarding travel ideas, reasons to go, things to do, and locations to see. 

Let us know if you have any additional questions regarding coming to Vietnam, and we will be pleased to assist you. Leave a comment in the box below.

Good luck on your journey!

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