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Currently, Vietnam Motorcycle Tours Company has been organizing a list of Vietnam dirtbike tours for both domestic and international tourists. All of them, Khe Xanh combat base is assessed as the wonderful destination, challenging brave and driving skills of any backpacker. You should choose to discover Khe Sanh by motorcycle to get a sense of adventure and freedom, saving unforgettable memories and broadening a view of the history of Vietnam. 

The history of Khe Sanh Combat Base - Discover Khe Sanh by motorcycle

discover Khe Xanh by motorcycle

Khe Xanh Combat Base saw the bloodiest battle during the time struggling against the American empire of Vietnamese inhabitants. It can be called as one live proof for glorious trophies of the seniors who were willing to sacrifice their sweat, their blood and their life to protect the independence of the nation. The siege at Khe Xanh lasting 75 days was subjected to continuous artillery fire and ground attacks, which did damage on the health of contemporary Vietnamese and American soldiers. However, this battle was only one diversion to draw US attention, triggering the morale and force for the Mau Than Tet in the year 1968.  This campaign is known as the deadliest, longest and most controversial of our country, pitting the US allies and Marines against the Northern Vietnamese Army. Therefore, when you discover Khe Xanh by motorcycle, you can enjoy the real beauty of Vietnam - the beauty of patriotism and resilience. 

Which sites to visit in Khe Xanh Combat Base? Discover Khe Sanh by motorcycle

After enjoying such many historic buildings as Hien Luong Bridge, La Vang Holy, and Ben Hai River in Quang Tri, you can discover Khe Sanh by motorcycle for the next destination. Following Highway 9, you will approach Khe Sanh Combat Base - a remote village situated near the south of the Demilitarized Zone and the Laotian border after a short time. From the height of 400m above sea level, enclaved by the wings of forests and hills, Khe Xanh is considered as one of three “magic eyes” in Vietnam. You can start your motorbike tour to Khe Sanh by exploring Ta Con airport, a strategic military outpost of the US army during the period from 1966 to 1968. Discover Khe Sanh by motorcycle

In fact - Discover Khe Sanh by motorcycle

You can see lots of real war items, allowing you to form the best imaginations of how fierce the battle was while coming to this site. Playing a role as a small-museum model, Ta Con airport  saves a lot of fascinating photographs, reconstructed bunkers and a few American war aircraft. While riding on your bike towards this place, you can see most of the area covered by coffee trees and high-grade local Arabica stores, giving one special impression. Recently, the Vietnamese government has transported several era armoured tanks, airplanes and vehicles to add more experiences for tourists, especially international visitors. Therefore, this destination will be a place, which is worth discovering considering its historical significance in the year to come. 

Pretty much Vietnam offroad motorbike tours suggest a visit to Khe Xanh on its itinerary, including the trip designed by us - Vietnam Motorcycle Tours Expert. Some constructions are rebuilt and restored to give the backpackers a feeling of what it would have looked like back then, which helps them gain more fun for the trip exploring Khe Sanh on motorcycle. Only by travelling by motorbikes, you can actively manage your schedule flexibly according to your interests and free time without abiding compulsory routes like taking bus or car tours. Discover Khe Sanh by motorcycle.

How to get Khe Sanh on motorcycle? Discover Khe Sanh by motorcycle

Currently, there are three main routes to pay a visit to Khe Sanh on motorcycle, including the Vietnam motorcycle tours commencing from Hoian ancient town, or Dong Ha or Hue city. But below will be our suggestions for you to discover Khe Xanh by motorcycle:

  • Confirmation with consolers of the Vietnam Motorcycle Tour Company about some destinations you like and the time suits your plan. 
  • Prepare for saddlebags, or tail-bags and tank bags, which are easily fixed on the back seat and the side of your bike. 
  • Do not bring too much garments, only take a comfortable t-shirt, riding pants, a full-face helmet, a jacket and ankle boots. 
  • Keeping a hydration pack helps you to drink water without stopping your drive. 
  • Get a map or have GPS device equipped with your phone to avoid the risk of losing 


  • Carry riding gear and raincoats with proper size in your luggage
  • Read some information relating the routes towards Khe Xanh Com as well as famous destinations in this area. 
  • Avoiding frustrated and tired emotions can keep you away from messing up the entire plan for visiting Khe Sanh on motorcycle.
  • Check all personal data with us before beginning the Vietnam motorbike tours to Khe Sanh Combat Base
  • Note the hotline of the Vietnam Motorcycle Tours Rental in case of catching some risks or accidents. 
  • Follow the instructions of professional guides, ensuring your safety at the maximum level. 

This article provides some important information helping you to discover Khe Sanh by motorcycle in the best way, as well as broaden your knowledge about life, the history of Vietnam. If you really have a passion for driving, this trip can be one good option challenging your limit. Contact us through Hotline +84.945.918.688 or website vietnammotorcycletours.com to check the price for this trip. 

For more information: https://vietnammotorbiketour.asia/

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