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Motorbike riding is an exciting and adventurous touring style suitable for an unrestricted schedule. However, this form of traveling requires prudent and thorough preparation before hitting the road.
So, what’s the right way to get a joyful North Center Vietnam motorbike tour? How can you have a safe trip? If you ever wonder about those questions, read until the end to get a collection of useful information.

North Center VietNam Motorcycle Tour -Three-Day Itinerary First Impression

Day 1: Hanoi – Muong Waterfall 

Day 1: Hanoi – Muong Waterfall 
Moc Chau tea hill in the early sunshine of autumn, northwest Vietnam

You will first have your first meal at the hotel; then, you will gather in the lobby to meet the guide.

Afterward, our tour guide will meet you at your hotel then we will drive you to the motorbike parking lot by taxi. The departure time is 7:45, as scheduled. Don’t forget to bring the necessary belongings before embarking!

The distance estimate is 160KM, and the off-road portion is from 40-50KM. Crossing the roads in Ha Noi might be a challenge due to dense traffic. Nevertheless, it would still be an interesting and stimulating endeavor.

As you continue riding through the beautiful roads, you will soon encounter breathtaking scenes like streams, jungles, and river lines. There is also a waterfall beside your homestay, where you can relax and enjoy the surreal view.

After nearly 3 hours of riding motorbike on the beautiful backroads, you would have arrived at Muong Waterfall. On the way, you will come across vast paddy fields or humble country people working on the sidepath.

Day 2: Muong Waterfall – Moc Chau Plateau

Day 2: Muong Waterfall – Moc Chau Plateau
Motorbike Off-roading nortthwest Vietnam

After a hard but enjoyable day with natural surroundings, we will then pack up and move to the magnificent meadow of Moc Chau.

At the end of a 160KM-ride, you will reach the endless saddle of grassy fields in Moc Chau, decorated with various greenery patterns. 

Finishing a 50km off-road riding away from the homestay, you will reach Mai Chau to have a small meal in a wonderful valley with the amazing local Thai people.

After driving straight on Highway No.06, passing a 50km long dirt road, you will arrive at a farmland of fresh tea and vivid flower plantations. The rest of the day will be spent enjoying this wonderful sight.

There is mainly middle to high-grade tea originating from rich soil, cool temperature, and matching topography. The fresh Moc Chau green tea is best paired with a delicious dinner.

Day 3: Moc Chau Plateau - Hanoi

Day 3: Moc Chau Plateau - Hanoi
Off-roading riding back to Hanoi from Moc Chau

On the last day of the trip, after a deep sleep, taking a full breath of the early fresh breeze is a great way to begin a day. After breakfast, you can freely visit famous places you might have missed out on, such as Heart Valley, Na Ka Peach Valley, etc. 

Midday is the time to pack up and kick off your ride back to Ha Noi. There is a visit to Bac Yen Town to experience the unique cultures of the H’Mong tribe. You also can test your off-road skills with different areas of the deep abyss, gravels, stones, mud, sheer cliffs, etc.

With the long-distance of 180KM of highway road, your driving stamina would definitely be tested. You can then have lunch at a restaurant in Ba vi, Ha Noi, near the end of your trip.

What You Will Get From This Thrilling Motorcycle Trip Northwest Vietnam 

Taking part in this exciting motorcycle trip, you are guaranteed to gather many different joyful and memorable experiences. 

As shown by the tour’s name, you can freely drive and control a motorbike (dirt bike) throughout this tour. You are provided with branded bikes such as Honda CRF250L or Yamaha WR250L and compulsory insurance and gasoline.

Resting place after driving also comes in a wide range, including hotels and homestays. This tour ensures a great slumber with pillows, mosquito nets, blankets, etc. Furthermore, there are various room options to choose from, depending on your preferences.

Foods and beverages are a mixture of different cuisines. Vietnamese-style lunch, breakfast, and dinner are provided with the option of Western at some extra fees. 

All entrance fees, permits, tickets, boat trips, bamboo rafts, etc., are also included in the tour package. All you have to do is enjoy your bike and perfect your skills.

Which To Bring Along For A Fulfill Trip? 

Prepare the following items to ensure a thrilling and well-rounded trip.

First is your luggage and personal items. The bike you’re given has no support for carrying luggage. It would help if you also prepared some medical and financial supplies. They are essentials on drawn-out and exhausting rides.

If you favor any beverages other than the local wine and specialty drinks, you should bring a few in preparation. Breakfast on the first day and dinner on the day back is also not served. The same policy will apply to single room requests.

Before the trip, you should arrange motorbike protection clothes, gloves, helmets, rain gear, and other safety equipment. Keep in mind that train or flight tickets before and after your tour are not a standard tour provision.

How Much Will This Trip Cost? 

The cost will depend on the following categories:

Participants: The prices will change depending on the number of riders in your group. The more riders your group has, the higher the total cost and cost per person. The tour regulation sets the maximum group capacity. 

Sub riders: Similar to the first category, the price increases as the amount of sub riders increases. The maximum number of sub riders is also set by the tour regulation. 

Support truck: If your bike has any problems in the middle of the road, you can use a support truck. Choosing a support truck will cost you a specific amount of fees. Details on the price are determined by the tour regulation.

Single supplement: If you want individual support, you can request to have one. Single supplement is one-on-one support for you during the whole tour. The matching price for this service is set by the tour regulation. 

Vehicle option: There are many different types of bikes on offer. You can choose the best version that matches your interest and requirement. You can find information regarding different bikes and their prices in the tour regulation. 

Hotel: In case you want a hotel in Ha Noi or other places, you can assign and choose the hotel you want. You can have a place ready at the beginning and the end of your tour. Matching prices for different hotels are set by the tour regulation.

Some Essential Notes

Check your personal information carefully before leaving. Misleading or false information could lead to inconvenience along the way. 

Read the full Term and Conditions carefully before accepting this tour. This guarantees your right and prevents you from violating the conditions in the Agreement.

An anti-insect spray is highly recommended in the humid climate of the forest. Protecting gears like raincoats, anti-dust glasses, and all-rounded shoes are also essential.

Remember to check the route beforehand to avoid getting lost. Keep track of your team or tour guide to ensure a safe and fulfilled traveling experience.

Tips To Enjoy Your Journey of Motorbike Tour Central North Vietnam

For an even more incredible trip, be mindful of the below tips:

  • You should check your bike’s components thoroughly. This helps you control unexpected problems that might occur along the way. 
  • Don’t miss your much-needed personal belongings. This directly affects your own experience on this trip. You will definitely feel void if some of your intimate things are missing.
  • Clothing choice is important when you have to drive for a long time. Fitting and comfortable clothes help bring comfortable feelings and proper driving.


A long but exhilarating journey like the North Center Vietnam Motorbike Tour requires careful research before starting the journey. Now, you have got enough information necessary for this thrilling adventure. 

If you need support in case you lose track of the team, save a contact of any supporters or guides of the tour. It will be a lot more useful than you might expect!

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