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Vung Tau is a coastal city in southern Vietnam that takes around 2,5 hours to travel from Ho Chi Minh city, making the place ideal for a short break to get rid of the hustle and bustle of the city.
So if you are planning amazing Vung Tau motorbike tours, keep an eye on our recommendation list of top things to do in Vung Tau on a four-day and three-night trip! Scroll down for info!

Vung Tau Motorbike Tours
Phuoc Hai Town, Ba Ria Vung Tau Province, Vietnam - April 30 2022: The boats of fisher are near by the sea, in the sunrise.

Overview Vung Tau Motorbike Tours

Why Should You Visit Vung Tau?

Needless to say, Vung Tau is always heaven to beach lovers, food addicts, and history buffs.

Beaches in Vung Tau strike their visitors with the spacious sandy area and clear water, which are suitable for both watersport games and swimming activities. The destinations are also great places to watch dazzling dawn and flaming sunset.

In fact, Vung Tau is famous for mouth-watering local dishes from super fresh ingredients. Some featured cuisines include banh khot - a type of crispy mini-pancake topped with shrimp or squid and green onion, the fresh Mai fish salad made of boneless Mai fish marinated with vinegar, chili, lemon, and some green vegetables, etc.

Used to be a swamp in the 14th-15th centuries, Vung Tau has many historical landmarks. So besides enjoying the chilling moments, you can learn more about Vung Tau and Vietnamese history.

If you feel a little bit overwhelmed with this piece of information, now let's get to our detailed recommendation for four-day, three-night motorbike tours in Vung Tau.

Beautiful scene and famous place at Ho Coc Beach, Ba Ria Vung Tau Province, Vietnam.

Vung Tau Motorbike Tours

Day 1. Ho Chi Minh City to Vung Tau Arrival

The route from Ho Chi Minh to Vung Tau is around 150 kilometers and might take 2 to 3 hours to ride by motorbike.

If you opt for a motorbike, you can follow the National Highway 1A (QL1A). Then after the Dong Nai bridge is the Vung Tau roundabout. Now turn right along National Highway 51 and keep going straight.

Vung Tau city will welcome you after about 100 kilometers more. Now head to your accommodation and finish the check-in procedure. You should book in advance to avoid rooms sold-out in high seasons.

If you start riding from Ho Chi Minh City at 8 am, you may arrive at Vung Tau at 11 am. It will also take you some time to ride to the hotel and do the check-in, so you should take a rest until the afternoon.

After some rest, go for a sunset watching at Back Beach (Bai Sau Beach). Of course, the beach is unmissable regarding top motorbike routes in Vung Tau. The beach is spacious and clean, making it the perfect location for a lengthy run or stroll.

It is also a great idea to hold a night BBQ party on the beach with your family and friends. You can easily hire necessary BBQ amenities from surrounding services. Then come back to your hotel for a nice rest to prepare for the next day. 

Christ the King is a statue of Jesus, standing on Mount Nho in Vung Tau VietNam

Day 2. Discovering time

On the second day, the very first place to visit can be the Christ of Vung Tau standing proudly on a high hill overlooking the city. Viewing the city from far above in the morning would be great. 

The 32-meter-tall stone structure resembles Rio de Janeiro's iconic Christ the Redeemer. Although the Vietnamese version is not nearly as stunning, it is still a wonderful sight.

From the Christ of Vung Tau, you can look over Woman's Island (Hon Ba). According to legend, a lady constructed a temple on this island in 1781 to worship the Sea Goddess. 

Because the male locals - the fisherman - always have to go to the far sea for fishing, all women here would come to the temple and pray for the safety of the fishermen. 

You can cross to the island on foot when the tires are low. However, watch out for the rocks while strolling on the island, which can be quite slippery.

You can end the second day by visiting Front Beach ( Bai Trout). After a long gone for these above spots, it is time for you to take a rest and enjoy the day on Front Beach. This section of the beach is somewhat smaller yet less crowded and chilled than Back Beach. 

There are also many fresh seafood restaurants, so seize the chance and immerse in Vung Tau cuisine. The menu can vary among restaurants, so you can ask for recommendations to enjoy your desired dishes. Todau could be the highlight of South Vietnam Motorbike Tours.

Vung Tau, Vietnam - 05 July 2020: People having rest on beach in Vung Tau in sunset light on 05 July 2020. The Vung Tau city is popular among Ho chi minh city people as sea resort

Day 3. Discovering time

On day three, pay a visit to White Palace. The French Governor, Paul Doumer, gave a go constructing the White Palace of Vung Tau in 1916. 

The palace was constructed in a French colonial style and used by Emperor Bao Dai for vacation. Now Vietnamese leaders are utilizing it as a getaway.

The Southern Vietnam Motorbike Tours will be a miss if you do not explore the Vung Tau seafood market. The market is full of different fresh seafood at a very chary price. You can buy these exotic products and bring them home after the holiday. 

To keep them fresh, you can book with the sellers and tell them to bring them to your hotel the next morning or ship them straight to your home. 

As Vung Tau is a famous attraction for national and international guests, many beautiful resorts are here. If you are quite well-off and can afford a resort from the first day, you must spend time experiencing all the services in the resort. 

But if you are on a tight budget, you can still stop by to enjoy the spa, pool, or restaurant. There are always services for non-guests so contact the resort to receive consultancy.

Day 4. Vung Tau - Ho Chi Minh

After three days of immersing in the breath of the ocean and getting rid of the hustle and bustle of the city, it is time to get back. You can follow the Ho Chi Minh - Vung Tau route to return. 

Fisherman sitting on the beach, in the harbor

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, our recommendation for Vung Tau motorbike tours will help you with your desired trip. 

Even if you do not follow our list, there are still more things to do In Vung Tau. It is a great place to visit with various beautiful white-sand beaches, mouth-watering traditional dishes, and historical landmarks. So let's pack and head for Vung Tau!

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