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Life goes quite quickly when you join an incredible adventure program like Cloud Hunter: 9 day motorcycle tour. An amazing journey across Vietnam's magnificent and untamed Northwest highlands that checks off all the requirements for an awesome off-road motorcycle tour of the country in just nine days.
After passing through the renowned Sapa terraced rice fields - one of the seven most stunning ones in Asia and riding up to isolated hill tribal communities on twisting singletrack routes, you will have the chance to share the daily life with the local people and sleep on some famous eco-lodge.
Discover the rural culture, savor delectable Vietnamese cuisine, rest in a staggering array of accommodations, ford vast rivers, and experience some of Asia's top singletrack roads!
Don't just sit there. Gear up and move with us!

9 Day Motorcycle Trip

Cloud Hunter: 9 Day Motorcycle Trip

Preview Of The Tour


Duration: 9 Days, 8 Nights

Accommodation: hotels + homestays + eco-lodges

This trip's major objective is to go from Vietnam's capital to Sa Pa. 

We will travel one of the most beautiful roads in Vietnam along the trip. We give it the name "cloud hunter" since you will frequently be on the status of riding through or above the cloud and gazing down at a sea of clouds. 

We go through various protected natural areas as well as more remote regions. You will have all the time with local citizens. Although the road is challenging, it is enjoyable and increases thirst.

Now, get into it!

Day 1: From Hanoi To Pu Luong Motorbike Tour

Distance: 161 km

Riding time: About 3.4 hours

The motorbike tour begins with a 45km roadway that will take us out of Ha Noi on the first day. Then we move to the smaller roads to reach the Black River after weaving through villages and the hills. We set out on the trails in the afternoon and cut through the woodlands to reach Pu Luong Valley. 

We will spend the night in stilted houses with super friendly local people. A world different from the metropolis that we say goodbye to this morning, it is a stunning scene! Before indulging in the magnificent meal prepared by the neighborhood family, take a tour of the village.

From Hanoi To Pu Luong Motorbike Tour
Crossing the river in northwest Vietnam

Day 2: From Pu Luong To Mai Chau Motorcycle Tour

Distance: 27 km

Riding time: About 45 mins

Technically speaking, the second day is not challenging; it provides an opportunity to unwind and become comfortable on the steed. To come to Mai Chau, where we will spend the night in a guesthouse that offers the greatest food in the community, we may choose a diversion, the less-traveled route, to move on, given time permits!

If you're lucky, you could see residents wearing vibrant clothing and get to see a unique dance performance! What a fun evening to indulge in tasty treats and intriguing traditions!

From Pu Luong To Mai Chau Motorcycle Tour
Rice terraces in the Pu Luong Nature Reserve, Thanh Hoa Province, Vietnam. The terraces are farmed by Muong and White Thai ethnic minorities

Day 3: From Mai Chau To Ta Xua Motorbike Tour 

Distance: 195 km

Riding time: About 4.4 hours

A fantastic day filled with difficult routes, high inclines, and even more breathtaking scenery. 

We follow the road to Moc Chau plateau before turning around and climbing back up to the other side. From here, we will attempt to keep off the major roads, though we occasionally get lost, because there are many options for off-road trails in this region. Hopefully, we'll have enough time to make it to Milestone No. 1305 - the Dinosaur's Backbone for pictures. 

Many foreign and even local visitors come here for the mystery and beauty of the Dinosaur's Backbone, with fog and clouds drifting over the peaks like they were concealing them.

The nature, people, and the serpentine road leading to this location are all fascinating!

Standing atop the hills, riders not only are treated to a breathtaking view of mountains shrouded by fog and clouds but also to the view of staircase fields!

From Mai Chau To Ta Xua Motorbike Tour 
Ta Xua is a famous mountain range in northern Vietnam. All year round, the mountain rises above the clouds creating cloud inversions.

Day 4: From Ta Xua To Tram Tau Motorcycle Tour

Distance: 63 km

Riding time: About 2.5 hours

We ride to Nghia Lo on the treacherous route, which is only passable during the time of Nov to March, the dry season. It crosses the Ta Xua mountain. Before continuing on a considerably less challenging but equally beautiful road, we make a pit stop at the thermal springs. 

We put an end to the fourth day challenging ride at the overnight stop! Some cold beers will help you sleep better! What a strenuous riding day!

Great off-road riding day with 8 Colorado bikers, USA

Day 5: From Tram Tau To Mu Cang Chai Motorbike Tour

Distance: 135 km

Riding time: About 3.5 hours

We now enter the QL32, a fantastic road. There are many destinations to stop and visit along the road, and riding is relatively simple. Driving like this makes the day fly by fast because you feel nothing but relaxing riding.

Today and tomorrow, we will go further into the isolated areas around the Hmong and Dao ethnic settlements. Ensure that your cameras or phones are well charged today since the colorfully attired folks, stunning towns, and hilly backdrop provide some genuinely breathtaking images. 

The sixth day off-road motorcycling is more tricky as we go over arid terrain to the home of magnificently farmed landscape - Mu Cang Chai.

Incredible view of Mu Cang Chai rice terrace valley

Day 6: From Mu Cang Chai To Than Uyen Motorcycle Tour 

Distance: 39 km

Riding time: About 56 min

On the sixth day, we ascended further into the highlands while traveling northward along with Hoang Lien Son. From this point on, we will have more opportunities to encounter Dao, Hmong, and Lo Lo people and the ability to venture off the beaten path and travel some local single tracks. Today could be the most epic motorbike tours in Vietnam.

Terraced fields in Mu Cang Chai District, Yen Bai Province, Vietnam

Day 7: From Than Uyen To Sapa Motorbike Tour

Distance: 98 km

Riding time: About 2.3 hours

The mountains spread out in front of us as we ascend over the hills, and the sights keep astound you with their transforming magic show. Before going to Sapa town, we will climb up O Quy Ho mountain pass to see the Indochinese Peninsula's tallest mountain - Fansipan, in our line of sight. You now have the opportunity to satisfy your need for a slice of pizza or a burger.

We will spend the 7th night here so we could ride the cable railway to Fansipan summit and descend to the valley.

From Than Uyen To Sapa Motorbike Tour
Scenic Muong Hoa valley, Sapa, Lao Cai

Day 8: From Sapa To Ban Ho Motorbike Tour

Distance: 32 km

Riding time: About 1.2 hours

When the town of Sapa is busy, you may want to leave and head to the valley for some peace. We travel to Ban Ho, a nice spot to blow off steam and see the inhabitants traveling past your eyes and continue with their daily lives.

Besides, the Sapa region's terraced rice fields are among the most breathtaking worldwide, so don't miss the chance when you are here! Sapa is a relaxation paradise before traveling back to Vietnam's capital.

From Sapa To Ban Ho Motorbike Tour
Ban Ho Village, Sapa District, Lao Cai Province, Northwest Vietnam

Day 9: From Ban Ho To Hanoi Motorbike Tour

Distance: 298 km

Riding time: About 5.2 hours

The last day of the off-road motorcycle trip to Vietnam is approaching, and it won't disappoint you. We take the smaller side streets to go back. And then we leave the motorcycles and board a VIP bus to come back. 

Early afternoon, when we return, is when we will prepare for our goodbye meal! We will slip into Hanoi under cover of the night into the city teeming with light. 

You can taste more Hanoi with a small wander around the Old Quarter! Or you can take in the bustle of the hustling city. However, if you would rather unwind, rest with a Blue Ocean in a rooftop lounge!

Sapa, Vietnam. April 25, 2016. Sapa people. Portrait of street vendors dressed in traditional clothing. A street in the town of Sapa in Vietnam.


For many years, tourists to Asia have made the Cloud Hunter: 9 day motorcycle trip their top choice. 

The motorcycle journey includes everything: the insane traffic in central Hanoi, which is unmatched, to the amazing roads that go through terraced fields, to the breathtaking landscape below the cloud. From dawn to dusk, riding on the greatest path to Sapa is a delight that never disappoints adventurers. 

Come here. Northern Vietnam's best trails are calling your name!

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