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Nha Trang, capital of Khanh Hoa province, is the one shining gem of  the Vietnam South Central Coast with its palm-lined beautiful beaches, white sand and bright sunshine. Nha Trang makes an amazing first impression for riders who love seeing sights of long coastline, untouched beaches while riding on arduous and rough paths. 

Now, let’s check our trips for an experience Nha Trang by motorcycle!

The challenge route to have experience Nha Trang by motorcycle

Vietnam motorcycle tours offer you many ways to get to Nha Trang. Depending on your schedule and location, we can depart from the north and south via the Ho Chi Minh Rail to Nha Trang on the motorcycle. 

The highlight of having an experience Nha Trang by motorcycle is the riding routes. Whether you depart from, you will be amazed by the riding route to Nha Trang that has full challenges for your riding skills.

The challenge route to have experience Nha Trang by motorcycle
Pass from Duc Trong district to Tuyen Lam Lake, Dalat city, Lam Dong, Vietnam ( 5 Day Motorcycle Tour From Saigon to Da Lat - Nha Trang ) 

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The coffee route to Nha Trang from North Vietnam on Ho Chi Minh trail

From Hoi an, along the way to Nha Trang on the motorcycle, we will head up to the west and head up to the west on the jagged roads through peaceful countryside and massive ranges of mountains. The route will take you to Gia Lai, Kon Tum and Buon Me Thuot before getting to Nha Trang and give you a chance to experience the wild landscape, the dense forest along the nature trail with full twisty passes and steepy curves. 

This route has its own attractiveness of extreme remoteness and untouched region. You will experience a wonderful fast- paced road, miles and miles of mountain route with only the motorcycles, deserted streets and riders. 

A capture of a hillside coffee plantation outside Da Lat, Lam Dong province, Vietnam

The south route to Nha Trang via the central highlands

This route can be nominated as the high recommendation when discovering Nha Trang and Central Highlands on the motorcycle. 

Departing from Ho Chi Minh, we will experience the exclusive and beautiful riding routes. We will not fail to offer you the experiences in speeding up to across the uphill passes like Phuong Hoang pass and winding trails deep in the mountains and ride down rural roads, dirt trail trails and the awesome coastal line. The experience Nha Trang by motorcycle.

Experiencing the Ho Chi Minh Trail by motorcycle to get to Nha Trang will certainly be the most memorable event in your life. It’s really interesting to experience another side of Vietnam in a very different way, right? 

You can find out the further information of our best Nha Trang on motorcycle tour you need as below list: 

The south route to Nha Trang via the central highlands
Beautiful view on Nha Trang and Nha Trang Bay of South China Sea with magic colors of water on blue sky background in Khanh Hoa province, Vietnam. Nha Trang is a popular tourist destination of Asia.

Things that should not miss in experience Nha Trang by motorcycle tour

With a 6-kilometer sandy shoreline and the mountains on two sides, The Nha Trang sea city is more special than others. A lot places are known as the must-go see  sightsee and experience during your time in Nha Trang. Combine high-level resorts and laid-back backpacker services, this city meets the needs of anyone absolutely, for any budget level and demand. 

Things that should not miss in experience Nha Trang by motorcycle tour
Cable car to Vin pearl Amusement Park Island Scenic Colorful Sky At Sunset Dawn Sunrise, cableway long rope road on water bay Nha Trang, Vietnam

The resort island systems with the best view to take a sight - The experience Nha Trang by motorcycle

The interesting point of discovering Nha Trang by motorcycle is spending time to experience the landscape of islands. Hon Mun, Hon Tam and Vinpearl Land will offer stunning sights and are full of things to discover. The caves, limestone cliffs and special black rocks cover the islands to make a unique climate

The beautiful coral ecosystem lying under the crystal clear water which is too attractive to explore. There are many kinds of services for professional divers and amatuer to enjoy this natural beauty. The experience Nha Trang by motorcycle.

Nha Trang- a destination of religious diversity

We truly believe that you will love riding to experience Long Son Pagoda by motorcycle. It will be a short ride along the small route to the foot of Trai Thuy mountain. This is one of the most well-known pagodas in the city with the unique Buddhism architecture.

Besides, Po Nagar Cham Towers that is located on a high hill, few kilometres from the centre will be an ideal destination for travelers. By having a PoNagar on a motorcycle tour,  we will experience the iconic Cham architecture and Hinduism.The tower is devoted to the  praise of a number of deities like Lady Po Nagar who created and raised the Earth.

Located in the centre of the city, Nha Trang Cathedral is known as the Catholic cathedral with a mix of architectures such as Italianate, Neo-Gothic.  It's an obvious illustration of the French presence in Vietnam in the past. The Cathedral became the most visited pagodas and beloved stop for travelers. The experience Nha Trang by motorcycle

Nha Trang- a destination of religious diversity
Nha Trang, Vietnam - July 22, 2019 - Coral reef four divers dive, South Coast of Vietnam!

Countryside route - experiencing Ba Ho waterfalls by motorcycle

The Ba Ho Waterfalls is a famous destination that is a 40-minute ride away from the city. The sights along the route to Ba Ho waterfalls are really picturesque with a beautiful coastal line and peaceful rice paddy fields. The experience Nha Trang by motorcycle

The three waterfalls make a magnificent view in the green jungle and large boulders. Many activities that will be offered such as: climbing, hiking, cliff-jumping will make your trip more fun and attractive. 

Countryside route - experiencing Ba Ho waterfalls by motorcycle
At the Ba Ho Waterfalls Cliff Jumping

Taking a sunbath at the most beautiful beach of Vietnam -The experience Nha Trang by motorcycle

Beside the destinations in Nha Trang on motorcycle ride. The best thing you should try in Nha Trang is relaxing with stunning white sand beaches.  Depending on your flavor, both the crowded public Tran Phu Beach and the peaceful and quiet Bai Dai Beach are considered as the must-try locations.

All above information and tips are collected from both our knowledge, experience and the reviews of the local and foreign riders who have joined the Nha Trang on motorcycle tours. Come along with us, they had wonderful moments and so do you! We love to be your partner to share and make your dream trip come true. Wishing you an enjoyable and safe motorcycle trip to Nha Trang, with us, the Vietnam motorcycle tours as your wish.

Nha Trang, Vietnam - September 26, 2018: The promenade and main beach of Nha Trang on a warm September day

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