How to take Vietnam motorbike tours for foreign people?

How to take Vietnam motorbike tours for foreign people?

Not only do motorbikes play a critical role in the life of Vietnamese people but they are also utilized for Vietnam motorbike tours. In fact, Commuting on off-board paths could bring a lot of interesting experiences and provide you a glimpse into real – life in Vietnam. Each Vietnam motorbike tour allows you to meet a couple of backpackers throughout our country and see stunning landscapes. Enjoy yourself by booking a Vietnam motorbike tour at 

Vietnam is a perfect site for motorbike adventure, isn’t it?

Vietnam is a perfect site for motorbike adventure, isn't it?
Amazing twist of Ha Giang – far north Vietnam

There are some mainstream precursors for this question such as:

  • Mountains account for over ¾ of the total area in Vietnam.
  • Vietnam is a narrow, long nation, ideal to cross without missing anything.
  • The average cost of motorbike insurance is quite low.
  • In Vietnam, selling motorbikes is not stressful and complicated.

Vietnam motorbike tours 2022 – Top motorbike routes

Vietnam motorbike tours 2022 - Top motorbike routes
Off-road Vietnam motorbike trip 2022


There is a range of selections for international visitors to explore Vietnam motorbike tours in an interesting and safe way. Cruising on the road to many distinctive regions gives an opportunity to experience various local specialties and the beauty of nature. Some Vietnam motorbike tours have been gaining the most popularity at, consisting of:

  • Motorbike tours to Da Lat
  • Hoi An motorbike tours
  • Vietnam motorbike tours to Ha Noi
  • Ho Chi Minh motorbike tours

Due to the number of trips available, opting for the most suitable can take both effort and time effectively. Remember to check for all information and good ratings on Vietnam Motorbike Tours Tripadvisor before booking any motorbike tours.

Hot destinations 2022 in the Northern of Vietnam to take Vietnam motorbike tours

Hot destinations 2022 in the Northern of Vietnam to take Vietnam motorbike tours
Ta Xua Dinosaur Backbone is a famous mountain range in northern Vietnam. All year round, the mountain rises above the clouds creating cloud inversions
  • Ta Xua dinosaur backbone
  • Dong Van Geopark, Ha Giang, 
  • Mu Cang Chai rice fields
  • Ban Gioc waterfalls
  • Sapa hill station
  • Thac Ba lake
  • Lai Chau, Ba Vi, Ninh Binh
  • Perfume Pagoda
  • Ba Be lake
  • Ho Chi Minh Trail

How to book Vietnam motorbike tours

How to book Vietnam motorbike tours
Nho Que Lake and Ma Pi Leng Mountain one of the most beautiful is a mountain lake in Ha Giang, far north Vietnam.

When international visitors go on Vietnam motorbike tours, they have two popular options: Vietnam guided motorcycle tours and self guided tours.

There are benefits and drawbacks to both choices, but you can take part in any tour fitting your characteristics.

Vietnam Guided motorbike tours

Vietnam Guided motorbike tours
Scenic Ha Giang

The main advantages when you join the guided tours, comprising:

  • You can get a chance to get a deeper understanding of historic buildings and local culture through interesting stories from the tour guide.
  • The routine and plan for Vietnam motorbike tours are ready – prepared.
  • Bring a sense of safety during the guided tour.

Vietnam Self Guided Motorbike tours

vietnam motorbike tours 2 7
Swimming on Ba Be lake

There are some benefits to travel on your own, such as:

  • Give you a sense of freedom
  • Flexible time and routine
  • Pick your travel buddies

What do people need for taking a tour by motorbike in Vietnam?

What do people need for taking a tour by motorbike in Vietnam?
6 day Ha Giang motorcycle trip


Vietnam Motorbike adventure is always an at-risk affair regardless of which nation you are in. As a matter of fact, current road infrastructure is degraded and unpredictable weather, leading to a striking increase in the accident rate.

You should make a list of essential things for Vietnam motorbike tours, including individual items, food, and drink. Though a reliable company can provide all the important gear and training for you, a few extra precautions must be taken into account below.

Blue card

The Blue card is simply your roof ownership and pointing out the frame number, the bike number, and the license plate number. Customers have an inclination to use a blue card for selling and purchasing motorbikes.

Motorbike Insurance (Coverage)

Good travel insurance is the best way to avoid losing money on prepaid travel expenditures if you catch unexpected accidents. This coverage is quite inexpensive, however, you have to inquire directly about whether or not your insurance includes auto accidents. When registering for Vietnam motorbike tours, you make sure that you are not illegal.

Condition of the motorbikes

  • The frame must be straight.
  • Tyres must be in good condition, with a lot of treads.
  • The suspension system remains its initial status, making no noises.
  • Electronic components work well
  • All lights are good.
  • Having smooth brakes and stable speed
  • The design is modern, trendy, and convenient.

Motorbike driving license 

If you travel by motorbike without license, you will be punished seriously according to road legislation in Vietnam. AA international license will be accepted in any country.

Motorbike driving gears

Motorbike driving gears
Wear riding boots when joining off-road northeast Vietnam

Helmets, long pants, a poncho, and even a long-sleeved top must be carried all the time.

Investing into a full-face helmet provides you better protection and gives you a sense of comfort. In order to run a two-wheeled vehicle easily, wearing a long-sleeved top or a padded jacket and long pants is necessary. In terms of a poncho (full-body rain suit), you should put it into your bag whenever you take Vietnam motorbike tours on rainy days.

Tips for safe driving in Vietnam

Tips for safe driving in Vietnam
Tham Ma slope in Ha Giang


  • Avoid driving motorbikes at the night
  • Be careful of animals jumping out or coming across the road
  • Use the honk frequently, especially at crossing junctions
  • Be mindful of buses, trucks, and containers
  • Do not use such addictive substance as drugs, cigarettes, and so forth
  • Have your motorbike checked and serviced regularly
  • Carry a mobile phone
  • Take breaks and get some refreshment during the tour
  • Keep up with the traffic
  • Don’t drink and drive
  • Stay focused on driving during Vietnam motorbike tours

Through this article, Vietnam Motorcycle Tours Company hopes that we can provide more information about Vietnam Motorbike Tours for customers. Contact us by WhatsApp hotline +84 985 333 066 or fill in the form on our official website for your questions. “Pursue your passion, conquer your limit”.

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