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Hue is known as the nation's ancient city that is always popular with tourists because of its antiquity and serenity. With a vast number of well-preserved historic monuments such as Imperial, tombs, temples and pagodas lie around every corner of the city. It's recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site by steeping in history and tradition. Hue Discovering the middle city of Vietnam by motorcycle.

We have many different ways of getting to Hue, however, to have particular and adventurous feelings about the sights and local culture of a natural Hue. We highly recommend you to discover Hue by motorcycle tour. Make sure that you will not miss any below notes for your upcoming Hue Motorcycle tour.

The full challenges route for rider who love experience on two wheel - Hue Discovering the middle city of Vietnam by motorcycle

Normally, we have two typical routes to get to Hue. The first choice is the route from Hoi An through Hai Van pass to arrive in Hue. Another choice is along the Ho Chi Minh Trail from Khe Sanh to Hue.

The ride via Hai Van pass on motorcycle to Hue


Hue Discovering the middle city of Vietnam by motorcycle from Hoi An is a must-try experience for riders. Riding a motorbike via the Hai Van Pass along the coastline and mountain curves certainly will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Hai Van pass that is 80km far away from the centre of Hue is approximately 500m above sea level and 20km long. 

It lengthens from the Truong Son range to the sea and across the Bach Ma mountain. Hai Van pass is famous for the section of road that surrounds the downhill of the high mountains and the deep blue sea on one side.

The rider will be offered thrilling moments when experiencing Hai Van pass by motorcycle with many zigzag curves and dangerous slopes. We’ll take in the stunning views over the bays and the landscape of fishing villages and coastal splendor will make you amazed. 

At Vietnam motorbike tours, we highly recommend the several tours for getting to Hue: 

View from top, Hai Van Pass is one of the most beautiful mountain passes in Vietnam, which is the bridge connecting Danang and Lang Co Bay

The motorcycle ride from northern to Hue via Khe Sanh - Hue Discovering the middle city of Vietnam by motorcycle

If you are getting to Hue on a motorcycle from the north, we will take you on a 180 kilometers long route to move from Khe Sanh to Hue through the Parallel 17 that was established to divide the North and the South in the war. 

You will experience the route that has many historical destinations concerning past events such as Vinh Moc, Hien Luong Bridge and Ben Hai River. The riding route to Hue on motorcycle is quite easy and peaceful along the villages and green rice fields. 

You will take your time to enjoy the country sights while breathing that fresh air, cool and peaceful. Hue Discovering the middle city of Vietnam by motorcycle.

QUANG TRI, VIETNAM - JUNE 16, 2020: Khe Sanh combat or Ta Con old airport, Quang Tri, Vietnam

The best things to do when discovering ancient capital of Hue by motorcycle


Referring to Hue we often think of the palaces, tombs and temples carrying the ancient breath. The city has a long and distinguished history as the main royal capitals of the country. You will have a chance to see in person the vivid traces of the last feudal dynasty. Hue Discovering the middle city of Vietnam by motorcycle.

The tour around Hue on motorcycle will give you a fascinating sight into Hue in the days of old.

Aerial view of Vietnam ancient Tu Duc royal tomb and Gardens Of Tu Duc Emperor near Hue, Vietnam. A Unesco World Heritage Site

Discovering the the Complex of Hue Monuments - Hue Discovering the middle city of Vietnam by motorcycle

Located on the banks of Hương river, The Complex of Hue Monuments is an imperial palace complex that was named as a UNESCO world heritage site in 1993. It is always worth a visit to see the overview anyway. Many monuments and ruins of monuments are evidence of the royal family and the nobility in the past. Hue Discovering the middle city of Vietnam by motorcycle.

We will give you time to walk along the palaces and discover the royal architecture, culture and history. There are also a vast number of engaging museums on the grounds.

Taking a short ride to experience Ancient Emperors Tombs on motorcycle

One of the most attractive destinations in Hue is the tombs of the Ancient Emperors that draws tourists every year. You will be amazed by the numerous tombs located around the city. The tombs mostly are constructed from the 19th and 20th centuries and bore a strong resemblance to Buddhist architecture. Hue Discovering the middle city of Vietnam by motorcycle.

We will take you to experience the places that were built in honor of famous emperors by motorcycle on the small and narrow forest roads. Some of the main King tombs are not to miss such as the Tomb of Tu Duc and Khai Dinh.

Statues of warriors in Imperial Khai Dinh Tomb in Hue, Vietnam

Experiencing Thien Mu Pagoda on motorcycle rides for Buddhist


The Hue peaceful and ancient atmosphere is most penetrating in its pagodas and temples. We recommend you to take a ride to see the Hue iconic seven-tiered tower of Thiên Mụ Pagoda, then pay a visit to Huyen Tran Princess Temple or Tu Hieu Monastery.

Thien Mu Pagoda sits overlooking the Huong River and is known as the official symbol of Hue with many gold and silver images of the Buddha. You can take in beautiful views over Hue from this location. Hue Discovering the middle city of Vietnam by motorcycle.

The Huyen Tan Princess Temple is a large complex of historical places with lakes of lotus flowers around. Beside the picturesque gardens, the highlight of the complex is known by the library of documents relating to the royal family and the monastery of Emperor Tran Nhan Tong.

Thien Mu Pagoda, Hue, Viet Nam

Discovering a different Hue by motorcycle - Hue Discovering the middle city of Vietnam by motorcycle

Taking a motorcycle tour in Hue is really enjoyable because of the shadow trees on both sides and the peaceful atmosphere.

You will have many choices in riding around Hue. The ride to the Bach Ma national Park on motorcycle is actually worth it with the beautiful landscapes along the route. 

Beside that, Hue's dramatic streets and lush surroundings are a wonderland for casual riders. The ride route to the Thanh Toan Bridge is one of Hue's most fascinating. We will go through a winding past with rice paddy fields and green vegetable farms.

In case you are in love with swimming and sunbathing, taking a Thuan An motorcycle ride is really not a bad idea. You also have a chance to experience the fishing activities of local people. Hue Discovering the middle city of Vietnam by motorcycle.

The best cuisine of Hue - food to try

In general, Hue cuisine emphasizes well-prepared dishes reflecting the taste of royal families in the past. Bun bo Hue, Banh Beo, Banh Loc and Com Hen are the most well-known Hue foods. You will be served with many world-class meals during your time in Hue.

Bun Bo Hue, Bun Bo, Vietnamese beef noodle soup spicy. bowl of beef and rice vermicelli soup, vietnamese noodle cuisine in Hue

Hue is one of the most delightful cities in Vietnam. With so many fascinating things to do in Hue, it’s easy to get knackered out and refresh yourself after busy days. Nothing could be more wonderful than experiencing the undisturbed Hue by motorcycle with our Vietnam motorbike tour team. Booking our Hue Discovering the middle city of Vietnam by motorcycle tour today via hotline: +(84) 945.918.688/ website: to get best services from our professional motorbike tour experts.

Hue from Hai Van mountain pass at Da Nang, Viet Nam.

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