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Military March: 10 day motorcycle tour includes an interesting itinerary to the most stunning landscape in the north of Vietnam. It's the perfect combination of sightseeing and adventure, bringing you a second-to-none experience.
You will have a chance to learn about the country's fascinating history through several key paths and war relics. Besides, you will head to Sapa and visit Fansipan - the rooftop of Vietnam, where the panorama amazes every rider.

10 Day Motorcycle Tour

Military March: 10 Day Motorcycle Tour Overview

The route will stretch through:

Ha Noi - Pu Luong - Moc Chau - Son La - Dien Bien Phu - Sin Ho - Lai Chau - Sa Pa - Lao Cai / Ha Noi motorbike tour.

Day 1. Ha Noi To Pu Luong Motorbike Tour

Our first day will start with the first attraction - Pu Luong valley. We will escape the busy Ha Noi and ride to the destination on the small back roads as well as ATK roads. It will not be a hard day as we are just in the beginning, and you need time to get used to the traffic conditions and how to control the motorbike.

The valley is not so far, just a few hours riding from the capital. On the way, you can admire the natural beauty on both sides of the roads. 

Once you ride to Pu Luong, you will understand why ethnic Thai people chose it as their home. You will clearly feel a totally different atmosphere from the city's congestion. The pristine scenery of mountains, valleys, and jungles is what attracts visitors at first glance.

Ha Noi To Pu Luong Motorbike Tour
Off-road trip to Pu Luong valley

Day 2. Pu Luong To Moc Chau Motorcycle Tour

The second day's journey ahead is quite long but worth it. We will leave Pu Luong on a detour and head to Moc Chau, a large and beautiful mountainous district of Son La province located 200km far from Hanoi.

As you ride the motorcycle on the old French highway to Moc Chau Plateau, you will notice the fresh and cool climate. The climate makes it a suitable home for vast green tea hills. 

The place is also famous for peach, plum, and cherry blossoms. Don't miss your chance to capture this beauty. You can also witness countless of bees living in their hives. In the evening, a peaceful and quiet homestay out of town will be our resting place.

Pu Luong To Moc Chau Motorcycle Tour
View down the valley of Mai Chau, Hoa Binh

Day 3. Moc Chau To Son La Motorbike Tour 

On the third day of our military March: 10 day motorcycle tour, we offers you two options to ride to Son La. The easy one is just to ride along the main road, and the other one is more exciting when you will snake along the Laos border and take the mountain roads. 

Son La province, the home of 12 ethnic groups, is rich in its historical and varied ethnic-cultural values. Its beauty lies under the majestic landscape that you don't want to skip. 

Scenic ride to Son La

Day 4. Son La To Dien Bien Phu Motorcycle Tour

Depending on how adventurous you want the journey to be, you have two choices: to reach Dien Bien Phu by picking the low or high road. 

By taking the main road, you will conquer Pha Din Pass, one of the biggest passes in northern Vietnam. Its name in the local language means "heaven and earth", referring to its height of 1648 meters above sea level. In some winter months, the clouds from "heaven" can touch the "earth".

If you take the other route, you will ride off the beaten track, bringing you through some fairly remote areas. The primary countryside is also interesting to explore. Hopefully, we will get to the destination not so late. 

Son La To Dien Bien Phu Motorcycle Tour
Dien Bien Phu, Vietnam - A group of unidentified farmer working in a field at Dien Bien Phu. Dien Bien Phu is a city in northwestern Vietnam, best known for the battle during the First Indochina War

Day 5. A Rest Day At Dien Bien Phu

Your motorbike tours have reached halfway. After traveling on your motorcycle for more than 400km to reach Dien Bien Phu, you deserve a rest. Take your time to unwind and discover the historical places.

The province is where the world-known victory against the US happened. You can visit Hill A1, Victory museums, and the Commander's Bunker. Plus, there are many other war remnants such as battlefields, guns, tanks, and bombs. 

Besides taking pictures of the remarkable places, don't forget to buy some dried buffalo, a deli of the area. 

Dien Bien Phu, Vietnam - Mar 18 2017: The battle of Dien Bien Phu victory statue at D1 Hill. a famous Historical site of the battle of Dien Bien Phu in Dien Bien Phu, Vietnam.

Day 6. Dien Bien Phu To Sin Ho Motorbike Tour

The next destination on our motorbike tour is Sin Ho, a small town located 60km to the west of Lai Chau city. As we ride along the escarpment, we will see many rivers and streams. That's why the Sin Ho name. Translated from the local language, it means "a place with many streams".

Sin Ho has a cool climate all around the year, allowing different types of flowers and fruits to grow. Today's itinerary is quite easy, so we can start a little late in the morning and stop at any place on the road to behold the impressive view.

Dien Bien Phu To Sin Ho Motorbike Tour
Sin Ho highland, Lai Chau province

Day 7. Sin Ho To Lai Chau Motorcycle Tour

The road from Sin Ho to Lai Chau is not so far, but there are many things to admire on the road. Park anywhere that you want to take pictures. We can also choose the detours to reach the destination.

Lai Chau shares its border with China and is home to different ethnic groups. In striking contrast to the high population density in some cities, Lai Chau is one of the most sparsely populated areas in Vietnam. As you ride on the small roads, you rarely see people but only you in the mountain forest. 

Sin Ho To Lai Chau Motorcycle Tour
Ban Chat hydropower reservoir, Lai Chau, Northwest Vietnam

Day 8. Lai Chau To Sa Pa Motorcycle Tour

Today, we will reach the French Hill station. On the way, we will climb the wonderful O Quy Ho Pass. It's one of the longest and most dangerous passes in Vietnam. The pass, wrapped by the clouds and lying down between the earth and the sky, makes it impossible to take your eyes off this majestic scenery.

We will stay away from the main road at the beginning to avoid high traffic, but take it again later as there's no other way to the stop. We can pull over for a while and look down the pass. Should the weather be clear, we can even see Fansipan. Today could be the most highlight of Vietnam motorbike trips.

Lai Chau To Sa Pa Motorcycle Tour
Riding to the top of O Qui Ho pass, Sapa ( Sapa heaven gate )

Day 9. A Rest Day At Sa Pa

We are now in Sa Pa, a famous tourist place. You will have a whole day to explore it yourself. The Gothic stone church in the heart of the town indicates the once strong influence of the French missionary. There are many food stalls and souvenir shops, so you can make yourself full of the local cuisine and buy some gifts for your families and friends.

You can make a short visit around the town or go to Bat Xat, a district adjacent to China, and back. The place still preserves purity as you can't find any souvenir stands or restaurants but only authentic Vietnam rural scenes.

Taking the cable car to reach Fansipan's top, "the roof of Indochina", is also a good plan. You can immerse yourself in the swirling clouds and look down on the slopes to feel the height of the place you are standing. 

Many terraced rice fields with Hmong village in Sapa, Northern Vietnam. Sa Pa is a town in the Hoang Lien Son Mountains of northwestern Vietnam.

Day 10. Sa Pa To Lao Cai/ Ha Noi Motorcycle Tour

Our military March: 10 day motorcycle tour has come to an end. We will return to Lao Cai, leave our motorbikes, and get on the VIP bus to Hanoi. 

On the way, we will stop for lunch, get to the hotel and have a farewell dinner. We hope you are satisfied with the trip and come back for another thrilling motorcycle journey. 

Sa Pa To Lao Cai/ Ha Noi Motorcycle Tour
Women of the Red Dao ethnic minority, Ta Phin Village, Sa Pa, Vietnam.


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