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The beautiful mountainous North of Vietnam is a perfect place for enduro and camping trips.
Located in Lao Cai Province, Sapa is surrounded by lush green terraced fields, where views are often subdued by heavy mist covering the peaks. The route to and from there is also an absolute treat to pass through.
This itinerary of the six-day Vietnam Motorcycle Tours from Hanoi to Sapa offers adventurous riders the most exciting experiences they can ask for. Gear up and be ready for it.

Tour Highlights

  • The trip starts and ends at Hanoi, with plenty of transportation options
  • An opportunity to camp above the clouds and climb a dinosaur spine
  • Ride along the most dangerous yet terrific off-roading routes
  • Visit top attractions of the country, such as Mu Cang Chai and Sapa


Day 1: Hanoi To Ta Xua Dinosaur Backbone ( Off-road )

Day 1: Hanoi To Ta Xua Dinosaur Backbone ( Off-road )
Off-road Ta Xua and Northwest Vietnam on CRF250L

Start our 220-km enduro motorbike tour in Northern Vietnam, which consists of the most challenging routes the country has to offer, from the capital.

The first section from Hanoi to Thanh Son, Phu Tho, takes about two hours. Get a short rest, breathe in the fresh mountain air, and check out rows of luscious green tea plantations. This is where our ride starts to get more physically demanding.

Fuel up on lunch so we can be ready for more steep hills, which also offer sweeping views over amazing views of fertile lands in the North. The stunning scenery along the way can keep any rider charged up for the rest of the day.

Wind through some more rough miles, and we reach the camping site in Ta Xua. It's located 2,850-m above sea level and acts as the natural border between Son La and Yen Bai provinces.

Prepare to light a barbeque in the wild when the night comes before sleeping where the thick, cold clouds hug the mountains.

Day 2: Off-road Ta Xua To Ngoc Chien

Day 2: Off-road Ta Xua To Ngoc Chien
Vietnam Off-road Motorbike Tours Ta Xua - Ngoc Chien - Son La

Our second day commences as the sun begins to appear over the horizon and light up the whole mountainscape.

We warm up the day by conquering Ta Xua's famous peak by motorbike. Often referred to as the Dinosaur Spine and with a unique view above the clouds, it's a paradise for adventure lovers. The day continues as we climb down back to the village for breakfast.

Sate your appetite and pack up snacks and drinks as the incoming trail is very remote in places. It goes deeply into the forests, following the Da River. When everything goes according to plan, we can have lunch around 2 PM.

Crossing streams, rocky terrains, and muddy paths certainly slow us down. But bathing in a hot spring during our homestay makes everything worthwhile and relaxes our bodies for a big day ahead.

Day 3:Off-road Ngoc Chien To Sapa

Day 3:Off-road Ngoc Chien To Sapa
Off-road Vietnam motorbike tour to Sapa

Our next adventurous ride awaits on the route to Sapa - a top tourist destination in the country. We are treated to the unique beauty of rustic Hmong villages and rice terraces, which hug the mountainsides along stunning contours.

On the way to Sapa lies another highlight of our trip. O Quy Ho Pass is a famed mountain pass in northwestern Vietnam, where you have to climb up and down narrow and difficult curves.

The final destination of our day is a compact city and the base for exploring Mount Fansipan, the highest peak in Indochina.

Day 4: Off-road Sapa To Luc Yen

Day 4: Off-road Sapa To Luc Yen
Lush rice paddy terraces of the misty mountains in Sapa, Lao Cai Province, north west Vietnam.

Waking up to the spectacular scenery and views in and around Sapa, when the mist is still flooding through the valleys, always makes a wonderful memory. From this city, we conclude our fourth day at Luc Yen in Yen Bai Province.

This off-road ride is full of challenges, and inexperienced riders may have a difficult time with it. There are constant changes in elevation, which makes our enduro motorbike tour even harder than before.

But by approaching Luc Yen, the terrain gets less challenging, and we mostly go alongside palm forests. The Yen Bai town welcomes us with great local dishes and good old-fashioned hospitality.

Day 5: Off-road Luc Yen To Vu Linh

Sunset in Thac Ba lake, Vu Linh, Yen Binh, Yen Bai

On the way back to Hanoi, we make a stop at Thac Ba (Vu Linh, Yen Bai Province) - one of the biggest man-made lakes in Vietnam. But before that, we must overcome more than 50km of muddy roads combined with steep hills.

On arrival in Thac Ba, we check in for our homestay at around 4 PM. A boat trip is arranged to take us through countless islets in the middle of the lake. Take a dip into the cool water, and we can forget, at least for a moment, how tired we are.

Day 6: Vu Linh To Hanoi

Riding backroads back to Hanoi from Thac Ba lake

The last day takes us to the capital before rush hour. The ride becomes much easier, and we have more time to take in lovely rice fields, farms, and hills. We've now entered the lowlands of the Red River Delta.

Following the Lo River is an exciting part of this day before we cross a ferry to go back to the outskirts of Hanoi.


Sapa isn't just a gem to visit, but the Motorbike Ride from Hanoi to it also offers more than that. These Vietnam Motorbike Tours will leave you charmed and eager to go back for more riding along with the wonderful mountainscape.

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