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This 6 days motorcycle trip to northwest Vietnam through the northern loop trail transports riders to a tranquil place where they can immerse themselves in nature and hear the wild tunes. 

Adventure riders can use this route to tackle adventurous routes by motorbike. In addition, travelers to Vietnam's northern mountains will experience living in harmony with nature and gain new knowledge. 

For serious off-roaders, it will be a once-in-a-lifetime journey. Besides, for nature lovers, it will be an unforgettable escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. So ensure you follow our comprehensive plan below before getting the road:

Full Itinerary

The 1st day: Goodbye Ha Noi, hello Phu Yen!

The 1st day: Goodbye Ha Noi, hello Phu Yen!
Fantastic Trail Riding Hanoi To Phu Yen - Son La

It takes four hours to drive from Ha Noi to Phu Yen province, 190 kilometers distant. After heading off the highway route, we arrive at Phu Yen - our first rest stop during the motorcycle trip in northwest Vietnam.

You may be surprised with its highland area, which at some point has earned the title "heaven among earthly paradises." Over time, the beautiful mountainous landscape that contains marvelous traditional cultures has created a mesmerizing piece of art. 

There are farms full of crops that look like colorful oil paintings. The natural beauty of this place is typical of Vietnam’s northwest region. In addition, when we step foot in this country and take a deep breath, we find peace within ourselves. 

The 2nd day: Mu Cang Chai is here!

The 2nd day: Mu Cang Chai is here!
Tribal woman, farmer, with paddy rice terraces, agricultural fields in countryside of Mu Cang Chai, Yen Bai, mountain hills valley in northern, Vietnam.

Tourists are often rewarded by views of relaxed and calming fog rolling down from the clouds above early in the morning. After a hearty breakfast, travelers need to adjust their bags and check all their requisites for the next leg of their journey. 

Here, many people find hills particularly gripping when it comes to making out distinct mountain formations against a clear blue sky. The same goes for vast rice terraced fields in Vietnam's rural Yen Bai province, located in Mu Cang Chai

It's easy to get overwhelmed by the fact that it's a long trip, but Muong Lo's beautiful landscape might distract you. There are florid valleys, steep hills, and meandering highways along the way. It's a stunning destination wherever you look. So don't forget to take pictures! 

After grabbing lunch, we hit the road to drive through Qua Khau Pha pass. The higher we go, the higher we feel. 

Besides, stunning rice-filled terraces drip down the mountains like a waterfall in northwest Vietnam. The way they are so intricately interwoven into the mountain range and dotted with forests makes it look like a gem.

We race through and across the Mu Cang Chai mountains in their "golden sea" of mature rice plants on our adventure. After a day filled with beautiful images, we return to our hotel for a delicious meal prepared with ingredients from the local villages. 

The 3rd day: Hello Sapa Town!

The 3rd day: Hello Sapa Town!
Home-stay in Sapa, Ta Phi village

On the third day, we go to Sapa town. The motorbike journey is approximately 140 kilometers and takes around 3 hours. Instead of taking a 6-hour train or bus to get to Sapa, travelers can now reach the destination in less than three hours by motorbike. 

When exploring Sapa, there are many activities to partake in and locations to visit. The area features old villages with beautiful rice terraced fields as well as natives who are welcoming tourists from over the world. 

In addition, tourists may experience local homemade wine, join in dancing with local ethnic people, and learn about the musical instruments of artisans. These optional activities can help better understand their culture and history.

The 4th day: Head to Luc Yen - Yen Bai Province

The 4th day: Head to Luc Yen - Yen Bai Province
Crossing the monkey bridge in northern Vietnam

In Sa Pa, the cold weather seemed to aid visitors' sleep. When the sun rises, the chill is well interlaced with warm beams of sunlight. After breakfast, the crew drives to Luc Yen, 175 kilometers from Sapa, and takes 5 hours to reach. This is a distant area in Yen Bai province with many notable tourist attractions.

Visitors should not miss the lively gem market, where residents sell gemstone items of sapphires and rubies, from the cheap to the fine. Furthermore, a visit to Cam Duong cave, ranked as one of Vietnam's top ten caverns, is a must-do while in Yen Bai.

Cam Duong is a beautiful place to visit regardless of whether you are an expert cave explorer or simply captivated by the allure of mysterious caverns. In addition, it boasts numerous dazzling stalactites of various shapes and sizes, as well as appealing forms.

The 5th day: Visit Vu Linh Village.

The 5th day: Visit Vu Linh Village.
Two boat are driving on the blue water in Thac Ba Lake,Yen Binh district, Yen Bai Province

During our two-wheeled trip through the northern loop of Vietnam, we also saw quite a few peaceful villages like Vu Linh. It was near the Thac Ba Hydroelectric Power Plant.

Tourists can experience peace by walking around the village to see local women in traditional costumes. In addition, visit the Phuc An waterfall, take a boat on Thac Ba lake, typical stilt houses, and stop by an herbal garden. This is a fantastic day before returning to Ha Noi.

The 6th day: Return to Ha Noi

The 6th day: Return to Ha Noi
Swimming on Thac Ba lake

Finally, it's time to say goodbye and make your way back down the backroads along the Red River to Ha Noi. After breakfast, we took our time enjoying a coffee and admiring photos that we took of breathtaking scenery from the adventure.

Even though we return home, the memories of this motorcycle ride in northwest Vietnam remain with us. When we think about the northwest trip, the picture of rural villages and terraced rice fields, the local ethnic people's warm hospitality, the flavor of local dishes, and the entertaining dance performance come to mind. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, Vietnam is a friendly country with many things to see and unique to experience. The 6 days motorcycle trip to northwest Vietnam through the northern loop trail lets you discover the wonders of nature, culture, and people. So what are you waiting for? Let's plan a trip right away!

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