Sell Motorbike Vietnam: Tips To Get More Money Back

Sell Motorbike Vietnam


After all, your wonderful motorcycle journey in Vietnam must come to an end. You can carry all the wonderful memories but not a motorcycle to your hometown. 

Your once trusted companion on windy roads  has now completed its task and needs a new owner. Your problem is: How to get the highest price for it? Scroll down for helpful tips in our guide to sell motorbike Vietnam.

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Dirtbike trips in Vietnam

Where Should You Start Motorbike Selling In Vietnam? 

The two most active motorcycle markets in Vietnam are Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. These two locations are crowded with tourists, so your chances are greater. 

Most foreign visitors enter there and start their Vietnam motorbike tours. You have little trouble finding potential buyers and selling your vehicle at a good price.

We often publish sales posts on social networks and trading platforms to reach shoppers. Some sites with high conversion rates include:

  • Craigslist: a website that saves you from slow-selling bikes. All you can expect is to get rid of the motorbike before leaving Vietnam rather than getting back the same amount as the initial investment. 

The buyers, to be more precise, the intermediaries, will approach you at a fair price. They then refurbish your used item and launch it to the market again.

  • Vietnam Backpackers Travel & Sales: With over 50,000 members, this Facebook community opens up great opportunities to quickly send off your secondhand motorbike. Most users are tourists striving to find a “horse” for their upcoming adventure trips. 

You may also come across motorcycle shops that offer to help you with the sale. However, accept these deals at the last minute since the average price is not very attractive. 

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Motorbiking trip in north Vietnam

Besides online marketing, make direct offers in tourist areas for foreign visitors if you have plenty of time. First, you should walk into hotels or motels and ask the front desk whether they will buy your motorbike.

You can also deal directly with strangers who you think are in need. You can make money if you have good observation and negotiation skills.

Now you know the potential markets for the sale, but it’s not the whole story. You need a few skills to get the best value from your used items.

How To Sell Motorbike Vietnam Fast? – Our Own Experience

We can’t promise that our guide will get you the best amount – equal to the purchase price but at least get some back and leave Vietnam without frustration. 

It is worth mentioning that our exchanges were all successful before our flights home.

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Start Selling Before Your Final Destination

You should spend at least 2 days before the journey ends to promote the motorbikes for sale. This way, you do not have to deal with time pressure and lose your advantage. Buyers have less of a chance to ask for a price discount thinking you will leave Vietnam soon.

It is even more wonderful if you fully dedicate the last few days to this purpose. That’s right; we often spend two days negotiating via text or wandering the tourist areas to reach potential buyers.

Start Selling Before Your Final Destination
Mu cang chai, VIETNAM Children working in rice terrace in Sapa,Vietnam. Many children in Vietnam are withdrawn from school to be bread-winners for their families

Publish A Detailed Post

When introducing your motorcycle through Facebook groups or similar exchange platforms, try to be as detailed and witty as possible. Our product description includes current conditions, potential breakdowns, replaced parts, and extras.

Do not forget to add images and videos to draw attention. We often attach many pictures of our journey around Vietnam to prove the trustworthy performance of our reliable motorcycle.

Plus, be honest in everything you say, especially the technical failures. You never want negative feedback from the new owner that will damage your reputation in the next sale or simply a cyber attack.

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Honda CRF300L ( model 2023 )

Value Up By Accessories

There are always ways to increase the resale value, even higher than the original cost. How? Invest in essential travel gear such as a raincoat, helmet, bike lock, phone holder, luggage rack, and extra bungees. Then bundle it with the motorcycle, thus leveling up the price.

These accessories do not cost much, but they add a touch of flair to your offer. Most foreign tourists cannot turn down these great deals as they benefit from buying in bulk to prepare for their adventurous trip.

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Honda CRF300L with lugguage rack

Maintenance Before Sell

We mentioned leaving 2 days before returning home for another reason – maintenance. This simple process adds value and sets the stage for a good negotiation. All you should do includes cleaning, oil change, brake tightening, and gas refill.

These services are available in most auto service centers in Vietnam, but you should turn to local experts for an affordable price range. Look for banners that say “rua xe” or “sua xe.” 

It may be a small backstreet mechanic shop, but the skill of the mender never lets you down. They are not good at English, so you need a translator app to communicate.

Offer A Higher Price Frist

Do not hesitate to suggest a higher initial price than the actual value. A general rule of thumb is to bid 30% more than your acceptance rate. This wise strategy leaves room for negotiation and gains a little extra money if your business skills work.

Other Tips To Have Good Deals

Deal With The Shop Where You Bought The Motorbike

Take note of where you buy the bike from the get-go. This pays the way for another possibility – negotiating with that shop to buy back their product. And it’s even better to talk about this when you buy the motorbike.

Some shop owners are open to your demand as their stores sell used vehicles at 70-80% of the original value. It is not the best price but it leaves you with peace of mind. You can certainly say goodbye to the struggles of motorcycle selling and spend more time in the beautiful landscapes.

Price In Saigon Is Much Better

The demand in the major cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh is always great, but not many people know that the buying process in Saigon is more competitive. We are not sure why there is such a price difference, but it is a secret experienced backpackers share.

We entered the market in the capital and departed for a trip across Vietnam to the South. We sold the bikes in Saigon at a great price and took off from Tan Son Nhat airport.

Invest In The Right Type Of Bike

Undoubtedly, Honda Wave and Wins are popular in the Vietnamese market. Our friend sold his Sunfat Win for $110 right after his post came into the public’s eye for 2 hours. 

However, you may sometimes face cover-ups if you forget to double-check. Look at the engine to determine whether it is a real or Chinese bike.

Invest In The Right Type Of Bike
Honda trail bikes

In comparison, SYMS and Yamaha do not receive a warm welcome due to maintenance problems. It isn’t easy to find replacement parts and qualified mechanics for these models; thus, people are unwilling to pay.

Add Free Benefits For Buyers

How to make your sales post stand out? Buyers get excited when they immediately notice your offer’s free benefits. Therefore, arrange the time to serve your customers in the best way. 

Do not overcomplicate it; simply show off your hospitality. Some suggestions include a driving lesson or a welcome beer party. You can get rid of your second-hand motorbike and make some friends.


It is not struggling to sell motorbike Vietnam as the demand is great. However, it turns out to be a disadvantage when there are too many sellers simultaneously. 

That’s when our business tips come to rescue. Plus, do not put too much money into “your horse” initially. After all, you still have to put it on sale and rarely get back the amount you invested.

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