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If you are a motorbike fan and love to visit beautiful beach sceneries by your vehicle, don’t miss the chance to have a motorbike tour from Phan Rang to Ca Na, the best southern Vietnam motorbike routes.
These routes will bring you delightful experiences of the wild, beaches, and rich cultural features of Southern Viet Nam. Let's scroll down and find out about one of the most exciting and comprehensive Southern Viet Nam routes through our article!

Phan Thiet, Mui Ne
Biker on sunrise Phan Thiet, Mui Ne beach

About Phan Rang to Ca Na Route

To go from Phan Rang to Ca Na Bay, you can head in the direction from North to South or reverse. Since the total distance is only 50km and 100km round trip, you can definitely ride an in-day motorbike tour. 

The weather here is perfect for a motorbike ride at almost any time of the year. Particularly, the temperature is about 25-28 °C, fairly dry and a little rainy, which is suitable for long-distance driving. 

For the best view on the road, you should choose the Dragon's Graveyard route and kick in during the dry season (around January to March).

Dragon's Graveyard landscape is pretty untamed and isolated from the two destinations, Phan Rang and Ca Na Bay. Beautiful sunshine and the gusty road cross Highway 1 and open onto a splendid and deserted sea road.

This charming sea scenery broadens the route to Sand Dunes in the south, Nui Chua coast in the north, or a continual route between Mui Ne and Nha Trang for those who are eager to visit more ocean views and island scenery in Viet Nam.


Mui ne - Vietnam
Mui ne - Vietnam - January 22, 2019 : Vietnamese woman carry shelles at famous fishing village in Mui ne, South Coast Vietnam

Fascinating Journey From Phan Rang to Ca Na, The Best Southern Vietnam Motorbike Routes

Ninh Chu Bay

Starting Riding in Ninh Chu Bay in Phan Rang, it’s really relaxing to start with a beach zone. Not only the beach but if you want to explore this chilling place, there are a lot of stopover places on the side road waiting for you to drive by. 

There are many places to rest, from a famous bungalow, resort, or beach camp on Ninh Chu Beach Club. Street food is also a popular place for tourists where you can find much delicious local food such as Banh xeo and Banh can. At the night, you can chill on a wheel by drinking some beer or direct at King Beer Club.

Continuing to cross a bridge over the Cai River along Yen Ninh seaway, you will observe a scene of a four-lane highway. Both sides of the driving way are shrimp farms surrounded by sand dunes and rock chunks, giving an unreal feeling when driving.

Ninh Thuan Province, Viet Nam
Road 720 along the coast, Vinh Hai Commune, Ninh Hai District, Ninh Thuan Province, Viet Nam

Empty Coastal Highway From Phan Rang to Ca Na

The surrounding landscape is, as the name suggests, mostly "empty" and has endless sparkling sand fields. You can drive gently to see the concert of light blending between the glowing sand, rock pile, and the glorious sea.

Son Hai Fishing Village

Continue further along the way, say goodbye to the shrimp farm, and greet the ocean. You will have a tantalizing beach sightseeing come into view. 

This is a major settlement of fishermen around here. Coral beach, a giant harbor cluster in the harbor offers a majestic view.

You can see the most idyllic scene of the fishing village in the late afternoon. The children are eager to go back to school, and the sound of a cavort in a street food stall or their parent greeting arm. Plus, the burning sunset on the sea will seduce you into the rustic here.

Turn right ahead to meet a 1900s French-originated lighthouse, but unable to drive because of dense sand dunes. Walking up to the lighthouse offers a great view of the crescentic sand and turquoise clear ocean.

Son Hai Fishing Village
Son Hai Fishing Village

French Colonial-Era Lighthouse

Turn right ahead to meet a solitary and clear blue beach. This road eventually curves up to a 1900s French-originated lighthouse on top of Mui Dinh Promontory. 

Walking up to the lighthouse to have a great view of the crescentic sand and turquoise clear ocean. If you want to express more magnificent signal light on the beach or lighthouse at night, camping on the beach is also available with a little charge.

Mui Dinh lighthouse
Mui Dinh lighthouse at breaking dawn

Mui Dinh Beaches

Besides the lighthouse, the beach on Mui Dinh is also angelic with aquamarine-like vision. Smooth sand stretches along like a silk wrap around the sea forming a poetic scene. Big rock piles stacked with each create two splendid anchors of the beach.

It’s great for walking around the sea because driving in sandy terrain is highly difficult. You can stay on the big rocks watching the waves rolling in and out or plainly walk around the sandy shore with the refreshing sea breeze blowing around.

Mui Dinh Beach in Phan Rang, Ninh Thuan, Vietnam
Mui Dinh Beach in Phan Rang, Ninh Thuan, Vietnam

Ca Na Beach

As the road continues, driving down onto Ca Na port and Lien Huong-Mui Ne coastline to reach the final destination. Passing by a giant salt field and joining a new boulevard to meet Highway 1. Next, turn left to move on Highway led to Ca Na beach.

There is also full service on stay and feast. Numerous Ca Na resorts or bungalows clustered by the beach are completely relieved after a long way with various charges. Seafood restaurants are also adequate to your needs, but service expenses are a little higher.

If you don't plan to ride back to Phan Rang immediately, consider broadening your journey by doing a motorbike touring Mui Ne trip by passing Con Cat Highway.

Ninh Thuan province. Ca Na
Ca Na beach, a new destination in the central of Vietnam. It's belong Ninh Thuan province. Ca Na is a wonderful beach with many dry hill, clean beach, turquoise water and friendly local people


This motorbike tour is fantastic for those who love adventures. Riding a motorbike on a long distance from Phan Rang to Ca Na, The Best Southern Vietnam Motorbike Routes is rough, but you could learn and gain a lot of experiences and joy in this itinerary.

The information and experiences in this article will be helpful to those who intend to attend motorbike tours or other bikers, so please like and share this article with someone who needs it! 

Now, it's time to pack your spirit up and start your engine! Sign up one of the very best rides Today!

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