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If you are confused about riding North to South Vietnam, this writing will provide a reasonable and comprehensive guide for you to explore this country.
There are also traveling tips to consider to have a safe and meaningful journey on your motorbike through numerous places in Vietnam.

10 Days Riding North To South Vietnam

Day 1: Hanoi - Mai Chau Motorbike Tour

After exploring the cuisine and famous places in Hanoi, you can hire a motorbike and start a journey from the capital to the South of Vietnam. The first destination is Mai Chau, which is about 140 kilometers. 

You will go along the Ho Chi Minh trail, cross the jungle with historical value and stop for lunch. 

After resting, continue riding on small roads throughout Pu Luong National Park until you reach Mai Chau. You can have dinner with Thai food and spend a night in a local people's house.  

Panoramic view of beautiful green terraces of Pu Luong commune, Thanh Hoa province, Vietnam

Day 2: Mai Chau - Thanh Hoa Motorcycle Tour

The next day, keep following the road along Pu Luong National Park. You will be back to the Ho Chi Minh trail heading in the South-East direction. 

From Mai Chau to Thanh Hoa, you can admire the stunning scenes of Cuc Phuong, Ben Em National Park, or both if you are lucky enough. There are rice paddles along a nearly 170km-long road leading to Thanh Hoa. 

Day 3: Thanh Hoa - Phong Nha Motorbike Tour

After a night in Thanh Hoa, start your day early in the morning and go to the next destination - Phong Nha. During the first half of this route, you can enjoy the beauty of religious structures from numerous temples and churches.

Then you can stop in Pho Chau to have lunch. The second halfway to Phong Nha is through Vu Quang National Park, which is the accommodation of rare animals like Sao la. 

Once you reach the destination, pay a visit to Phong Nha caves which were formed 250 million years ago.   

Day 4: Phong Nha - Vinh Moc Motorcycle Tour

The fourth day begins at Phong Nha and finishes in Vinh Moc. There is another National Park called Ke Bang on this road. If you enjoy the primary beauty of nature, Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park is a place you cannot miss. 

You will also find Vietnam's Demilitarized Zone - a historical sign during the Vietnam war. You will then reach the coast, which is located in Vinh Moc. 

Day 5&6: Vinh Moc - Hue - Hoi An Motorbike Tour

In Vinh Moc, remember to visit the tunnels created for the local people to escape from bombings during the war. 

After that, continue riding to Hue Citadel, a few kilometers away. After enjoying lunch in Hue, keep going to Hoi An. This trading port- Hoi An- is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage

Some places such as Bach Ma National Park, Hai Van Quan Gate, and Marble Mountain are worth visiting.   

Amazing Hai Van pass

Day 7: Hoi An - Dak Glei Motorcycle Tour

In Hoi An, there are colorful markets and crowded streets with diversified cuisine. You would be overwhelmed by this place's old buildings and small Chinese shrines. 

After exploring, leave for My Son, which is 30 kilometers away. My Son is a religious and political center belonging to the Cham people. Then, follow Route 14 to reach Kham Duc for dinner and resting.

Day 8&9: Dak Glei - Pleiku - Thac Mo Motorbike Tour

The next destination is Pleiku, with peaceful villages along the ride. You can stop in Kon Tum to have lunch. The people here are famous for planting coffee and tea.

From Pleiku, try to follow the Cambodian border to Bu Gia Map park. This is a crucial battlefield during the war in Vietnam. You can ride to Thac Mo via Dak Lak if this route is closed off. 

There are 44 ethnic groups living here, with the biggest being Ede. Finally, you will stop at Thac Mo, not far from Thac Mo lake.

Day 10: Thac Mo - Ho Chi Minh City Motorcycle Tour

From Thac Mo, keep riding to the North about 150km to reach Ho Chi Minh City, one of Vietnam's biggest cities. Don't forget to visit Independence Palace and the central cathedral. 

Not to mention visiting the crowded Ben Thanh market or the valuable American Warcrime Museum, the gigantic city is a place you can not skip.  

Notre Dame Cathedral ho chi minh city

Tips For Riding Across Vietnam By Motorbike

Tips For Riding In The Countryside

The condition of the countryside's roads varies quickly and unexpectedly. It is better to follow Google Maps and go for the tolls, ferries, and highways avoidance set. 

The average speed should be around 40km/h as you must spend time on lunch stops, taking photos, or the call of nature. Riding too much would lead to saddle soreness; thus, the moving distance for each day should be 150 kilometers.  

There are rest days required for "re-charging" and doing the laundry. 

Possible vehicles are coming from the opposite direction; thus, you should not take corners too wide. 

Be careful when it comes to wet roads, which require more stopping distances. Also, the ground surface changes unexpectedly.

You can happen to see some animals on your route, commonly cows and dogs. They will get hypnotized when looking at your lights. 

Tips For Riding In The City

The limitation for riding speed in the city is 40km/h. Keep your direction and speed constant while avoiding shadowing cars. Take it easy when numerous people surround you; they can avoid you properly.  

Pay the most attention ahead; other people tend to slow down at intersections. 

It is advised to go behind the pedestrians when they cross the road. This is the most effective way for you and them to have a safe and smooth movement. 

Besides, be careful when you pass a school. Vietnamese students and parents seem to not stay alert enough. Moreover, you can happen to see small vehicles hiding behind larger ones.

Tips For Riding At Night

Fortunately, you can ride in Vietnam at night provided that you comply with these instructions. 

  • Headlight adjustment. The motor headlights were originally oriented in the standard way. 

It means that you may find your height does not match the specified position of the manufacturer. In this case, you should follow the steps in the owner's manual to adjust the light or ask for help from the rental.

  • Light is the priority; thus, ensure that you have your bulbs checked and altered if necessary. 
  • There are white lines along the road to follow. Watch out for the drunk riders and maintain a safe distance from them. Not to mention people from opposite directions, you can come across animals at night. 
  • Night riding is more unpredictable and risky. Ride as quickly as possible while guaranteeing speed limitations and break stops.  


Hope that the information above will make riding North to South Vietnam more convenient for you. Traveling by motorbike is economical and flexible for long journeys.

Vietnam is a beautiful country with the terrain relevant to riding a motorbike. Have a good preparation and explore stunning cities with your motorcycle now!

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