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If you like enjoying the scenery and learning about Vietnamese culture through travel, joining in a few Hanoi motorbike tours will be a great idea. This article will give you all the useful information to have an adventure in the beautiful countryside of Vietnam.
Scroll down, and you will have the opportunity to get the detailed itinerary under a comprehensive and specific view!

Off-road motorbike tours in Hanoi
Off-road motorbike tours in Hanoi

Hanoi Motorbike Tours- Detailed Itinerary

The Motorbike Tours Hanoi we are about to suggest you will truly bring a unique experience like never before. It is a special combination of modern city adventures and peaceful countryside.

By traveling and stopping at beautiful attractions along the way, we hope you will discover the hidden charm of Hanoi. This city obtains the vibe of both modernity and prosperity, but at the same time, it also brings a unique sense of serenity that only the countryside can have.

If you're curious about where you're going next, scroll down to discover our detailed itinerary and follow it now!

Hanoi motorbike tours
Hanoi countryside by motorbike ( Honda CRF250L )

Hanoi Motorcycle Ride To Duong Lam Village

The best journey should start at 9 o'clock when you are in the ideal mental state. At this time, the rush hour has also ended, facilitating the move to the outskirts of Hanoi.

After about 30 minutes to the west of Hanoi city, you will gradually escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and immerse yourself in the tranquillity of the countryside. Just after 30 mins riding from the city, we can enjoy a great off-road motorbike tours in Vietnam.

Turn into Thay Pagoda to discover a beautiful blend of ancient pagodas, natural lakes, and limestone mountains before continuing your journey.

The next stop welcoming you is Tay Phuong Pagoda - home to many of the best wooden carvings in Vietnam. Once visiting this place, you will fully feel the spiritual beauty and religious culture of people through the massive system of Buddha statues.

Hanoi Motorcycle Ride To Duong Lam Village
HaNoi, Thach That / VietNam - February 15th 2019 : Tay Phuong Pagoda - one of the most ancient pagoda in Viet Nam

After finishing the tour of the above two destinations, you will continue to pass through the rows of rural houses and immense rice fields to come to Thach That district. Once you reach the ancient village of Duong Lam, have lunch at a local restaurant and rest for your afternoon adventure.

Duong Lam Village Motorbike Tour Back To Hanoi

After a full rest, now is the time for you to spend time exploring Duong Lam ancient village - where the traditional beauty of the Vietnamese people is stored through food, culture, architecture, and people.

This village always exudes a rustic, ancient look, with 956 old houses built between 1649 and 1850. Once you come to Duong Lam, you should not miss cultural relics such as the gate of Mong Phu village , Mong Phu communal house and Mia pagoda.

Duong Lam Village Motorbike Tour Back To Hanoi
All day riding outside of Hanoi countryside

Immersing in the lives of the people here is also a good way to learn about the life, culture, and beauty of the Duong Lam people. Although life has become more modern, the people here still keep the traditional cultural beauty in communication and are extremely hospitable.

If you are wondering about the typical dishes in this ancient village, we recommend "Che Lam", "Banh Tet", nut candy, and roasted pork. Duong Lam's "Che Lam" is much more special than other places because its ingredients include pandan leaves, which help increase the dish's color, scent, and flavor.

The motorbike tour of Duong Lam ancient village will end at 3 pm, and you will have to start the journey back to Hanoi city center. After passing the rice fields along the Red River dike, you will return to the starting point at 5 pm.

Duong Lam Motorbike Trip from Hanoi
Swimming on the way back along the Red river dyke " Rider said " BEST POOL ever "

Some Last Words

Planning Hanoi motorbike tours within a single day is never an easy challenge, whether you are a newbie or an experienced rider. As long as you have a specific route for the trip, you can still enjoy the natural scenery and people of Vietnam to the fullest without fear of losing time or affecting your health.

This article is the key for you to have a perfect short motorbike trip in Vietnam. Therefore, it's time to share it with your friends to come up with ideas for an exciting journey right now!

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