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Hai Van Pass, dubbed one of Vietnam's most beautiful passes, is steadily gaining popularity among travelers who wish to conquer this gorgeous and picturesque pass.
However, in order to safely cross via Hai Van Pass with your own motorbike, it is advisable for you to fully equip yourself with adequate information. Here it comes, all the things you need to conquer Hai Van Pass motorbike routes.
Read on and be ready to be fully informed!

Hai Van pass - the famous road which leads along the coastline mountains near Da Nang city, Vietnam. Beautiful nature in nasty day with clouds on sky. Border between south and north Vietnam.

Hai Van Pass Motorbike Routes - What You Need To Know

Before diving into the essential info on the route, let’s take a closer look at Hai Van Pass' overview info and history. Read on! 

General Information 

Considered one of the most interesting Vietnam Motorbike Tours, the Hai Van Pass is accessible by day from any of the three major cities on each side: Hoi An, Danang, or Hue. 

To be more specific, it would be a fantastic opportunity for you to ride all the way between these three towns through an extended coastline route so that you can avoid crowded Highway 1 for the overwhelming bulk of the journey and instead takes calm picturesque coast roads.  

Despite the fact that this route is somewhat longer than Highway 1, it is significantly more picturesque, gratifying, calmer, and even safer to a certain extent.

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Beautiful landscape of Lang Co beach from Hai Van mountain pass, wonderful shape of nature with green jungle, place for eco travel at Hue, Vietnam is country of sea with long seaside. It's one of the highlight of Ho Chi Minh trail by motorbike!

 It should be rather straightforward to hire a motorcycle in either Hoi An, Danang, or Hue, and some rental firms provide one-way pick-up and even drop-off services are also included, allowing you to travel in one route without having to come back to the starting location to return the motorcycle. 

The gorgeous coastline road connecting the three major cities is 165 kilometers long. In detail, this may be done in one day or split over two or three days by resting somewhere in the middle.

Exploring the picturesque roads surrounding the Son Tra Peninsula, you can enjoy the paved lanes and muddy trails going down to the coast from the top of the Hai Van Pass. Short excursions to Elephant Springs and Bach Ma National Park are also great choices for side routes along the journey.

Following the Tomb Rider path, you may either loop back via the mountains on the Ho Chi Minh Road, as detailed in the Golden Loop or continue down coastal backroads to Dong Hoi and Phong Nha.

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History and commentary

In fact, the Hai Van Pass used to be regarded as the 'Street Without Joy', or ‘Ho Chi Minh Trail Riding Routes’ during the 'American War.' Now, it is known as the 'Street Without Traffic' because of a tunnel beneath the mountains that was finished in 2005. The pass linked the war-torn towns of Hue and Danang along the perilous and highly disputed Highway 1 at the time. 

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Interestingly, the Hai Van Pass is a natural barrier: a mountainous projecting out into the East Sea. 

Extended north to south along Vietnam's western spine, the Annamite Range has an east-west spur. This natural barrier has long symbolized the end of one monarchy and the start of another. 

South of the Hai Van Pass was the Hindu Kingdom of Champa, while the north was the Confucian-Buddhist Kingdom of Dai Viet, the ancient name of Vietnam. 

To specify, the favorable climatic conditions south of the Hai Van Pass aided in the development of the Cham culture, which lasted more than a thousand years, beginning in the third century. The region of the 'Coconut Palm Cham' was eventually conquered due to its allure.

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Where To Stay 

Even though there is no lodging on the Hai Van Pass itself, there are a few decent and unique places to accommodate along the coastal road, as well as a large choice of hotels and resorts for all budgets at the route's two ends: Hoi An and Danang. In all of Vietnam, Hoi An boasts the finest value and variety of hotels. 

Because of the large number of hotels and Hoi An's continued appeal as a tourist destination, costs are low, and quality is high. Kiman Hotel and Hoi An Backpackers Hostel provide affordable yet clean and stylish accommodations for budget travelers. Motorcycle Tours From Hoian, is such an attractive invitation, isn’t it? 

In addition, local guesthouses may be found in many of the little villages along the route, especially near Lang Co and Chan May Beach, and provide affordable lodgings for a night on the road. Budget travelers may sleep beneath the stars at Canh Duong Beach Camping or Tan Canh Guesthouse, both on Chan May Bay. You can choose to stay for a night or two to split up the ride on the coastline road, as there are several luxury hotels there. 

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Da Nang, Vietnam - November 1, 2018: My Khe beach with a figure of a rider, traditional Vietnamese coracles (round wicker boats) lying on the sand, palm trees and coming large waves in the sea ( Ho Chi Minh trail motorbike tours from Hanoi to HCM city )

What Is The Best Time To Visit Hai Van Pass?

This pass usually delivers various beauty depending on the season of the year, making it ideal for you to visit. However, many notable hikers claim that Hai Van Pass is more beautiful around morning (between 4-6 a.m.) and sunset (4-6 p.m.). 

Even at the Hai Van pass rest breaks, you may completely enjoy the cold, fresh air while capturing more breathtaking images that will impress everyone.

Fishermen are fishing at sunset moving down Hai Van Pass.

Wrapping Up 

We can confidently say that poetry and song are unlikely to do justice to Hai Van Pass's beauty. Many visitors dream of being able to drive down the pass by themselves in order to stand in the midst of nature and experience the purity after experiencing the breathtaking winding roads between the gorgeous mountains. 

Indeed, it would be a big mistake in your life if you did not travel the Hai Van Pass once in your life. We hope that you are now fully equipped with adequate information related to the journey to conquering Hai Van Pass motorbike routes.

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