Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions
Vietnam Off-road Expeditions

It is essential to learn that these terms and conditions are included in any booking form of our service as the acceptance of use. Please carefully refer to the following contents before you join in adventure activities with Vietnam Motorcycle Tours.

  1. VietnamBikers Travel Co., Ltd (also known as Vietnam Motorcycle Tours), located at 290 Nguyen Trai, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi city, Vietnam, works as the trip provider. ( Office & Bike Store )
  2. We request an initial security deposit of $200 to $500 for each person to reserve your booking. The entire payment should be made at least forty-five (45) days before the departure date. We regret to cancel your reservation if we do not receive the full payment by the time of the request. In particular, the deposit is non-refundable under any circumstances.
  3. Please notify us in writing as soon as you intend to cancel your tour. You may be charged an extra cancellation fee from the time of final payment until 30 days before departure, which will be stated clearly in your bill. Beyond this time frame, your preservation can’t be refundable, so we recommend investing in a travel insurance option that covers your cancellation in cases of unexpected situations like illness, disaster, or any personal issues. Depending on your case, we will reschedule the tour date at your convenience (with extra fees) using your initial deposit.
  4. Participants are solely responsible for their health in response to the physical requirements of travel. The tour operator has the right to require you to present a doctor’s evidence that confirms your medical condition.
  5. The ultimate discretion in deciding the precise schedule belongs to the tour guide. If necessary, the travel itinerary may be adjusted owing to several factors, such as local or weather conditions. We are sorry to refuse any compensation for such events. 
  6. Vietnam Motorcycle Tours disclaims all liability for any flight delays or schedule modifications during the tour. We do not take into consideration a refund in all cases.
  7. All participants must apply for personal travel insurance and provide the necessary documents for Vietnam Motorcycle Tours. Participants take responsibility for the comprehensive insurance coverage so that they can engage in foreign traffic and meet the insurance criteria.
  8. The tour provider is not liable for any loss, theft, or actual damage to participants’ belongings. This disclaimer is also true even if your personal items are broken during transportation on a vehicle/bicycle or lost in transit arranged by Vietnam Motorcycle Tours.
  9. We release all liability in the event of an accident. This means that neither Vietnam Motorcycle Tours nor its representatives are necessarily committed to ensuring the safety of all participants. Therefore, these people, individually or collectively, have no obligation to enforce liability for any tour-related case that may cause harm to customers, their property, transfer, or inheritance rights of family members.
  10.  Due to circumstances beyond our control, we may devise a motorbike alternative at the last minute, even after the tour has started. Example situations include technical breakdown, collision, accidental damage, or theft. In simple terms, Vietnam Motorcycle Tours is allowed to change the previously confirmed vehicle. If we fail to fulfill this commitment, the participant benefits from a refund for the difference in the motorcycle type.
  11.  A 3rd party insurance of $5000 at maximum comes with vehicles provided by Vietnam Motorcycle Tours. An extra $500 is required for the 3d-party insurance companies’ claims about persons or property.

The participant must pay for any accidental damage worth $2,000 that the tour provider believes to be his fault. The definition of “damage” excludes acceptable wear and tear, including minor blemishes or paint chips caused by insects, gravel, and rocks. However, the insurance does not cover severe scratches or damage due to motorcycle dumping, accidents, bush bumping, or bike flooding.

Participants can subscribe to our Excess Reduction Policy (ERP) to reduce this insurance premium. The policy allows for the reduction of the initial excess of $2,000 to $200 with a daily payment of $30 during the trip. 

This option is available at the time of booking until before the start of the tour. After that, the participants are no longer able to purchase ERP. Note that the tour itineraries uploaded on our website have already covered the ERP. 

  1.  If a participant operates a motorcycle in an unconscious state due to alcohol or stimulants, the motorcycle rider bears unlimited culpability for any damage. The tour provider does not necessarily provide a new alternative in certain cases. 
  2.  We require all riders to be 22 or older with valid motorbike licenses. Plus, participants must accumulate at least two years of riding experience with models of comparable or greater capacity than those provided by Vietnam Motorcycle Tours.
  3.  Suppose the participant violates local traffic laws or the tour leader’s safe travel instructions. In that case, we reserve the right to cancel the service agreement with the rider and suspend his riding privileges for the rest of the tour. Strict discipline is also applied to anyone who commits dangerous acts under the influence of alcohol and drugs. All participants must agree that they must not consume alcoholic beverages until they have stopped for a night rest at a designated place.
  4.  Vietnam Motorcycle Tours disclaims all responsibility if your itinerary is canceled due to a blockade, quarantine, or border closure enforced by the government or official authorities. However, we strive to maintain your full benefits package and transfer them to another tour schedule according to your preferences.

Participant’s Confirmation

By my signature, I confirm that I am already over 18 years old and fully acknowledge the content of these Terms and Conditions

I agree that I will sign a Release and Waiver Form before traveling with Vietnam Motorcycle Tours. I understand that motorbike operations may carry risks. I am also aware that the objective conditions during the motorbike tours (including but not limited to road conditions, traffic conditions, adverse weather conditions, actions of other participants, etc.) may lead to unpredictable consequences. However, I am voluntarily willing to take on those potential dangers.

I certify that I have accumulated sufficient riding experience, own a valid motorcycle license, and satisfy the fitness requirements to participate in the registered adventure activities.

I further declare that the owners, agents, and tour leaders are not accountable for my safety. These persons, whether individuals or organizations, bear no legal liability for incidents during my trip that could result in injury, death, or other damage to my property, next of kin, assigns, and heirs.

I accept that this confirmation shall be binding upon my family, heirs, assigns, successors, executors, representatives, or anyone who could take legal action on my behalf.

Any questions related to this issue, please Contact Us for further explanation.