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This two-day adventure from Hanoi to Ta Xua will allow you to experience the beauty of the scenery and roads that one may not get to see in a single lifetime. The view of rugged mountains, lush greenery, and valleys is simply magnificent.
At the end of your workweek, if you have trouble fitting a weekend getaway into your schedule, we have tours specially designed to accommodate your time constraints and aims.
Our 2-day and one-night tour packages are designed to take you through some of Vietnam's most beautiful landscapes in no time at all, and you'll be reminded about why Vietnam is known as one of the world's must-visit destinations.

Ha Noi - Ta Xua Motorbike Tour (2 days): Discover The Most Majestic Route In The North

Ha Noi - Ta Xua Motorbike Tour Highlights

When it comes to adventure routes in northern Vietnam, Ha Noi - Ta Xua is worth trying on for size. The route is quite challenging because we want to cover a lot of ground as quickly as possible but still maintain a low-pressure environment for enjoying the scenery and taking in all the sights, so you don't feel rushed. 

On this incredible adventure, we'll ride through an array of sentiments: the chance to immerse ourselves in a stunning landscape with the calm openness of the open road, the ponderous looming mountains, giant green rice terraces, etc. The weightless joy of carving down mountain roads with our bikes from Bac Yen town to Ta Xua peak is sure to lift your spirits.

Ta Xua Dinosaur backbone is a remote commune in the mountainous Yen Bai province. Not many people know of this place, so it remains uniquely undisturbed by human hands, making it an amazing place for adventure seekers! The peak we will climb stands at 2120 m above sea level and promises to be equally challenging and dangerous.

Aerial view of Dinosaur backbone or " Song lung khung long " mountain, Ta Xua, Bac Yen, Son La, Vietnam. Sunrise, mountain hill path road panoramic landscape


Day 1: Ha Noi - Ta Xua ( Off-road Ha Noi - Ta Xua Motorbike Tour - 5 hours - 199 km)

We'll head outside the city and make our way through Trung Ha Bridge from our office. Moving onto National Highway 32, we'll head to Phu Yen and arrive at a restaurant for lunch. 

After a hearty meal, we'll head towards Bac Yen, across Giap wood on the route. There, a challenging 12 km mountain ride awaits us. It will be challenging and rewarding as it is full of breathtaking scenery that you won't see from where you were before!

Once we reach the destination, we'll sit back and relax. We make sure that every cup of beer with barbeque is just what you need after a long day of riding in such an intense environment.

Off-roading Ta Xua dinosaur backbone

Day 2: Ta Xua - Ha Noi (Off-road Ha Noi - Ta Xua Motorbike Tour - 5 hours - 199 km)

Cheers on Top Of Ta Xua dinosaur backbone Peak

We'll depart on the bright and early side of 7 am. There we'll get to ride in what is referred to as a Ta Xua "dinosaur backbone" and observe it at its finest during the early morning hours in the beautiful greenery and puffy clouds. Afterward, we have breakfast with our team and head back to Ha Noi.

Now you can choose one from these options:

  • Option 1: We can head back to Hanoi and arrive at around 3.30 pm before the Hanoians escape work and avoid the day's rush hour traffic.
  • Option 2: We will take you on a trip that challenges you to go above your limits. We'll make our way through one of the four areas known as biker graveyards, with its famous bumpy off-road area spanning over 30km.
    Ta Xua, Son La Province, Vietnam - January 19, 2018: Ethnic minority children on the trail on spine and the top of the mountains Ta Xua. This is a very popular tourist destination in Son La province


Our two-day Off-road Ha Noi - Ta Xua motorbike tour will take you through the picturesque terraced rice paddies, beautifully framed by towering mountain peaks, and enjoy a nice view of the North-West mountainous region of Vietnam. 

What could be more wonderful than that? Let's pack your bag and start your journey! We are looking forward to seeing you on the trip!

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