Book a tour: Why do you need to experience Dalat on motorcycle 2021?

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What could be better than a experience Dalat on motorcycle, pass many green paddy fields, head into the countryside and then enter the hills and pass through winding mountain curves, along the road peacefully and surrounded by stunning villages as you head towards Da Lat, the most popular mountain retreat of Vietnam.

Why do you need to experience Dalat on motorcycle 2021?
Image of the road on the pass, Da Lat city, Vietnam. The road is very quiet and the weather is beautiful!

Experiencing Dalat on motorcycle in strange but unique routes

Riding to Da Lat is actually pretty easy, and you will usually depart North from Mui Ne, South from Nha Trang or directly from Ho Chi Minh. We guarantee that the routes that we offer you will make you amazed by the challenges in riding and the beauty of landscapes. 

The stunning views on the way get to Dalat on motorcycle from Mui Ne


This route is along the scenic coast line, one side is the fine sand dunes and another side is the deep blue sea. This is an indirect route on quiet coastal and mountain roads of Ho Chi Minh Trail to Dalat. 

You will have time to test your riding skills on the zigzag back-road routes and remote but challenging trails through the jungle.

The half-day ride to Dalat on motorcycle from Nha Trang

On the way to experience Da Lat by motorcycle, we offer a combination of new traffic-free roads and old paved back-roads traffic-free with the beautiful sights along the way to Dalat. We will take you on a smooth and curling path snake its way through the hills and dense jungle.

In general, riding on several remote and twisting mountain passes, through dusty coffee farms and pine forests will be a fantastic experience for riders. 

Mui Ne, Vietnam - March 4th, 2020: Pier fishing at Mui Ne beach in the morning when the fishermen prepare for a trip out to sea full of fish caught in Mui Ne, Vietnam

Discovering Dalat by motorcycle from Ho Chi Minh

From Ho Chi Minh, you will have the chance to experience Da Lat by motorcycle on newly laid roads, perfectly smooth. The route is a combination of long straights, zigzag curves, steepy passes. 

The ride through Bao Lam on motorcycle to Dalat snakes off up and down mountains, through valleys, across the vast coffee plantations truly makes you satisfied. 

Aerial view of Highway 27c or Provincial Route 723 from Da Lat city to Nha Trang city at Long Lanh pass, Lam Dong province, Vietnam

How to experience Dalat by motorcycle in the best way?

The Dalat city and its surrounding region are also popular with some dramatic roads and beautiful natural scenery. In addition to being a major vegetable hub, it’s famous for its pine trees, beautiful flowery meadow and majestic waterfalls.

One person riding motorbike on winding road looking at view of gorgeous coast in the Phu Yen province, Nha Trang Quy Nhon, adventure traveling in Vietnam. Unique tropical bay and golden beach.

The highlight destinations in discovering Dalat on motorcycle

Da Lat’s farms and plantations are well-known by a lot of travelers for its diversity and rustic simplicity. Along the ride to Dalat on motorcycle, as far as the eye can see, we can see the vast greenhouses across the horizon.

There’s a lot to see in Dalat and around it. So, let's check it out!

Immense fields of flowers in Thousands of Flowers city. Dalat on motorcycle

Beautiful evergreen green trees and vegetation in forest, vietnam, dalat region


You may be surprised to see many cold-weather vegetables and fruits in Dalat such as: strawberry, broccoli, etc. More than that, Dalat produces a huge variety of unique flowers and delivers them to other areas of Vietnam. A visit to an orchard or flower farm will be a not-bad idea for a ride around Dalat on a motorcycle. 

When discovering Don Duong by motorcycle, we will take you to the green tea hills, the garden of  hydrangea and lavender along the winding passes. 

Da Lat Architecture- Impressive constructions


Da Lat was a famous French retreat in the past that was built by the French. Its architecture is imbued with French culture. These unique buildings add to the charm and eclectic appeal of the city.

The icons of French art and architecture in Dalat that we highly recommend for you are Bao Dai King Palace-the last emperor of Vietnam, Dalat Education College and Dalat Train Station that create lasting memories for travelers. 

Da Lat Train Station offers you a great view of how people have traveled in the past by the 5-km short trip on the train with a wood burning locomotive to Trai Mat. 

Aerial view of Chicken church in Da Lat city, Vietnam. Tourist city in developed Vietnam.

Don't forget to experience Da Lat Waterfalls by motorcycle 


The highland city Da Lat is, as expected, famous for its sublime waterfalls that are further afield and quite deserted. 

We special offer a ride to Elephant Falls on a motorcycle that is more difficult to get to than other waterfalls in the region. It means that you can freely ride on the quiet and narrow mountain roads and just enjoy the peace and beauty of the magnificent gushing water.

But what is special is the steep stairs and rocky stepping stones to walk there. The most exciting thing is that you can climb through a narrow opening to enter a cave so that you are actually behind the waterfall, watching the waves and roaring behind.

Beside that, Datanla Waterfalls is one of the ideal locations in Da Lat that easily reach from the center of town. The trekking activities and outside series of adrenalin filled games such as: zipline, boat. Dalat on motorcycle

A long exposure of the beautiful Pongour waterfalls located near Dalat, Vietnam

The highland cuisine of dreaming city - Dalat on motorcycle


The best Dalat dishes are made with fresh produce and meat from ethnic farms around the mountain city. The blessed Central Plateau has a cool climate and can grow almost anything, not just tropical vegetables and fruits. Some of the best foods here include strawberries, asparagus, grapes, artichokes, tea and coffee. 

And more than that, you need to try the local specialities such as: avocado ice cream, chicken hot pot with basil leaves, steamed rice paper with chicken intestine.

Enjoying a cup of coffee or tea in a little cold weather and fresh atmosphere will be a fascinating experience during the motorbike trip in Dalat. 

Experiencing Da Lat on motorcycle is one of the premier motorcycle adventure tours in Vietnam. Its unique climate, challenging routes and stunning sights make it a perfect destination to include on any trip. Wherever you're planning to get, be sure to not give Da Lat a miss.

To join the adventure to Dalat on motorcycle with Vietnam motorcycle tours, please call the hotline: +(84) 945.918.688 or website:  VietnamMotorcycleTours.Com to get a detailed itinerary from our  team. 

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