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Vietnam By Motorcycle – 15 Best Places To Ride Motorbike In Vietnam

Traveling around Vietnam by motorcycle is a great way to get to know this beautiful country. Exploring various towns, cities, and villages will enhance your knowledge about its culture and bring you a sense of adventure, making you feel like being a part of it. All of these things contribute to a memorable trip. 

This article will recommend the best places to discover in Vietnam at least once in your life. Keep on reading and decide to have a good time right away!

Top 15 Best Vietnam Destinations For A Memorable Motorcycle Trip

If you are looking for interesting destinations in Vietnam for a motorbike trip, let’s check them out below.

#1 Da Lat – Picturesque Sceneries

Da Lat city, as well as its surrounding region, is renowned for its outstanding natural beauty. The green hills, the valleys, and stunning scenes are memorable, and they will stay with you for a long time to come.

If you want to immerse in mother nature, then Da Lat is the perfect place for you to get on a motorcycle journey. A variety of cold-weather fruits and vegetables will amaze you, such as broccoli, strawberry, etc. 

Besides, the sublime waterfalls in Da Lat are unmissable to motorcyclists who want a sense of adventure. You will be free to ride on quiet and narrow mountain roads and enjoy the peace of magnificent waterfalls.

#2 Ban Gioc Waterfall – The Magnificent Beauty Of Cao Bang

It is a famous tourist attraction of Cao Bang and among the largest natural waterfalls in Southeast Asia. One thing that contributes to the unique beauty of this waterfall is the uneven flow with divided layers like stairs, creating a fairy scene. 

Along the way to get there, you can visit traditional crafts areas in Cao Bang and learn much about its culture as well as the life of the residents here. Such a fantastic Vietnam motorcycle trip!

#3 Ba Be Lake – Hidden, Alluring Beauty

Located in tranquil Ba Be National Park, this is the most magnificent freshwater lake in this country. The majestic natural beauty promises a memorable motorcycle trip. 

Choosing Ba Be Lake for your trip by motorbike allows you to enjoy one of the most peaceful spots in Vietnam and experience simple rural life. Immersing yourself in the charming rivers and mountains of Ba Be lake is a great idea!

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#4 Da Nang – A Wonderful Destination

Da Nang is a place that you should not omit when it comes to Vietnamese tourist destinations. It is well-known for its appealing landscape and its vibrant image with many exciting activities. It has many attractive places to visit, such as Ba Na Hills, Son Tra peninsula, Ngu Hanh Son, and so on.

Plus, if you are keen on trips to the beaches for relaxation, Da Nang will not fall short of your expectations as there are continuous wonderful and poetic beaches. Also known as the “City of Bridges”, you can enjoy the unique experience of riding your motorcycle on Da Nang bridges.

#5 Hoi An – Ancient Beauty That You Should Discover

Hoi An is an ideal place to discover ancient beauty. It is the most atmospheric city in Vietnam with historical architecture. Should you want to escape the hustle and bustle of big cities, Hoi An is a perfect destination as the mix of styles and eras seamlessly blend. 

Houses, small pagodas, temples, and streets make up a harmonious beauty that brings you the feeling of rustic nostalgia.

#6 Duong Lam Ancient Village – A Unique Journey

Located in Son Tay town, about 60km from Hanoi, Duong Lam ancient village is the first to be recognized as a Vietnamese national relic. It features historic architects with unique buildings constructed of mud and laterite, different from the skyscrapers you see in big cities. 

Here in Duong Lam, you can admire many temples that honor heroes in Vietnamese history. They help us get a deeper look at the country’s glorious history and tradition. 

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#7 Hue – A Must-Try Experience

When visiting Vietnam, another famous destination you should remember is the ancient Citadel in Hue – the fortified complex of royal buildings. It was the center of power during the Nguyen Dynasty – also the last imperial dynasty in Vietnamese history. Many gorgeous attractions are waiting for you to explore, like Ngo Mon Gate, Thai Hoa Palace, Dien Tho Residence, etc.

#8 Mai Chau – The Lyrical Beauty

Mai Chau valley will make a great impression on you, so do not miss it on your list. Known as a tourist paradise of mountainous areas, the landscape of Mai Chau is poetic and breathtaking. It is colorful as there are many types of flowers and trees around, making it an ideal place to relax and commune with nature. 

Moreover, traveling to Mai Chau by motorcycle allows you to feel a special sense of climate change when riding from this side to the other side of the mountain.

#9 Khe Sanh – A Sense Of Adventure And Freedom

Khe Sanh Combat Base is the witness of the Vietnamese battle against the American empire. Therefore, it represents the special beauty of Vietnam – the beauty of resilience and patriotism. 

In Khe Sanh, you have a chance to see many war items, so you can imagine the fierce battle taking place there years ago. To Con airport acts as a small museum model and saves a variety of reconstructed bankers, photographs, and several American aircraft used during the war. 

#10 Mekong Delta – Stunning Countryside

If you are looking forward to a fruit tour by motorcycle, you should not miss the Mekong Delta. The rich soil here is suitable for a large range of tropical fruits such as durian, dragon fruit, grapefruit, longan, mango, and so on. 

You can stop at the orchards and enjoy the fresh fruits. It is incredibly lush with paddy fields and numerous mangroves!

#11 Phong Nha – Impressive Natural Landscape

A trip to Phong Nha – Ke Bang by motorcycle is suitable for anyone having a passion for adventure as the route to get there includes many challenges. Riders may pass through mountainous areas or interminable forests. However, you can enjoy the majestic scenery along the way.

The World Heritage Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park is the largest cave ever known to humans. There, you can explore natural flora and fauna biodiversity. It is such a magnificent and mysterious cave that it is worth a visit. 

#12 Nha Trang – Amazing Riding Routes

The capital of Khanh Hoa is captivating to riders who love sightseeing with continuous long coastline beaches.  

The landscape of the islands makes it an ideal place to have a good time. Vinpearl Land, Hon Tam, and Hon Mun offer visitors stunning sights. It features various caves, black rocks, limestone cliffs as well as many other things to discover.

If you are bored of sunbathing, you can explore the religious diversity with different religious architects like Buddhism, Cham, and Hinduism. Po Nagar Cham Towers is a well-known pagoda that you should not miss.

#13 Thac Ba Lake – Pristine And Poetic Beauty

It is a large lake with many small islands. The charming landscape here will make it an attractive stopover in your journey. 

There are numerous tourist attractions in Thac Ba, Yen Bai that will not let you down, such as Thac Ba Hydropower Plant, Ngoi Tu Cultural Village, Thac Ba Lake, Thac Ba Cave, Thac Ba temple. Just pack your bags and start a wonderful motorcycle journey!

#14 Sapa – A Famous Destination For Beautiful Scenery  

Another must-go place in Vietnam is Sapa, a famous top trekking destination for outstanding scenery in the country. Sapa is a highland town in the north of Vietnam, which is not strange for the young, particularly the backpackers to travel there by motorbike. 

It’s like a foggy city where you can feel the floating clouds around you. The staggering mountain views are picturesque, and they will impress you a lot. Also, it is a suitable place if you want to experience the life of our nation’s ethnic minorities like the Giay, Hmong, and Red Dzao people.

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#15 Ha Giang – The First Land Of The Country

Situated on the north side of Vietnam, Ha Giang has magnificent mountains. As a result, the climate here remains cool even in summer. Riding a motorbike across the province and immersing yourself in the ethnic cultural identity of the highland makes a memorable trip. 

One more interesting thing is that the way to go to Ha Giang is a little challenging, so riders can feel a sense of adventure and freedom. 


We have offered you a list of the top 15 destinations to discover Vietnam by motorcycle in these last lines. All of them have a unique beauty and many attractive features. Let’s make a plan and start your motorcycle trip right away!

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