Book a tour: Saigon Motorbike Tour To Mekong Delta, Da Lat, Bao Loc, Mui Ne Cape, Phan Thiet – 7 days

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Detailed Tour

Day 1: Saigon - Ben Tre - Can Tho

Our first destination will be Ben Tre, known as the Coconut Kingdom of Mekong Delta. We will move to Ben Tre by motorcycle at 7.30 am as scheduled. 

This is a great chance for us to enjoy the calmness of the countryside. Especially, you can revel in the characteristic smell of rice fields along the way to My Tho and inhale the fresh air in this countryside.

We will move to a serene village by an interesting vehicle called Tuk Tuk, and there is a sampan waiting for us when we arrive at Ben Tre province. Then, you will enjoy your lunch in a restaurant with a variety of delicious food, and you can especially taste some of Ben Tre's specialties. 

After that, we will move to the boat to discover Ben Tre province and find out why the name "Coconut Kingdom" was born. And we will take a rest at a homestay in Cai Be. 

When finishing discovering the Coconut Kingdom, we will head to the Mekong Delta's capital - Can Tho.

Day 1: Saigon - Ben Tre - Can Tho
Boat tour in the Mekong River Delta region, Ben Tre, South Vietnam. Wooden boat on cruise in the water canal through coconut palm trees plantation. ( Ben Tre famous as The Coconut Kingdom )

Day 2: Can Tho Floating Market - Saigon 

Our motorcycle trip will continue with a 6.00 am ride to a place ideal for sightseeing - Ninh Kieu Pier. It is famous for its beautiful scenery and gathering many economic and cultural activities. It will take us 30 minutes to go to the fruit market - the Cai Rang floating market

Morning is the best time for us to visit this floating market because this is the busiest and the most crowded moment. Thus, we can enjoy all the special features of a floating market in Southeast Asia and understand why this kind of market is so famous.

After having a walk ashore to admire the breathtaking view of the river, we will go back to the hotel and have a delectable breakfast.

Our next place in this motorcycle tour is Can Tho's central market and a place best for learning new knowledge relating to the history of this region - Binh Thuy Ancient House. This 150 year-old house was built in a French style, and maybe you can see this spectacular house in many films. 

Next, we will rest before coming to Highway 1A and returning to Saigon.

Day 2: Can Tho Floating Market - Saigon 
Long-tail boat with fruits on the Can Tho floating market, Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Day 3: Saigon - Nam Cat Tien

On day 3, we will start later than the others, at 8.30 am. Our voyage lasts for three hours, crossing the Dong Nai River. 

Then, we will ride along the Tri An lake, and go through Mada Forest and Saigon's lung. And we will reach Nam Cat Tien, which is located beside the Dong Nai River. 

Day 3: Saigon - Nam Cat Tien
Tourist huts on the outskirts of the jungle near Bau Sau (Crocodile Lake) in Cat Tien National Park, Southern Vietnam

Day 4: Nam Cat Tien - Bao Loc - Da Lat

We took our bikes at around 8.30 am. Firstly, we are moving to a place where we control the water for farms' watering and produce energy for Bao Loc city - Da M'Bri hydroelectric dam. Next, we will have lunch at Bao Loc City and begin to go to "Little Paris".

When talking about Da Lat, people will first think about the picturesque scenery along with many stunning waterfalls. Additionally, we can have a chance to witness some mushroom farms, flower farms, and coffee plantations as well.

Aerial view of a mountain road with trees around in Da Lat, Central Highland of Vietnam

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Day 5: Da Lat - Mui Ne Cape

After going through the beautiful pine hill is a special villa. This villa belongs to the last emperor of Vietnam, emperor Bao Dai. The mansion is a simple museum displaying Vietnam treasures and various kitsch. 

Then, we will leave this summer villa to move to the following stop - Lam Ty Ni Pagoda. Although it is a creepy place, this is an enticing destination that most tourists want to visit in this Southern Vietnam motorbike tour

The next place is a fairy tale house, Hang Nga Guesthouse. It is famous for its weird architecture consisting of many complex shapes. That is why many people call it the Crazy House. Before heading to Mui Ne, we will visit the rail station and the central market. 

And then, we will take a rest at Ca Na beach and witness how fishers use their nets to catch fish. Lastly, we will arrive at Mui Ne Cape and spend time enjoying the sunset moment. 

Day 5: Da Lat - Mui Ne Cape
Vietnam coastal ride around Mui Ne ( Vietnam Top Gear Special )

Day 6: Sand Dune Tour In Mui Ne Cape - Phan Thiet

Before starting our 35km journey to Phan Thiet, we will enjoy a tasty breakfast. Then, it's time to admire the genuine beauty of nature at Fairy Stream. You can see the obvious difference between the two sides. 

One side is full of flowers and coconut palms, making it a green place filled with luxuriant trees. Meanwhile, the other side is full of dunes.

Then, we will stay at Mui Ne - a fishing village, to experience some fishing activities like using nets to catch fish and selling fresh fish in a nearby-beach market. Today, our last stop is the oasis Bau Sen located at Mui Ne Cape. 

Its charming beauty is a great inspiration for many photographers. We plan to arrive at Phan Thiet at 2.00 pm and spend time doing whatever we like, including surfing on the beach or wandering along the shore.        

Day 6: Sand Dune Tour In Mui Ne Cape - Phan Thiet
Fishing village in Mui Ne, Southern of Vietnam

Day 7: Phan Thiet - Saigon

We will have a mouthful breakfast and enjoy Phan Thiet beach's comfortable and fresh morning. Besides, we can wake up early to contemplate the sunrise on the beach; it is one of the most spectacular scenery. 

After breakfast, we will head to the first school established in central Vietnam. Another special thing about this school is our beloved President - Ho Chi Minh - used to be a teacher here. 

Our next destination is an ancient pagoda - Chua Ong pagoda, placed at Binh Thuan. The architecture and paintings about Chinese classes in the past are the main characteristics of this temple. 

Then, we will stop for a break to discover the central market and then continue to move on to the largest whale temple here. Fishers believe in God and worship God of the sea here to pray for their safety when they catch fish far from the shore. 

And finally, we enjoy our lunch at a local eatery and then move back to Ho Chi Minh City and stay at a hotel for a night.

Day 7: Phan Thiet - Saigon
The road beside the sea at Mui Ne, Vietnam


This is the end of the 7-day motorbike tour from Saigon to Phan Thiet. Although we had to ride our bikes for a long time during the voyage, this was still an unforgettable and interesting experience we have ever had. 

Additionally, we discovered many enticing places and historic temples. We can also admire various scenery such as the sunrise when going to Phan Thiet beach and enjoy many delicious dishes at these destinations.

Thanks for your reading our motorcycle trips in south Vietnam; we will see you soon! 

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