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Some people overlook Ha Giang due to its high-altitude location and traveling difficulties. However, Ha Giang is not inferior to any other tourist destination such as Sapa.
If you are wondering how to make your trip to Ha Giang unforgettable, check out the itinerary - Ha Giang Loop: 6 day motorcycle tour.
Follow us to have an overview of Hanoi - Ha Giang - Tam Son - Yen Minh - Dong Van - Meo Vac - Du Gia - Ha Giang - Hanoi motorbike tours now! Scroll down!

Ha Giang Loop: 6 Day Motorcycle Tour

Ha Giang Loop: 6 Day Motorcycle Tour Overview

The trip will take about six days and six nights. The total traveling distance is about 1,080km. There are two options for overnight places. For the first option, you can stay at four homestays and one hotel (standard). The second option is five hotels (VIP).

The whole team of riders will travel by bus and motorbike. Firstly, you will head to Ha Giang by VIP bus, which drives all night. 

The travel agent has made a detailed plan for each stop. Those who want to visit additional places must spend more time on the whole trip. 


Ha Noi to Ha Giang 

All team members will take a private bus and head to Ha Giang at 11. pm. It is estimated that the members will be in Ha Giang at 7. am the next morning to have breakfast and collect bikes. 

Ha Giang to Tam Son 

On the first day, it isn’t difficult to ride from Ha Giang to Tam Son. The whole team will go up to the Ha Giang Plateau from flat terrains. Then, stay overnight at a local homestay owned by the Dao people. 

The Travel distance is 50 km, so you will have enough time to enjoy the scenery along the roads and some destinations. 

The colorful the mixture of paddy fields and house roofs. Twin mountain, double mountain at Quan Ba District, Ha Giang Province, Vietnam.

Tam Son town and its valley are located in an agricultural area. In particular, Tam Son Valley is a part of Quan Ba Mountain pass, where you see the fabulous view of the distant surroundings.

Going further above the town, you can see markings of places like Heaven Gate - Quan Ba and other tourist destinations such as Lung Khuy Cave, Co Tien twin mountain, museum of ethnic minorities.

Ethnic minorities are another highlight of the town. On Sundays, ethnic groups such as Dao, Hmong, or Tay will gather at the market to exchange various raw materials, food, handmade goods, textiles, electronics, and jewelry. 

Besides sightseeing, the diversity of Vietnamese ethnic minorities is also another highlight of this place. 

Tam Son to Yen Minh 

You will travel along the bottom of the valley, then ascend into the pine forest. Driving through this path will give a sense of peace and comfort. If you want to ride quickly, take a shortcut across barren hills.

Yen Minh district is 50 km far from Tam Son. On the geographical map, it is located on the south-western edge of the Dong Van Plateau. 

Nature majestic mountains landscape in Ha Giang, Vietnam

You can visit "Da Lat of the North" - Na Khue Pine forest in the north of the district. Going through the red pine forest, you can see many Hmong villages such as Thang Mo, Bach Dich, Phu Lung, and Sung Trang. 

When traveling to the South of Yen Minh Town, you can find Du Gia National Park. The national park is a nature reserve where many endangered species are preserved, such as the Snub-nosed Langur. You will surely love this place if you are an animal or wildlife enthusiast. 

Yen Minh to Dong Van 

On the way to Dong Van town, you will ride through villages. The district impresses foreign visitors with the culture, cuisine, and traditions of highland people, especially some famous destinations. 

If you are in Dong Van, it is an unmissable experience to conquer Ma Pi Leng - one of 4 beautiful but dangerous passes in Vietnam. You will be astonished at the spectacular landscapes of green forests, blue sky, and limestone mountains. 

Riding on sky road on Ha Giang

Nho Que River is like a turquoise blue soft silk ribbon hugging around the foot of Ma Pi Leng pass. Nevertheless, you can go kayaking or take a boat trip on the Nho Que river to see its perfect natural beauty.

Why don't you visit the Lung Cu flag pole for those who love historical stories? 

The Lung Cu flag pole has a special meaning to Vietnamese - an affirmation of the sovereignty of Vietnam and honor of the patriotism of soldiers and people in the border area. Its area is 54 square meters, representing 54 ethnic groups in the country. This is where you can admire the panoramic view of the Dong Van district. 

Dong Van to Meo Vac 

As it is a short path from Dong Van to Meo Vac, you will have more time to stop by the fortress or skywalk without being afraid of missing out on the tea time at Meo Vac.  

One of the must-visit places in Meo Vac is Sam Pun Port. You will surely be overwhelmed with glorious and marvelous natural views of forests and mountains here. Today could be the best day of Ha Giang Motorbike Tours.

Bamboo rafting in Khau Vai, Ha Giang

When it comes to local cuisine,  you should try specialties in Meo Vac like Thang Co or 5-color cooking rice. With its ingredients from animal organs, Thang Co may not look eye-catching, but it is extremely delicious. 

Meo Vac to Du Gia  

Note that it is the longest riding day with a traveling distance of 75 kilometers. You can choose tarmac or a peak path route to move. Passing through the Mau Due, you will arrive at Du Gia. Here you will stay overnight at a homestay. 

A suggestion for those who like to explore more in Du Gia is Du Gia National Park. The park has a rich and diverse ecosystem with many rare animals as well as plants. 

HA GIANG, VIETNAM, OCTOBER 25: Ethnic minority children sit near amazing mountain pass on October 25, 2014 in Hagiang, Vietnam. Hagiang is famous for Dong Van karst plateau global geological park.

The best time to visit the place is spring, especially during the Tet holiday or summer. 

Du Gia, at this time, will be vibrant as the peach trees and plums with flowers blooming in a large area. In summer, Du Gia mountain will be covered with green vegetation, making it more vivid. 

Du Gia to Ha Giang 

After having breakfast in Du Gia, it is time to return to Ha Giang city. You will drop off the bikes and take a bus to return to Ha Noi.

Ha Giang, Vietnam - Nov 25, 2018: Children with wood on back basket heading home at Ma Pi Leng pass

Final Thoughts 

In short, Ha Giang Loop: 6 Day motorcycle tour will bring you joy, surprise, and positive energy. This tour is also an opportunity for you to make more beautiful memories with family or friends. 

We hope that you love our article. If you are fond of motorcycle tours, do not hesitate to follow our blog. You will be amazed at how wonderful the trip is! 

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