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Along the border motorcycle tour will lead you through all the borders of Northern Vietnam, where you can see what life on the edge of a country looks like. It is the best combination of off-road and on-road routes!
You also have a chance to tip-toe at all the beautiful and awesome peaks of Vietnam with the jaw-dropping landscape, which received thousands of good reviews worldwide!
Let's run to the sun and chase the cloud with us!

Along The Border Motorcycle Tour: 1 Trip - 2 Countries

The Border Motorcycle Tour
Khau Vai, Ha Giang

Preview Of The Tour

Route: Ha Noi - That Khe - Quang Uyen - Cao Bang - Ba Be - Meo Vac - Dong Van - Hoang Su Phi - Si Ma Cai - Bac Ha - Lao Cai / Ha Noi Motorbike Tours

Duration: 10 Days + 9 Nights

Accommodation: homestays + hotels + eco-lodge 

The major goal of this itinerary is to see the rugged karst area of Vietnam's border with the People's Republic of China and the border area's culture and landscape. 

Along the trip, you will encounter a diverse range of ethnic people visiting marketplaces and hustling with their everyday life! You'll travel up the mountains, so the temperature can become pretty chilly, and it will start to snow if it is the right time. 

Overall, the route is an excellent motorcycle tour for anybody interested in visiting less-visited areas of northern Vietnam. You come to a rare place. And you enjoy the utmost breathtaking landscape!

Let's jump into it now!

Day 1: From Hanoi To That Khe Motorcycle Tour

Distance: 219 km

Riding time: About 3.6 hours

The first day of the along the border motorcycle tour is longer than other motorbike tours

You may need to get up early to gear up and run away from the crowded and noisy Ha Noi! The sooner you leave the capital, the earlier you can enjoy the vast and peaceful scenery.

We begin with a routine trip to the home of green tea in Vietnam - Thai Nguyen. Fortunately, as we progress into the hills, the roads get calmer and the scenery is more picturesque. 

There is not much to share about That Khe except the taste of Vietnam's rural life. However, before the marvelous thing happens, there is always a normal life we must go by! So, stay tuned for our following days!

From Hanoi To That Khe Motorcycle Tour
Rice field in Bac Son valley, Lang Son, Vietnam

Day 2: From That Khe To Quang Uyen Motorbike Tour

Distance: 66 km

Riding time: About 1.3 hours

The second day is much simpler. Much better, it is a shorter day. You can sleep in and frequently stop for photographs and refueling. We may also attempt a few minor diversions to get a taste of the countryside. 

We have plenty of time to “get lost”. Quang Uyen, Cao Bang is not a big town. However, we will not stay there. We choose an outside town homestay to be closer to nature. If the time supports us, we can take a look at Ban Gioc falls.

From That Khe To Quang Uyen Motorbike Tour
See panoramic dawn photos rice fields in Ngoc Con, Trung Khanh, Cao Bang, Vietnam. Cao Bang is beautiful in nature in Vietnam and Southeast

Day 3: From Quang Uyen To Cao Bang Motorcycle Tour

Distance: 40 km

Riding time: About 1 hours

If you haven't already seen the falls in the North of Vietnam, you may do so today. Otherwise, Pac bo cave will welcome you on this land! 

Before putting our feet in Cao Bang capital, Pac Bo is a recommended place to visit! Moreover, the Pac Bo cave is a historical landmark in a beautiful setting. President Ho Chi Minh used to live here! The place is honored by all Vietnamese citizens!

On the third day, we will spend the night at a homestay and attend the Cao Bang night market!

Aerial view of “ Ban Gioc “ waterfall, Cao Bang, Vietnam. “ Ban Gioc “ waterfall is one of the top 10 waterfalls in the world.

Day 4: From Cao Bang To Ba Be Motorbike Tour

Distance: 110 km

Riding time: About 2.6 hours

We follow the scenic route via the Cao Bang UNESCO GeoPark. Next is crossing one of the peaks of Cao Bang - Phia Oac mountain. The height here is roughly 1800m. Thus it may be rather cold in the winter. 

Then, we will go to a national park named Ba Be. Here, we will take a boat to our booked homestay! Because the place is famous and a major tourist destination, we will most likely encounter many visitors.

From Cao Bang To Ba Be Motorbike Tour
Boat trip on Ba Be lake, Bac Can

Day 5: From Ba Be To Meo Vac Motorcycle Tour

Distance: 187 km

Riding time: About 5.5 hours

We have several options for today's trip; it is all up to how everyone feels after a good evening on the fourth day! The route's choice can be a combination of dirt and tarmac or all tarmac. The ideal time to determine is when we wake up and weigh all pros and cons!

Whatever path we select, we are in high regions. We will be climbing magnificent peaks on some enjoyable roads on our way to Meo Vac, Happiness Road, and Ma Pi Leng pass.

Incredible view of Ha Giang

Day 6: From Meo Vac To Dong Van Motorbike Tour

Distance: 34 km

Riding time: About 1.2 hours

The sixth day is not a long journey. Therefore, it allows us to visit all the sights in the region. There are some caves and landscapes that you can see! 

We may opt to ride to Lung Phin, Vietnam's northernmost point. We will spend the night in Dong Van. The place is now a bustling tourist destination. The ride today could be one of the top motorcycle tours in Vietnam.

From Meo Vac To Dong Van Motorbike Tour
Bamboo rafting in Khau Vai, Meo Vac, Ha Giang

Day 7: From Dong Van To Hoang Su Phi Motorcycle Tour

Distance: 227 km

Riding time: About 6.4 hours

The 7th day is a large trail with a lot of beautiful scenery that maybe we will have to break the schedule to stop in Ha Giang. It entails adding a day or skipping a halt like Si Ma Cai or Ba Be. 

In any case, we take the Happiness Road down from the UNESCO Global Geopark - Dong Van GeoKarst Plateau and then across to the Hoang Su Phi - a UNESCO world heritage site widely recognized for its excellent rice terracing. 

We sleep in a homestay in one of the Ha Giang hills with spectacular views of the rice terraces. Today could be the highlight of Ha Giang Motorbike Tours.

Meet new friends along the road in Ha Giang

Day 8: From Hoang Su Phu To Si Ma Cai Motorbike Tour

Distance: 87.5 km

Riding time: About 1.5 hours

As with most of our itinerary, we go around the edge of the China border if we like to reach Si Ma Cai. 

Before we ride the area of the river valley through Xin Man, Ha Giang, and then to the township Si Ma Cai, we must ride around, or above, Kiou Leou Ti - the mountain has a height of 2,300m. The place is breathtaking, so be prepared for indescribably beautiful scenery.

Scenic view of northwest Vietnam

Day 9: From Si Ma Cai To Bac Ha  Motorcycle Tour  

Distance: 37 km

Riding time: About 1.1 hours

We again snake around the China border and then take the long road to Bac Ha, a major market town. The scenery is spectacular on the loop. 

Additionally, the traffic is light, so it is a good sign. If we're lucky, we'll be at the market open in Bac Ha or Coc Ly. Then, you will be able to observe the natives at work.

LAO CAI, VIETNAM, DECEMBER 28: H'mong ethnic minority women sell dogs in Bac Ha traditional market on December 28, 2013 in Laocai, Vietnam. H'mong is the 8th largest ethnic group in Vietnam.

Day 10: From Bac Ha To Lao Cai/Ha Noi Motorbike Tour

Distance: 298 km

Riding time: About 5 hours

For lowland people, the road is a quick return to the chaos of ordinary Vietnamese life. We descend from the hills and follow an ancient route along the river and railroad tracks to Lao Cai, where we leave off our motorbikes and await our VIP bus. 

A goodbye meal is waiting for us when we sneak into Hanoi! That is the end of the journey!

From Bac Ha To Lao Cai/Ha Noi Motorbike Tour
Stunning ride to Lao Cai city from Bac Ba town


Along the border motorcycle tour with ten days of wandering the mountain roads, beautiful scenery, fresh air, delicious food, and honest and warm strangers will surely leave you with a wonderful memory! 

Not only can you see the beauty of Vietnam, but also the immense and majestic beauty of a place adjacent to another culture! Thank you for accompanying us throughout this tripLet's explore more Vietnam motorbike tours as well.

We look forward to seeing you! Grasp the chance to live your youth!

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