Book a tour: Saigon – Cat Tien National Park Motorbike Tour 2D 1N- A Great Adventure

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An Overview Of Saigon - Cat Tien National Park Motorbike Tour

On this motorbike tour, participants will travel from Ho Chi Minh City to Cat Tien national park on motorcycles. Cat Tien, one of the most magnificent and famous natural parks in Viet Nam, is an ideal destination for our trip. 

Apart from the exciting Vietnam road trip, you can have adventurous moments cruising in the deep jungles of Cat Tien on the jeep. Be ready to witness the mundane life of wild animals, especially precious dinosaur species. 

To add excitement to the trip, we will explore the jungle in complete darkness. You cannot know what is expecting us; just keep cruising forward and enjoying the thrill of the night. 

An Overview Of Saigon - Cat Tien National Park Motorbike Tour
Nam Cat Tien National Park, Dong Nai Province, Vietnam, August 17, 2019: Tourists are exploring tropical forests by specialized trucks in the nature reserve of Nam Cat Tien National Park, Vietnam


Since this motorbike trip takes only two days, it doesn’t require much stamina and endurance from bikers. However, participants must have high skills in riding dirt bikes and some basic knowledge to deal with unexpected situations.  

Day 1: Saigon - Cat Tien National Park Motorbike Tour

Day 1: Saigon - Cat Tien National Park Motorbike Tour
Background texture of yellow leaves autumn leaf background at Nam Cat Tien national parks, Dong Nai, South Vietnam. Nam Cat Tien National Park by motorbike

We will initiate from Ho Chi Minh city after gathering at a hotel. Following the National Highway 20, the tour will reach the mountainous terrain with infamous rubber and coffee forests on the two sides of the streets. 

The next journey is a 150-kilometer bus ride that takes us to the Lava tube, which used to be a volcanic crater. Don’t forget to enjoy the spectacular natural sceneries along the ride. No more traffic jams and noisy vehicles, just you and the grand forests. 

Standing between us and the Cat Tien national park is the Dong Nai river. Try to immerse your soul in the clear water reflecting the blue sky above to feel the peace and solace in your heart. We will get past this terrain on the boat and begin our exciting adventure in the wildlife. 

After lunch, you will spend three hours trekking through hundred-year-old forests. We promise that the real-life sceneries are much more majestic than what you see in the pictures. 

We would have arrived at the center when it got dark to have dinner. Have a good night resting and get ready for the exciting adventure the next day.

Day 2: Tour Back To Ho Chi Minh City

Day 2: Tour Back To Ho Chi Minh City
Sunset over jungle landscape in Cat Tiên National Park, Southern Vietnam.

The native birds sing in the early morning as if inviting you to explore the deep jungles. Treat your stomach with a delectable breakfast at the center and prepare for the upcoming four-hour trekking. 

Only when riding the curvy roads in the mountains can you understand what it feels like as a true biker. The strong winds, the majestic valleys, and the scent of wild trees combined together will lend you an unforgettable experience. 

Welcoming you to the forest are fierce crocodiles in deep and dangerous swamps. No mud roads and dangerous tracks can stop your dirt bike from roaming forward. The unexpected dangers combined with the roars of the bikes just add up to your joy and excitement.

After hours of cruising in the forests, you will understand the value of these natural terrains. The innermost of your heart is filled with joy and solace standing in the ecstatic nature. 

The tour returns to the center for lunch after a memorable morning. It’s time we say goodbye to the park and ride back to Ho Chi Minh City. 


This Saigon - Cat Tien National Park motorcycle ride costs $150/ 1 rider/ day ( All is inclusive tour ). When registering in small groups, you get a price discount. Customers have to pay an extra $30 for single rooms.

Items Included In This Trip

Dirt bikes (Honda XR150L, Honda CRF250L) and helmets are included in this trip. We cover the gasoline, meal, and accommodation costs as well as sightseeing fees. 

Items not included are insurance, personal expenses, and transfers. 


What Is The Best Time To Register For This Trip?

The ideal/ best times to travel Vietnam are from February to April and August to October, November. The weather is fairly nice, with pleasant temperatures and low rainfall in these seasons.

Is Australian Driver License Recognized In Vietnam? 

Unfortunately, you cannot drive in Vietnam with an Australian driver's license. The authority only accepts Vietnamese driver's licenses. 

How To Obtain A Vietnamese Driver’s License?

The license is only available for long-term dwellers who have lived or worked in our country for more than six months. You can apply for the driving exam and get a pass to obtain a driver's license. 

It’s worth noting that international driver’s licenses are not valid in Vietnam. You can refer to these requirements to get a legal driver’s license.

Can I Purchase A Motorbike For Traveling In Vietnam?

Yes, you can. Foreigners own the right to purchase any legal products in Vietnam, including dirt bikes. 

Is This Trip Safe?

Riding on a bike is generally harder and more dangerous than driving a car for many reasons. The streets in Vietnam are also more crowded and narrower. You should get used to riding a dirt bike on Vietnam streets before joining this trip. 


Don’t skip the Saigon - Cat Tien national park motorbike tour if you love discovering Vietnam’s beautiful natural landscapes and riding bikes. We promise that this great trip is well worth your money and time. Join now and start the Vietnam motorbike adventurous journeys with us. What riders have said about Vietnam Motorcycle Tours Com on Tripadvisor!

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