Vietnam Motorbike Tours 2024: Comprehensive Guide For Visitors

Vietnam motorbike tours 2024


Nestled in Southeast Asia, Vietnam is renowned for its stunning landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and vibrant street life. And what better way to explore this captivating nation than on the back of a motorbike? But before that, dive into our article to learn valuable tips and recommend destinations to plan your Vietnam motorbike tours 2024.

Vietnam Motorbike Tours 2024: Things To Know Before Departure

Vietnam Motorbike Tours 2024
Boating on Ba Be lake

Best Time To Visit

Spring (March to April) is one of the best times for Vietnam motorbike tours. The weather becomes pleasant with mild temperatures and lower humidity. It is also a great opportunity to experience the bustling vibe of the holiday season and the blooming season of hundreds of flowers.

Another favorable season for motorbike rides is Autumn (September – November). Temperatures decrease compared to summer, and heavy rains gradually disappear. In the northern regions, the compelling rice terraces turn golden before harvest, treating you to a stunning visual feast.

Road Condition

Major highways and expressways, including the North-South Highway (AH1) and the Ho Chi Minh Highway, are in good condition and have wide lanes. Most secondary roads are concrete or asphalt. Some may be well-paved, while others might have potholes, uneven surfaces, or sections under construction.

The mountainous regions, such as North Vietnam, often feature winding roads with steep inclines and descents. These roads can be narrow, with sharp curves and less developed infrastructure.

You can expect the same in rural areas, particularly in agricultural regions. The roads are unpaved, more susceptible to damage during heavy rains, or have gravel surfaces.

Road Condition
Bamboo Raft in Khau Vai, Ha Giang Loop


Finding a place to stay overnight in Vietnam, except in remote areas, is not difficult. This country always has something to spoil you, depending on your budget. 

Hotels or resorts are common in big cities, but in small towns, they’re all about cozy homestays. Shared dormitories are also available for those on a tight budget. Regardless of which type you choose, booking at least 24 hrs in advance is best, especially during peak tourist season.


What you need to pack depends on your specific Vietnam motorbike tour and travel time. For example, you should include gloves, warm jackets, and boots for winter or raincoats for summer months. 

However, certain items should always be present in your luggage under any circumstances, including protective gear, helmets, first aid kits, and important identification documents. It will also help to carry medicine and compact repair tools if your destination is far from full-fledged towns and city centers.

So how much luggage is enough for your motorbike tour Vietnam? For a two to three-day vacation, a medium-sized backpack suffices. Of course, you need more items for longer journeys, but ensure they do not weigh your motorcycle down too much.

Gearing Up at Our Workshop


Bring along important documents on the motorcycle tour for renting a motorbike, checking in to a hotel, or participating in traffic. The items below should be on your checklist; make sure you never leave them behind when you hit the road:

  • Valid passport and visa
  • Vietnamese driver’s license and International Driver’s Permit (IDP) 1968
  • Vehicle registration
  • Entrance permits (in some regions)
  • Travel insurance (optimal yet necessary)

Laws And Road Rules

Always follow traffic lights, signs, and other priority signals when navigating through traffic in Vietnam. Remain attentive at all times, as thousands of vehicles may approach from various directions. 

If you are uncertain about which direction to take at busy intersections, follow the lead of other vehicles. It’s best not to rush ahead or take the lane of aggressive vehicles, as this could result in accidents or collisions.

And here’s a trick: Speaking your mother language can help you avoid unnecessary interactions, as the police officers tend to let you go rather than waste time. However, if you are unlucky and get caught, paying the “fine” immediately on the spot (as tip money) is advisable to avoid complicated legal procedures.

Safety And Security

A Vietnam motorbike tour is not the safest way to explore Vietnam, but it is the most interesting way. First-time visitors may be overwhelmed by the heavy traffic and congestion in Saigon or Hanoi. 

Locals navigate without following rules, and big trucks dominate the road and are less likely to yield to other road users. Surprisingly, after a few days, you’ll adapt to this chaos and find it fascinating to uncover the wonders of this stunning country on a bike.

Safety And Security
HANOI, VIETNAM – Car and people traffic in the city center in Hanoi, Vietnam. Typical cafes and restaurants. Sunset bright sky

In terms of safety, Vietnam is considered one of the safest places for travelers. Vietnamese people are friendly and polite, so most tourists have a pleasant time here. However, be aware of scams and pickpockets. Some street vendors or taxi drivers might overcharge you for their products or services. They might insist on following and convincing you even when you refuse their offers.

Riding Guide In Vietnam By Region

Northern Vietnam

Geography: The Red River surrounds the delta region while the mountainous terrain extends to the northwest and northeast.

Weather: 4 seasons, very hot summer and harsh winter.

Recommend places to stop:

  • Hanoi Capital (3 nights)

Hanoi stands as a vibrant and captivating destination where history and modernity intertwine. With a rich heritage over a thousand years, this busy city offers visitors a well-rounded glimpse into Vietnam’s past and present.

Northern Vietnam
Terraced rice fields in Mu Cang Chai district, Yen Bai province, Vietnam harvest season
  • Halong Bay or Cat Ba Island (3 nights)

Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Halong Bay is renowned for its emerald-green waters, towering limestone karsts, and mystical caves that seem straight out of a fairytale.

In comparison, Cat Ba, located in the north, is a less crowded alternative. Hence, you can fully immerse yourself in the beauty of pristine beaches, lush jungles, and the national park.

  • Ninh Binh (2 nights)

Referred to as “Halong Bay on land,” Ninh Binh boasts stunning landscapes, ancient temples, and a peaceful countryside that calms your heart and soul. The centerpiece of this town is the Trang An Landscape Complex and Cuc Phuong National Park – a paradise waiting to be explored.

  • Ha Giang (1 night)

Get ready for off-road challenges that satisfy your passion for adventure. The rugged and majestic mountains of the plateau create a breathtaking backdrop as you navigate through winding roads that snake through the valleys.

  • Lao Cai (3 nights)

This town is the gateway to the enchanting Sapa, which captures your heart with its breathtaking landscapes and rich cultural diversity.

Central Highland Vietnam

Geography: The narrow horizontal area includes the western mountain ranges bordering Laos, the highlands, and the coastal plains.

Weather: 2 seasons (wet and dry)

Recommend places to stop:

  • Da Nang and Hoi An (3 nights)

It is no coincidence that Da Nang became the most worth-living city in Vietnam. A tapestry of natural landscapes and modern amenities captures the hearts of travelers worldwide.

A short distance from Da Nang lies the charming town of Hoi An. The blend of Vietnamese, Chinese, and Japanese architecture, well-preserved historic buildings, narrow winding streets, and lantern-lit alleys leave a strong impression in your mind.

  • Hue (3 nights)

Hue is a city steeped in history, culture, and imperial grandeur, preserving the relics of the Nguyen Dynasty and the Vietnam War. Time seems to stand still in this romantic and tranquil city.

  • Buon Ma Thuot (2 nights)

The province is home to various ethnic minority groups with traditional customs, rituals, and architecture. This amazing adventure also deserves a try if you want to relax your mind with unspoiled nature and explore the largest coffee hub of Vietnam.

  • Nha Trang (2 nights)

The coastal city is famous for its clear, stunning beaches and remnants of the Cham civilization. Many tourists also spend a long time here participating in water diving and other thrilling outdoor sports.

  • Da Lat (2 nights)

Cool climate, romantic ambiance, rolling hills, serene lakes, and brilliant flower gardens create the City of Eternal Spring. For those seeking adventure, it offers a range of outdoor activities in surrounding waterfalls and valleys.

Central Highland Vietnam
Pongour Waterfall. Amazing Pongour Waterfall is famous and most beautiful of fall in Vietnam. Not far from Dalat city estimate 45 Km. Dalat, Vietnam

Southern Vietnam

Geography: A flat and sunken area has an intricate river system and some low mountain ranges in the west.

Weather: 2 seasons

Recommend places to stop

  • Can Tho (1 night)

As the heart of the Mekong Delta region, Can Tho is an emerging tourist destination with thousands of fruit orchards, agricultural villages, and floating markets.

  • Sai Gon (3 nights)

The economic and cultural center of the region never lets you down. The bustling streets may frighten you initially, but then interesting cultural and historical attractions, vibrant nightlife, and delicious street food will send you in love.

  • Phu Quoc Island (2 nights)

It is a tropical paradise located in the Gulf of Thailand, off the southwest coast of Vietnam. Its marvelous beaches, diverse wildlife, and luxury resorts make it an amazing island trip for those yearning for an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.


Vietnam motorbike tours 2024 offer an extraordinary opportunity to explore this beautiful country and its culture. From the towering mountains of the north to the pristine beaches of the south, the diverse canvas provides a stunning backdrop for your motorbike tour

Each twist and turn of the road reveals a new surprise, whereas rich cultural heritage shines through at every stop. Now, let’s plan for a motorcycle trip that will etch in your memory for good!

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