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In Vietnam Motorbike Tours, Lang Son has been increasingly attracting tourists recently. It is a place with many famous landscapes, temples, and historical sites such as Dong Dang model temple, Tam Thanh cave, and Mac citadel.
Let's find out the destinations and delicious dishes not missed when traveling to Lang Son. All will be reviewed in this article, "Northeast Vietnam Motorcycle Tour from Hanoi to Lang Son via Ha Giang - 8 days"!

Tour highlights 

  • Especially suitable for those who like the beauty of wild mountains and forests. You will be completely overwhelmed by the great natural scenery here.
  • The opportunity to understand more about the impressive architecture of the Ancient Citadel of the Mac Dynasty and many other ancient symbols in this area.
  • Conquer one of the most dangerous places - Ma Pi Leng. You will enjoy an unforgettable experience on the longest and most beautiful road in this mountainous region.
  • More specifically, you will be resting at hotels and homestays of local people.


Day 1: Ha Noi - Thac Ba lake, Vu Linh

Starting from the Hanoi capital, we went first to the Vu Linh commune. The 180km single and highway section was our first challenge. This journey takes about 7 hours to reach that small commune. 

We departed early in the morning for traffic jams and arrived at the beautiful Thac Ba lake and the destination smoothly.

This is where the Dao people live. They have lived here for a long time and grew up with a romantic nature. 

The beauty of Thac Ba lake is enough to make us forget the worries in the busy and noisy city. The first night was quite tiring, but we were allowed to relax in peace in return. More specifically, the hospitality of the people here made us feel warmer when we went away on the first day.

Day 1: Ha Noi - Thac Ba lake, Vu Linh
Peaceful Thac Ba lake

Day 2: Vu Linh - Ha Giang

Following the small streets after the delicious breakfast of the people, we headed to the next destination. Ha Giang appears looming among the high mountains and luxuriant palm groves. The tiled roofs and the magnificent wild scenery gradually appeared before our eyes. 

Besides that perfect blend, the heart-stopping zigzags also leave other heart-pounding moments. And after 6 hours, we reached Ha Giang province.

Day 2: Vu Linh - Ha Giang
14 Riders from South Africa Joined Ha Giang Motorcycle Tours

Day 3: Ha Giang - Dong Van

The third day is when we are most excited as we will experience the famous Ma Pi Leng pass. We have to go through this road to reach the Dong Van plateau. The total length of the road is 132 km, and our group traveled along the 4C road. 

Ma Pi Leng road is made up of craggy and craggy mountains. The Nho Que River with clear water also contributes to this majestic but equally dangerous road. 

Dubbed "heaven's gate", anyone passing through here will feel surprised and satisfied when they have the opportunity to conquer this rare place.

Sky single track of Dong Van, Ha Giang

Day 4: Dong Van -  Bao Lac

For longtime drivers, they are extremely impressed by this 80km road. It is long and has a steep slope. Besides, the weather is also another tough challenge for backpackers. Are extremely hot summers and extremely cold winters hard enough for them? 

The good news for everyone is that Highway 34 is gradually being raised so that travelers can enjoy the trip more fully. On the way to Bao Lac, the green color of the bamboo forest and the red-brown alternating moss green of the ancient houses are extremely spectacular.

The life of the ethnic people is also gradually getting busier with the vast terraced fields. Every poetic scene appeared before our eyes like an excellent oil painting.

Riding down to Bamboo Raft in Khau Vai, Giang

Day 5: Bao Lac - Cao Bang

The Northern Trail is a very familiar name for many adventurers to this place. It was also an inexhaustible source of inspiration for many romantic writers and artists. The surrounding fog mixed with white clouds is so poetic. 

Halfway through the journey, we feel even more interested in this dusty and wild majestic natural scenery. The hills are undulating, and the rows of green trees on both sides run straight. Many of our photos capture these unique, beautiful scenes and unforgettable memories.

Beautiful panoramic view of the sunny valley in Cao Bang Province, Northeast Vietnam

Day 6: Cao Bang - Quang Uyen - Ban Gioc Waterfall

Our next destination is Quang Uyen. It took us an hour and a half by motorbike from Cao Bang to come here. More specifically, this is where many traditional festivals of the Tay people take place.

It would help if you came in April or May of the lunar calendar to be able to participate in all the interesting cultures. 

People often cook and prepare offerings in the morning. They will gather at the cultural house in the afternoon and organize worshiping the Earth God. 

This ceremony is special because it expresses the wish for good weather, good health and happiness, and a successful harvest. You will be able to eat, drink and talk with the villagers. 

Running another 50km, we come to the charming beauty of Ban Gioc waterfall. During the hot summer weather, we seemed to want to drop right into the coolness of that magnificent waterfall.

Day 6: Cao Bang - Quang Uyen - Ban Gioc Waterfall
Ban Gioc Waterfall, Cao Bang, Northeast Vietnam

Day 7: Quang Uyen - Lang Son

Road 4 led our group closer to Lang Son. Along the way, we also enjoyed a lot of specialties in this beautiful northeastern mountainous region. Surely, you will never forget the taste of sour pho and roasted duck with honey leaves. 

The duck dish has an ecstatic aroma, mixed with a rich dipping sauce that will make you flutter. Besides, sour noodle soup comprises ingredients such as stomach, pork liver, sweet potato, sausage, and pork belly. All create a sweet, sour, spicy, and extremely cool dish.

Scenic view in Lang Son, northeast Vietnam

Day 8: Lang Son - Ha Noi

On the last day of our trip, we did not forget to visit the famous Mac citadel. The ancient architecture here will certainly not disappoint you, particularly the important meaning in the war against Le - Trinh invaders. The place is a historical relic left with wild and ancient features reflecting the military architecture of the feudal period. We left Lang Son city and regretfully returned to Hanoi. The 7km long road back left us with so much anxiety and many beautiful natural moments.

Day 8: Lang Son - Ha Noi
The magical scene of the mountains resemble the successive message they are covered with layers of lush green vegetation at dawn in Bac Son district Lang Son Province, Northeast Vietnam


With "Northeast Motorcycle Tour from Hanoi to Lang Son via Ha Giang - 8 days", you can better visualize one of Vietnam Motorcycle Tours.

Carrying a backpack and traveling with your beloved motorbike, you will fully enjoy the beauty of Ha Giang and Lang Son. The eight-day trip is perfect for having memorable memories with your loved ones. 

Please accompany us to admire all the beauties that nature here bestows on us.

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