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1-Day Motorcycle Tour To Nhon Thanh Village - A Hidden Gem. Let’s join a day ride with Vietnam Motorcycle Tours crew to see some untouched villages of Mekong Delta where you will get an insight into the Vietnamese culture and daily life. Just 1 day ride, we will definitely see the Best of Mekong Delta.


  • This motorbike trip is estimated to last around 8-10 hours.


  • Motorcycle ride exploring Nhon Thanh Village takes place daily at 07:30 A.M. The departure location could be arranged according to the passenger’s preference.


  • Entrance fees, motorbikes, lunch, and water are already included in the price.
  • The standard price of $150 may change during the traditional holidays in Vietnam. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries. 
  • The above price refers to pillion-riding trips only. If you want to purchase self-driving tours with XR 150L or Honda CRF 250L, feel free to get in touch with us for more details.

Detailed Itinerary

You’ll have the opportunity to explore the beautiful sceneries of the local’s daily life, exotic tropical climate, and lively nature. This experience will reveal to you the most authentic and vivid sight of the Mekong Delta.

About Nhon Thanh Village

About Nhon Thanh Village
1 Day Motorbike trip to Nhon Thanh village, Mekong Delta

Nhon Thanh is a commune in Ben Tre province, one of the most developed provinces in western Vietnam. Nhon Thanh Village is located in the southeast of Ben Tre city and is an incredibly tight-knit community.

Like other regions of West Vietnam, Nhon Thanh village is famous for traditional labor production and handicrafts. The most well-known practice is mat weaving. Mats originating from Nhon Thanh are sold to buyers from all over Vietnam and international tourists.

Furthermore, Nhon Thanh Village also offers various cultural customs and specialties to their foreign visitors. When exploring this area, travelers can cruise along the Mekong river, taste tropical fruits, and visit the coconut candy factory in Ben Tre.

In addition, the motorbike tour of Ben Tre province offers travelers a beautiful portrayal of the tropical climate. Visitors will be able to encounter green coconut groves, rice fields, and flower fields. The hot atmosphere and the high density of canals highlight the unique ecosystem.  

The hospitality of friendly locals will make saying goodbye to Nhon Thanh Village a challenging task. However, before the tour ends, you will get a chance to purchase delicate handicrafts skillfully made from coconuts to bring back as souvenirs for friends and family.

What You Will Gain?

What You Will Gain?
1-Day Motorcycle Tour - Nhon Thanh Village - A Hidden Gem
  • A fantastic and unforgettable journey

Riding on a motorbike, passing through Vietnam’s illustrious sceneries, and enjoying simple but joyful moments are all experiences you would gain! This motorbike tour will undoubtedly satisfy your desire for adventure and cultural exploration.

  • Opportunity to explore laneways and dirt paths

Unlike other approaches to travel, we offer a realistic perspective through the exploration of authentic sights. You will have the opportunity to contemplate the beauty of even the simplest aspects of Vietnam, ranging from dirt paths to local cuisines. 

  • The unforgettable tour of tree-lined canals

This area is famous for its high density of canals and rivers. Therefore, the experience of rowing the Vietnamese canoe, passing through canals, and enjoying the beauty of Mother Nature will definitely be the most memorable highlight of your motorcycle trip.

Planned Mekong Delta Motorcycle Routes

1-Day-Motorcycle Tour-Nhon-Thanh-Village-3
Nhon Thanh village, Mekong Delta


This lush delta is truly a gift from Mother Nature to the 20 million inhabitants of the lower region of the Mekong River, whose livelihood relies heavily on the natural environment. They grow agricultural products such as grains, fruits, and vegetables to trade all over the world.

The huge Mekong River comes into Vietnam and splits into nine large branches, eventually creating a system of hundreds of side streams. Therefore, it is usually regarded as the Cuu Long River, meaning the nine dragons, to illustrate the power and importance of this whole system.


From the motorcycle place, we proceed to the Mekong Delta area. We then venture deep into the Ben Tre province. Our passengers can discover the life of locals who live alongside this river as our journey covers mainly residential towns away from the typical tourist trails.

We ride on peaceful roads and dirt paths, crossing small villages and beautiful fields. Remember to say “Xin Chao” (meaning “hello”) to diligent residents working on the fields in their traditional clothes of “ao dai” or “ao ba ba”.

You can experience cruising on small Vietnamese ferries to pass through tributaries. Moreover, you will be thoroughly amazed by the sights of elderly vendors carrying an inconceivable amount of goods on their tiny bikes along the side of the river. 

Our next destination is the traditional brick kiln, where locals make bricks manually. Then, we stop at a manufacturing facility to learn firsthand how the natives use every part of the coconut tree to create products ranging from handicrafts to foods.

After riding through the thriving canopies of coconuts trees, we will be rewarded with a delicious lunch filled with local specialties. A specialty dish that you should definitely not miss is the "Elephant Ear fish". 

Before ending the motorcycle day tour to Nhon Thanh village, we will row a sampan along the canals to learn more about the locals' way of living. We believe visitors will experience many joyful and extraordinary moments before returning to Saigon.


If you are searching for an authentic and intriguing 1-day motorbike tour, the 1 day Motorcycle Tour To Nhon Thanh Village by Vietnam Motorcycle Tours will not disappoint you. With an ideal price of $150/ rider, passengers can explore the most beautiful sights of the Mekong Delta.

You will be in awe of the magical scenes of nature and the people's unique lifestyle here. Lastly, this tour is the perfect option for anyone with an adventurous mind and a strong passion for traveling.

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