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For Vietnam adventure travel enthusiasts, taking a Hanoi motorbike tour is a great way to enjoy the beauty of the country's scenic spots to the fullest. However, what if your traveling time is restricted and you have to rush on the trip?
If you are stuck in this situation, then don't worry! Please scroll down and discover the route we recommend specifically for you!

Sightseeing on Ba Be lake

Hanoi Motorbike Tour- Detailed Itinerary

Northern Vietnam's terrain is characterized by high mountains and rich river systems, creating favorable conditions for forming famous lakes. Among them, the Thac Ba Lake and Ba Be Lake stand out as Vietnam's largest artificial and natural lakes.

Our North Vietnam Dirtbike Tours will help you admire the beautiful nature along the way before leading you to these two wonderful stops. Discover the detailed route right below now!

Amazing Thac Ba lake, Yen Bai

Day 1: Hanoi Motorcycle Tour To Thac Ba Lake- 170km

It would be best to start your journey at 8:30 am. Head to the northeast of Hanoi by traveling on the dike road along the Red River.

After about 60km of riding, you will gradually move away from the hustle and bustle of the city and into the serenity of rural Vietnam. Pass through endless rice fields, and you can easily see the rustic villages of the locals.

Stop for lunch in a town along the way, then continue motorbike trip toward Yen Bai province. You will reach Vu Linh village (Dao ethnic village) around 4 pm - the ideal time to start your visit to Thac Ba lake.

Enjoy the charming scenery by cruising by boat on Thac Ba Lake. If you are a spiritual traveler, it is highly recommended to visit Thac Ba Temple and learn about the religious traditions of the indigenous people.

Hanoi Motorcycle Tour To Thac Ba Lake- 170km
Swimming on Thac Ba lake

If you have more time to spend, walk around Thac Ba hydroelectricity and Thuy Tien cave - the most beautiful cave here. In the evening, immerse yourself in the local life to enjoy unique specialties such as banana flower salad, chicken cooked with sour bamboo shoots, etc.

Day 2: Thac Ba Lake Motorcycle Tour To Ba Be Lake- 180km

After having breakfast at a local restaurant, it’s time to say goodbye to Thac Ba Lake and start the Ba Be lake Motorbike Tours.

Enjoyable boat ride on Ba Be lake

The next route requires you to go through the forest, and some mountainous roads are quite bumpy. After arriving in Tan Trao district, stop to visit some famous historical sites such as the Tan Trao banyan tree.

You should take a break for a meal at Cho Chu town and continue the zigzag road to Bac Ngoi village - an ethnic village located close to Ba Be lake. Now, it's time to prepare for a tour of the largest natural lake in Vietnam!

It would be best if you spent about an hour for the pleasure of sailing to enjoy the scenery around Ba Be Lake. If there is enough time left for the next destinations, our recommendations for you are An Ma temple, Tien pond, and Duong cave.

Day 3: Ba Be Lake Motorcycle Tour To Hanoi- 240km

After having a good time with Ba Be Lake, it's time to pack our bags and end our motorbike trip by returning to Hanoi.

Because of the congestion, riding a motorbike in the city has never been a pleasant experience. Therefore, let’s end this trip before rush hour to avoid any inconvenience related to traffic here.

Our advice is to choose small roads to return to instead of moving on the highway. Although the ride home will be a bit longer, it will provide a great driving experience while enjoying the mountain scenery.

Ba Be National Park, Vietnam

You will arrive in Hanoi before 5 pm and spend the rest of your time resting. Now, your 3-day motorbike tour to the most beautiful lakes in Vietnam has officially ended!

Some Tips To Notice Before Starting The Trip

If this is your first time choosing the above two destinations for your dirtbike trips in Vietnam, you should follow our tips to have the greatest journey.

Choosing your route wisely is the key to the safest driving experience. Along with it, be careful in choosing what to wear to drive and equip with helmets and elbow/knee guards.

Smartphones are sometimes useless in some mountainous locations as they can't get a signal. So, prepare an extra map in case you get lost.

It will be big trouble if the weather is not favorable to continue the motorbike journey. In this case, adding a rain suit (which can cover the entire motorbike and luggage) would be a smart approach.

Finally, never forget to prepare enough water and food (such as chocolate and dry food) for your trip. Please maintain the most stable state and promptly rest to recuperate to ensure the trip's safety.

Hanoi Motorbike Tour
Sunset in Pac Ngoi village, Ba Be, Bac Kan

Some Last Words 

If you are looking for the ideal destinations in this hot summer condition, Ba Be Lake and Thac Ba Lake are the top choices on the nomination list. Before starting the trip, fully equipped with route information and tips will make your Hanoi motorbike tour safer and smoother.

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