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Grand Mekong Delta Expedition, 6 Days - A Motorbike Tour Just For You!

The grand Mekong delta expedition for 6 days takes you deep into the wilds of Vietnam and offers you a taste of what life can be like. 

It is an opportunity to explore some of Vietnam's most beautiful, pristine, and untouched rainforests while learning about the country's history and culture from our experienced guide. 

And what are you waiting for? The time to explore this global hotspot has never been better! So let's join with us!

Highlights Of Mekong Delta By Motorcycle

The Mekong River is an iconic symbol of Vietnam for nearly 20 million people. It means so much since you never know when your adventure will come to an end!

The following are the key attractions of this racing bike tour:

  • First, riding around the tiny paths and tangle of backroads on the delta's outskirts.
  • The shifting landscape and plants as we journey from the delta's rim to its heart.
  • Cross numerous massive river mouths in a variety of magnificent boats.
  • View how people thrive in the environment with their plantations and farms adapted to the land and water — specifically, the effects of global warming.
  • This trip includes local customs, food, and various other exciting things about the delta region.

Full Itinerary

Day 1: Saigon Motorbike Ride to Ben Tre

BEN TRE, VIETNAM-NOV 18, 2013: A famous tourist destination is Ben Tre village on Nov 18, 2013. in Mekong delta , Vietnam. Mekong Delta is home of people who live along the many channels.

Day's statistics: Travel distance: 140 kilometers. 4 ferry crossings.

The guide will get you at 7:30 am and transfer you south of Sai Gon via past wooden boatyards, mangroves, and shrimp farms before reaching the Mekong's first mouth. 

Then, continuing Mekong Delta motorcycle tour through the beautiful countryside landscape before crossing a river in the late morning and enjoying lunch in a fishing village.

Your overnight accommodation will be in a guest house on the island in Ben Tre. Since we don't ride through any urban areas today, our accommodations are local and cheap. 

However, if you want a more comfortable premium hotel, please let us know, and we can reroute you to a suitable location.

Day 2: Ben Tre to Soc Trang

Kh'leang Pagoda is ancient, Soc Trang province, Vietnam - January 26, 2019: The daily activity of Buddha monks at Kh'leang Pagoda is ancient in Soc Trang province, Vietnam;

Day's statistics: Travel distance: 148 kilometers. 8 ferry crossings.

Today we go through Tra Vinh and Soc Trang provinces, where Khmer populations ruled this isolated damp country for decades before the arrival of the Vietnamese and Chinese. We'll ride through tranquil Khmer villages, numerous shrimp farms and watch the shrimp catch.

We are the only organization that offers such a trip to the Mekong estuaries. As a result, expatriates and international tourists are rarely seen along the ride's route.

So, on ferries and during food & drink stops, take advantage of the opportunity to socialize with locals. You can find it to be one of the most authentic and engaging aspects of your Vietnam vacation. 

Day 3: Soc Trang to Rach Gia through U Minh Thuong National Park, 226km

U Minh Thuong & U Minh Ha National Park – Southern Vietnam

Firstly, we visit the Mahatup pagoda in the morning. Then, from Soc Trang via U Minh Thuong National Park. U Minh Thuong is a wetland of international significance and one of the most biodiverse areas in the country. 

Following lunch, you will travel through the canals in a shrimp-tailed boat to the bird reserve in the national park center, which will be the highlight of the third day.

Following the motorbike excursion to the National Park, you will break in Rach Gia overnight.

Day 4: Travel to Phu Quoc island or return to Saigon the next day via Chau Doc, 130km.

Chau Doc, Vietnam: fishing at sunset on the Mekong River

Depending on your fav, you can select one of the two alternatives listed below.

  • Plan 1: Phu Quoc island
  • Plan 2: Chau Doc

We leave Rach Gia over back roads, passing through extensive rice paddy land on our approach to the site of the Ba Chuc. Next, visit Tra Su bird - low land with melaleuca and mangrove trees. 

Finally, we float through the intertwined web of canals, just the sounds of the paddle and bird breaking the silence.

We'll stop for lunch of local dishes amid the park. After that, continue to Sam Mountain for the sunset views across the Mekong floodplains. Finally, spend the night at Chau Doc.

Day 5: Chau Doc – Can Tho, 173km

Day 5: Chau Doc – Can Tho, 173km
Can Tho bridge, Can Tho city, Vietnam, aerial view. Can Tho bridge is famous bridge in mekong delta, Vietnam.

We start a new day with a trip to a nearby fishing village and fish farm. From here, a motorbike ride will take you via rice paddies, straw mat villages, and citrus orchards, all the way to Can Tho, the delta's largest city.

After traveling across the Mekong's rural regions, arriving in a vast metropolis like Can Tho seems like a stark contrast. 

Finally, check the hotel room. Then make all the extraordinary things residents usually do and go down to the riverbank promenade for relaxing.

Day 6: Go back to Saigon, 200km

Couple taking selfie on motorbike. Man and woman with helmet biking in the Mekong Delta region, South Vietnam. Lush green coconut palm tree woodland and water canals.

Early in the morning, we began our waterway exploration with a boat journey to Cai Rang, Vietnam's largest floating market. After that, you will get to the inland market and a local noodle factory to examine the differences.

Now it's a chance to explore the countryside on the route back to Saigon city, with a ride through rural communities and narrow laneways. It will be easy to meet friendly people, and we can stop whenever you like. A package coach tour from Saigon will not include this.

Final Thoughts

What a fantastic adventure! Overall, the grand Mekong delta expedition, 6days, will be a rewarding experience exploring. We hope you will be able to make the journey soon. If you find our post beneficial, please share it with others!

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BEN TRE, VIETNAM - 21 May 2017, A traditional boat with tourists floats through the jungle of the Mekong Delta near Ben Tre, Vietnam

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