Experiencing motorbike tours in Vietnam for foreigners in the year 2022

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To explore the beauty of nature and Vietnamese culture, cruising on roads is considered one of the most interesting ways for both Vietnamese citizens and international visitors. Backed up by a professional group of tour guides and office staff, you will certainly enjoy motorbike tours in Vietnam with Vietnam motorcycle tours. Below some detailed information relating to motorbike tours is available at vietnammotorcycletours.com.

The petrol prices of motorbike tours in Vietnam

The petrol prices of motorbike tours in Vietnam
Taking picture with H’mong lady in Ha Giang

Declining investment, red tape, and high taxes are contributing to limiting Vietnam’s oil and gas industry, which leads to the high cost of fuel in our country. The fuel price is under control by the Vietnamese government and is updated every 15 days. 

At the present, the cost of the standard E5 RON 92-II varies between 14.210 and 14.490 VNĐ ( 61 – 62 cents). In terms of a 200 km trip, you have to pay from 5 – 15 USD/day depending on your motorbikes.

Accommodation for motorbike tours in Vietnam

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Home-stay beds in north Vietnam. Clean place with hot shower, cold beers and wifi!


The rental price for hotel facilities or farmhouses in remote areas will be expensive though the quality of services is low. Additionally, most drivers need to buy some products from cities or shops nearby. In fact, there are few luxury hotels in the mountains, therefore we will recommend for you to choose a comfortable room costing from 35 – 45 USD/night. 

Motorbike repair in Vietnam

Motorbike repair in Vietnam
No fall no fun, all our tour guides knows how to fix small problem or along the roads we can see many shop: ” sửa xe máy, Honda, Yamaha repair shops”

Motorbike repair service is cheaper in our country. However, a few dishonest shops can charge you more if you do not know any motorcycle-fixing store when your bike breaks down. Therefore, learning some repair basics could be beneficial for you to avoid getting ripped off. 

Vietnamese traffic system

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Great Honda bike, great rider in Hanoi countryside

The quality of the Vietnamese road system has been degraded, which can put you at risk for accidents. Traffic congestion occurs on a daily basis, especially in rush hour, which makes it difficult for you to travel. As a result, cycling experiences play a crucial role in ensuring your safety and protecting your health.

Hanoi motorcycle tours in the countryside: https://vietnammotorcycletours.com/hanoi-motorcycle-tours/

Tour guide for motorbike tours in Vietnam

An English-speaking tour guide can help you to communicate or understand local traditions, customs, and culture. Most of our customers prefer joining supported and guided trips by professional English-speaking tour guides. 

Tour guide for motorbike tours in Vietnam
Linh guide and David UK biker

Self-guided/Guided motorbike tours in Vietnam

Self-guided/Guided motorbike tours in Vietnam
Scenic view in northern Vietnam


Below are two separate motorbike tour packages Vietnam Motorcycle Tours Company provides.

Self- guided (Independent) motorcycle tours 

Self- guided (Independent) motorcycle tours 
Beers time in Ha Giang

Independent motorbike tours in Vietnam can be the best approach to experience new adventures away from the norm. We will give you some helpful information about motorcycle tours, together with tips and advice. You can be trained seriously by our professional driver in a short time before starting the trips. In addition, self-guided tours will help you save some money and go to any place you like.

Guided Motorbike Tours 2022

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Bamboo raft in Remoted Khau Vai, Ha Giang

You have to pay for everything in advance when you opt for fully guided tours. We will prepare delicious food, good motorbikes, comfortable accommodations, and a fantastic trip for you. In other words, you will get anything you pay. Vietnam Motorcycle guided tours can cost you more money than independent motorbike tours in Vietnam.

Awesome Vietnamese motorcycle tours 

Awesome Vietnamese motorcycle tours 
Vietnam beach tour, great fun when joining Ho Chi Minh road crossing Vietnam from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh city ( 15 Days )


Check out some interesting tours, highly rated with good reviews. Read a couple of reviews prior to taking part in motorbike adventures.

Ha Noi Motorbike Tours

Ha Noi Motorbike Tours
Hanoi, Vietnam – Sep 14, 2014: Hanoi Opera House in evening, modeled on the Palais Garnier, the older of Paris’s two opera houses, and is considered to be one of the architectural landmarks of Hanoi

There are a lot of well-known destinations in the capital of Vietnam, including Hanoi Opera House, Old Streets in Hanoi, Tran Quoc Pagoda, and so forth. You can get a chance to discover architecture and the diverse history. Recommend 1 day Hanoi motorbike countryside!

Dalat motorbike tours in Vietnam 2022

Dalat motorbike tours in Vietnam 2022
A motorbike running on mountain road with pine trees in Dalat, southern loop Vietnam.

Dalat – a beautiful city in the highlands was one of the most awesome motorcycle tours in Vietnam. You can take lots of spots of stunning landscapes such as Huong lake, Dalat night market, vegetable farms and so on.

Ho Chi Minh and Mekong Delta motorcycle trips 2022

Ho Chi Minh and Mekong Delta motorcycle trips 2022
Cai Rang floating market, Can Tho, Vietnam, aerial view. Cai Rang is famous market in mekong delta, Vietnam.

It is called an urban scooter adventure if you travel by motorbike to Ho Chi Minh city. Along the way, you can taste various street foods ranging from “Banh Mi” to “Banh Trang Tron”. 

Picked up from your hostel or hotel, make a discovery on historic events and landmarks in this city. Recommend South Vietnam and Mekong Delta by Motorbike

Hoi An and central Vietnam motorbike trips 2022

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Aerial view, tourists from UK, America and Australia are relax and experiencing a basket boat tour at the coconut water ( mangrove palm ) forest in Cam Thanh village, Hoi An, Quang Nam, Vietnam

During this motorbike package, you can pay a visit to the centuries – ancient streets by motorbike, and secret side streets to explore many kinds of special dishes in Quang Nam province. You can try “Banh mi Phuong”, “Cao Lau Noodle” and “Mango Cakes” and more.

With us, you can have a range of choices about Hoian motorbike adventure and throughout our country, especially in the Northern area. Our sole goal is to offer you the best motorbike tours in Vietnam and trigger your curiosity about a real Vietnam. As a matter of fact, Vietnam Motorcycle tours Company is willing to provide a trip for any customer, including inexperienced people. You must apply for the course about riding skills if you don’t use motorcycles before, guaranteeing your safety when joining motorbike tours in Vietnam

Just contact us with your questions about the prices of motorbike tours in Vietnam at vietnammotorcycletours.com or through Hotline +84 945.918.688.

All information in this article “Motorbike tours in Vietnam” collected by Vietnam Motorcycle Tours will help you have a better selection for your trip. We hope you have the best experience with this activity.

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