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You will surely fall in love with the poetic and antique of the capital of Vietnam once you visit this place. In contrast with the modern beauty in the South, the North land wears itself a dreamy and classic look. The beauty of those spacious bays, rice terraces, and other breathtaking sceneries are indeed hard to describe in words!
If you tend to pay a visit to this country by dirtbike and are searching for full-detailed guidelines on Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tours, do not skip this blog! We got all the useful information and small tips for your great Northern Vietnam motorcycle tours. Read on!

Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tours
Riding On Top Of Ta Xua Dinosaur Peak


It will take you about 14 days for a full of great experience dirtbike trip to Northern Vietnam

Within these 14 days, you will get a chance to visit those stunning natural views of mountain passes and valleys, be able to learn about the cultures of the hospitable locals, and taste delicious foods that would make you regret if you had never tried them once in your life!  

Now, make sure that you read this guideline with a pen in hand to write down important notes for your Vietnam motorcycle tours. Read on! 

14 Days Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tours

1. Ha Noi to Vu Linh Village By Motorbike

On your first day of travel, you will start your trip to Vu Linh from Ha Noi - which will take you nearly two hours driving to arrive at the destination. To be more specific, Vu Linh is the name of a small and famous village located in Yen Bai. Dao people - a minority group resident in Yen Bai, are the main residents of this small village. 

As a great place for tourists to “escape” from the busy urban life, you can feel the freshness and pureness of nature in the air here. Apart from the green forest ranges, this place is also beautified with lakes and rivers. We will pay a visit to one of the well-known artificial lakes here - Thac Ba (Thác Bà) lake, which is approximately 20,000 ha and located near the village. 

Despite the fact that the lake is man-made, we can not deny that it is still an enormous construction that ages more than 1,000 years old. You will spend a night at a homestay in Vu Linh. 

Ha Noi to Vu Linh Village By Motorbike
Sunset On Thac Ba Lake

2. Thac Ba to Ba Be Park By Motorbike

On the second day, you will say goodbye to Vu Linh and head to the next destination Ba Be National Park - a national park located in the Northern of Bac Kan. On the road, stop by Cho Chu (Thai Nguyen) to have lunch. 

After you’ve finished your lunch, let’s continue the trip by going straight upward, passing some high mountains, and you will then arrive at Bac Kan. Particularly, Bac Kan is the place that homes the greatest forest area in Northeastern. Tourists who are natural-lover will surely fall in love with this place! 

According to the main website of the park, Ba Be has kept the mission of preserving the uniqueness and biodiversity of this area since 1992. Those mountains surrounding this place are mainly made from limestone kart, which is accompanied by green forests of bamboo and evergreen vegetation growing near the lake. Especially, you can visit some recently-discovered caves in Ba Be. Note that this trip requires you to take a boat tour.

Thac Ba to Ba Be Park By Motorbike
Serenity Ba Be Lake in Bac Kan, Vietnam

3. Ba Be Lake to Cao Bang By Motorbike

After spending a night at Ba Be homestay,  you will leave behind this place and head to the city of Cao Bang by passing winding roads and blind curves. You will stop at a number of stopovers for resting on the road. 

Ba Be Lake to Cao Bang By Motorbike
Rice and rice field at Phong Nam village in Trung Khanh, Cao Bang, Vietnam

4. Cao Bang to Ban Gioc Cascade to Quang Uyen 

Once you’ve arrived at Cao Bang, the first destination you will visit is the famous waterfall of Cao Bang - Ban Gioc, which is located in Trung Khanh commune. In detail, Ban Gioc has a height of 30-meter that makes it the widest waterfall in this country.

The cascade is surrounded by vegetation and is framed by limestone rocks. Some of the teeth-like mountains are partially veiled by vapor clouds that are carried by the waterfall's spray. It will be a great idea if you take a long view of the whole spot - the waterfall surrounded by the greenness of vegetation. 

Cao Bang to Ban Gioc Cascade to Quang Uyen 
Ban Gioc Waterfall, the most amazing falls in Vietnam

5. Quang Uyen (From Pac Bo to Bao Lac) By Motorbike

On your fifth day, you will drive to Pac Bo - one of the well-known sites in Vietnam that obtains high historical value. The cave in Pac Bo is famous for the history it carries - this is where Uncle Ho used to spend time staying and working during the period of the revolutionary movement

What makes the cave worth visiting is the reflection of how frugal the lifestyle of uncle Ho used to have. Even though the cave was devastated during wartime, some parts of the cave were recovered for tourism purposes. 

Green Rice Field of Cao Bang Province

6. Bao Lac to Meo Vac to Dong Van By Motorbike

Before heading to the Meo Vac, let’s spend time feeling the call of nature of Bao Lac in the early morning. Have a light breakfast while listening to the songs of the birds singing to welcome the morning in this beautiful place. 

Then, you will pass by Ma Pi Leng which is located on the road between the Dong Van and Meo Vac. 

Once you’ve crossed the slopes, conquer the top of the pass to admire the big picture of the scenery under. Next, let’s visit Dong Van - a karst plateau that is beautified by enormous rocky landscapes. After a long and tired yet exciting day, spend a night at the local hotel. 

Bao Lac to Meo Vac to Dong Van By Motorbike
14 Bikers from South Africa in Ha Giang

7. Dong Van to Ha Giang By Motorbike

After having breakfast at Dong Van, you will continue your trip to So Phi by motorcycle. So Phi is where you can find the renowned King Palace of H’Mong, which is settled in the valley. Massive and elaborate Chinese design structures are the main keywords that we normally use to describe the Palace. You will have the chance to admire the sumptuous lifestyle of king Vuong during that time. 

After that, you will go to Tam Son village for lunch and continue the trip by heading to the city of Ha Giang.

Dong Van to Ha Giang By Motorbike
Bamboo Rafting in Khau Vai, wonderful view of Nho Que River and Surrounding

8. Ha Giang to Bac Ha to Hoang Su Phi By Motorbike

After getting to Ha Giang, you will follow the off-road trails, and pass the high peak that allows you to catch the full view of colossal rice fields and small local houses. You will stop at Xin Man village for lunch before heading to the Sunday market (Bac Ha) in Lao Cao. 

This market is held weekly every Sunday with the participation of many minorities in Vietnam like Nung, Tay, Dao, and H’Mong. If you love Vietnamese culture, do not miss this chance to join this occasion. 

Ha Giang to Bac Ha to Hoang Su Phi By Motorbike
Single Track Riding To Hoang Su Phi

9. Bac Ha to Sapa By Motorbike

Saying faraway to Bac Ha, you will get to Sapa today. Stop at the border gate of Sapa to have lunch, then pass through the narrow, small roads and the green paddy field of rice & corn to get to Ta Van - a small Giay ethnic village. 

The Giay community keeps the tradition of growing rice as the main source of their income. Apart from growing rice, they also make engraved silver and instruments. If you love to learn about new cultures, do not miss this chance to understand more about the Giay people's culture regarding traditional costumes, food, accommodations, etc. Finally, let’s head to Sapa. 

Bac Ha to Sapa By Motorbike
Beautiful landscape. Rice filed terraces in rice season at Sapa - Vietnam

10. Sapa Village Ride

You will regret it for your whole traveling life if you miss the city of Sapa! In fact, Sapa is normally called a “misty heaven,” which somehow describes the overview of this place. 

You will have a whole day in this misty heaven, so make sure to take some shots of the landscapes here and immerse yourself in the chilled and pure atmosphere of Sapa. We suggest you visit Fansipan or drive through the valley of Muong Hoa and watch how peaceful the life of the locals have in Sapa. 

Sapa Village Ride
Riding Around Villages In Sapa

11. Sapa to Than Uyen By Motorbike

You will need to drive for more than two hours to reach Than Uyen, which is 100 km more from Sapa. Travelers who love nature and challenging experiences will indeed be unable to forget the experience they have on this road. 

Particularly, O Quy Ho mountain pass is considered one of the steepest and rugged passes in Vietnam. Once you reach the peak of this pass, you will receive the greatest gift from nature - the full view of Fansipan! After you’ve passed the borderline, you will reach Than Uyen (Lai Chau).

On Top Of Sapa Heaven Gate

12. Than Uyen to Phu Yen By Motorbike

After reaching Lai Chau (Than Uyen), it’s time to visit Phu Yen, which takes approximately 230km. You will go through some small tribes along sides the road to Phu Yen. Then, stop at the paddy field Mù Cang Chải/Mu Cang Chai where you can see the valley surrounded by the shinny yellow rice field. Make sure to capture such a brilliant view! 

Following that, continue riding to conquer the Lũng Lô/Lung Lo pass and get to Phu Yen. 

H'mong Lady and Her Lovely Kid in Mu Cang Chai, Yen Bai

13. Phu Yen to Mai Chau 

On your 13th day, spend a morning riding along Da lake to immerse yourself in the peacefulness and pureness of Northern Vietnam. Continue the trip to Mai Chau and have a short rest there. 

After your lunch, take a ride to the valley of Mai Chau and refresh your soul with the pure atmosphere and rustic beauty of the valley. In the evening, enjoy the Thai Xoe dance and spend a night in the Thai stilt house.

On Top Of Dolphin Head, Mu Cang Chai, Yen Bai

14. Mai Chau to Ha Noi By Motorbike

Time flies so fast that it is now your last day of this trip. Today, you will go back to Hanoi city. Riding along Highway 6 to get back to the capital and follow the French road, which will pass through the legendary Song Da - another beautiful attraction in Vietnam. Your trip now officially ends once you get to the capital city. 

Scenic View Of Mai Chau Valley


Despite the fact the Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tours might not be as challenging as travelers who love adventures expect, everyone all fall in love with the rustic beauty of the Northern once they get to this country. 

We hope that this blog provides you with all the useful information. Thank you for reading, and follow us for the next interesting traveling blog! 

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