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Ninh Thuan Loop By Motorbike is here to stay because it brings precious feelings every time people come there. Located between the two greatest prominent beach resorts in Vietnam, Nha Trang and Mui Ne, Ninh Thuan is a thinly inhabited, lesser known, and the driest place in the south of the S-shaped land.
Still, Ninh Thuan's rough coast, where beautiful blue bays intersect jagged cliffs and sandy coves lie amid massive rocks, is equally as beautiful as its better-famous neighbors.
The Ninh Thuan itinerary design is a compilation of several motorcycle guides that we believe brings you more selections when it comes to the idea of visiting Vietnam motorbike tours. Let's dive into it now!

Ninh Thuan Loop By Motorbike - Wonderful Tracks

Preview Of The Tour

Total kilometers: 155km

Route: Phan Rang to Ca Na to Cam Ranh

Duration: 3 days

Accommodation: Hotel + Homestay

Clear rivers run inland from the Tay Nguyen rich slopes before flowing across Ninh Thuan's dry terrain of dunes and barren hills: here is a desert of Vietnam. In recent years, incredibly ambitious routes have made it possible to visit Ninh Thuan's distinctive and fascinating natural beauty. 

We start one of the best Ninh Thuan motorbike tours at its capital, located in the center of the itinerary design. 

The Ninh Thuan itinerary, on the other hand, is readily accessible from Mui Ne, towards the south, along the Sand Dune Highway to Ca Na. Either from the southern coastal resort city - Nha Trang, towards the north, by the picturesque route via Cam Ranh. 

The greatest time you should do the track is from Dec to Feb when the dry season is at its peak. The loop may be completed in 1 day if you are a seasoned motorbiker and start your journey early. However, if you are an average motorcyclist, plan 2 to 3 days for a more relaxed track. 

Don’t try too hard when it comes to motorcycle tours. Your safety and sentiment are the most important thing.

Part 1: The Coastal Road Mui Dinh

Distance: 50 km

Riding time: 1-2 days

Phan Rang is where the Ninh Thuan itinerary design begins. 

Ninh Chu Bay, the long beach in Phan Rang, has many lodging options on Yen Ninh beach road. So, based on your preference, pick up your accommodation! 

Street food sellers put up stalls on areas of Yen Ninh Street in the evenings. You can enjoy Phan Rang's favorite foods, "bánh căn" & "bánh xèo," here. A few nights at Phan Rang are lovely, but the desert headland seen on the horizon begs to be visited by you and your motorbike.

Therefore, you will need to take the new bridge south, which links the city to the windswept and wild Mui Dinh rugged promontory, to get there. 

A fantastic new scenic coast route snakes its way around the large rocks part of the island to Ca Na seashore. Since the sights are so beautiful, you'll feel like pausing to take some pics. Enjoy the wonderful Vietnam coast by motorbike at your own pace.

However, do not let the jaw-dropping landscape bewitch you that you can not leave your feet. The other amazing scenes are ahead of you.

Beach chairs with umbrella and beautiful sand beach in Punta Ca Na

Part 2: The Burnt Road

Distance: 50 km

Riding time: About 1 day

Let’s continue discovering to see why the part has such a hot name!

After going North on Highway 1 towards Phan Rang, it opens up the inland journey; past the Cham temples’ remnants, through wide-reaching vineyards, along crystal-clear rivers, and then taking in a desert vibe of the driest place in Vietnam. The heat in the place creates the name “the Burnt Road”.

Besides, it starts only a few kilometers toward the Cam Ranh South and finishes at Tan Son, close to the Central Highlands hills, where it intersects with Highway 27. 

Around Tan Son, Cam Ranh, and Phan Rang, there are several accommodations you can select. Halfway down the Burnt Road, you can opt to set up a tent all along the river. 

All seasons are pleasant. However, the best time for a Ninh Thuan motorbike tour is from Jan to Feb, when the dry season is on. Why? Because of low humidity, the average temperature, and the evenings are chilly. That is the motorcyclist's favorite time of year.

Then, you may continue the trip by traveling the breathtaking Nui Chua road when you return to Cam Ranh from Tan Son by turning left, which will take you to Phan Rang on the coast road.

Nui Chua National Park, Hang Rai, Ninh Thuan Province, Vietnam - March 12, 2020: View image of a wooden bridge on the coast of eco-tourism in Hang Rai Vietnam, coastal rural area, ancient coral stone

Part 3: Peninsular Nui Chua Road By Motorbike

Distance: 55 km

Riding time: About 1 day

And we come to the last part of the Ninh Thuan motorcycle ride. A stunning new road circles the Nui Chua rugged peninsular, swooping the arid plains. Then, it returns to the coastline to expose the gin-clear sea and white sand before turning about and back to Phan Rang to complete the Ninh Thuan itinerary.

Let us share more about the route. The Nui Chua Peninsular is still untouched because it's so hilly. That is the point that every motorbike loves. A recently finished beachfront road has made the area's outstanding natural beauty more apparent. 

Beautiful beaches, woodlands, & mountain springs are now accessible thanks to the road surrounding the peninsula. It also provides access to charming tiny fishing harbors. It's a wonderful and doable short road journey, ideal for anyone looking to escape the popular beaches like those in Mui Ne and Nha Trang. This could be one of the most amazing Vietnam Motorbike Coastal Tours.

Peninsular Nui Chua Road By Motorbike
Ninh Chu Beach, Ninh Thuan Province, Vietnam: Kite surfing scene on the beach in Ninh Chu. Kite surfing is a sport that is loved by many travelers


Escape the weekday and get to the Ninh Thuan Loop By Motorbike trip! It will be an amazing journey that we believe you will take into account for the weekend tour idea in Vietnam! Or any day in your holiday will do if you want to experience the coastline with the breathtaking scenery! 

The Ninh Thuan itinerary becomes one of the most go-to choices in Vietnam motorbike tours because it is diversified in the terrain, the food, and the conquer feeling when you are on the new land. Don't miss it when you can enjoy it. 

Have you fallen in love with this S-shaped country yet? Hit the subscribe button to catch up with other motorcycle tours! And you travel-loving friends will be thankful if you share this post with him!

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