Vietnam Visa Run: How To Apply For It To Extend Your Visa?

Vietnam Visa Run


Vietnam is a wonderful Southeast Asian country filled with hospitable people, magnificent views, and delectable cuisine. Foreigners who visit Vietnam always want to return to the country to enjoy many more experiences found nowhere. If you’re going to extend your Vietnam visa during your trip, you can do as the tutorial below in the article.

What To Prepare For A Vietnam Visa Run?

What To Prepare For A Vietnam Visa Run?
HO CHI MINH CITY – Tourists apply for a visa in the Tan Son Nhat International airport. Holders of a visa letter can obtain a visa at international airports of Vietnam

#1 Visa Approval Letter

The original visa approval letter must be available about 5-7 days before your application to extend your Vietnam visa. In Vietnam, many visa agents provide the visa approval letter service, and they will guarantee you a punctual letter as you wish. The average price for a single entry visa letter is $25.

You must bring the original approval letter when carrying out the extending process at the land border. Be sure that your letter has the signature and red stamps. 

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#2 Photos Of Yourself

The photo size required for the Vietnam travel visa extension procedure will be the same as the photo used for your passport. You should go to a random studio in Vietnam and pay less than $5 for a pad of passport-sized photos.

In case you forget to have the passport photos with you at the immigration counter, don’t worry. You can fix the photo size with scissors as long as it fits the frame.

#3 Blank Pages In Your Passport

You should save at least four blank pages in your passport to accomplish the Vietnam visa extension procedure. Moreover, your passport must be at least six months available before it expires. An expired passport is not eligible for a visa extension.

What To Prepare For A Vietnam Visa Run?
United States Passport and Vietnamese visa sticker. Concept photograph for international travel, US-Vietnam relations, consular services, and Vietnamese immigration.

Thorough Steps Of Achieving A Vietnam Visa Run

#1 The Foremost Factor Must Be A On-time Visa Approval Letter

You should seek a legit approval letter from famous international travel agencies in Vietnam. The more reputable the agency is, the higher chance your visa extension is successful. Typically, receiving an approval letter will take at least three business days. 

Remember that the land border immigration will demand an original version of approval letters with red stamps and signatures. Meanwhile, the immigration counter at the international airport may accept a copy of the letter.

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#2 Build Your Appropriate Transporting Schedule

You can opt for public transportation or transport services from the visa extension agency. If you choose a package including transportation, visa fees, and approval letters, you may have to pay around $100. 

This is an optimal choice for tourists not concerned about their budget. The visa agency will cover all the steps in the visa run for you.

On the other hand, if you want to contemplate the spectacular views in this country, you can opt for Vietnam motorbike tours to complete the visa run. We bet that the scenery of this country will make your visa extension procedure more enjoyable.

Vietnam Visa Run: How To Apply For It To Extend Your Visa? vietnam visa run 2 | Vietnam Motorbike Tours
Tay Trang, Dien Bien, Vietnam! TAY TRANG INTERNATIONAL BORDER GATE is a major border crossing between Vietnam and Laos.

#3 Exit Vietnam

You must hand your approval letter and passport to the immigration officers when you are at the land border. After a few minutes of processing time, they will let you officially out of Vietnam with a red stamp on your passport. 

The exit requirements and entry requirements are almost the same, so you need to keep all the travel documents for re-entry to Vietnam later.

#4 Get A Laos Or Cambodia Valid Visa

You will process the immigration procedures into Laos or Cambodia at their immigration offices. Bring the officers all the prepared documents: passport photos, approval letter, and your passport.

Then, you have to complete some paperwork. Don’t worry; the helpful officers will make the procedures effortless. The cost for this type of visa will vary due to your nationality. 

Yet, the average price for a 1-month visa is around $35. After your payment is made, the officers will stamp you out of their country to return to Vietnam.

Vietnam Visa Run: How To Apply For It To Extend Your Visa? vietnam visa run 3 | Vietnam Motorbike Tours
Border stamps in the passport on the arrival and departure of the state border with Vietnam

#5 Return To Vietnam

Returning to the Vietnam borderland, you will follow the same steps as coming in and out of the Laos/Cambodia border. Showing the Vietnamese officers your essential documents, filling out some paperwork, and then paying the extension visa fees. 

It will take the officers a few minutes to recheck your passport before you have your Vietnamese visas extended for a longer stay in Vietnam.

Tips On Achieving A Vietnam Visa Extension Faster

#1 Always Remember Your Photos

Among the essential travel documents for the Vietnam visa extension, your passport-sized photos seem to be the most neglected. Don’t underestimate the importance of the small passport photos because you must submit them to the officers to carry out the identity process.

#2 Money Exchange

You should exchange your currency for Vietnam dong for smoother procedures. The US dollar is also a good choice if you don’t have Vietnam dong.

#3 Always Keep The Original Version Of Everything With You

Gaining an extended visa to Vietnam via the border always requires the original version of the approval letter and a valid passport. Hence, you must bring these fundamental documents with you.

Getting Vietnam Visa Run Via Different Land Borders

#1 China

You can extend your Vietnam visa by crossing and executing immigration procedures at the China and Vietnam land borders, like Lao Cai (Vietnam) – Hekou (China), Huu Nghi (Vietnam) – Pingxiang (China), Mong Cai (Vietnam) – Dong Hung (China).

#2 Cambodia

Cambodia is one of the nations sharing the border with Vietnam, so you can rely on the immigration offices between Vietnam and Cambodia border gates to extend this type of visa.

There are four Vietnam – Cambodia border gates available for Vietnam visa extension: Moc Bai (Vietnam) – Bavet (Cambodia), Vinh Xuong (Vietnam) – Kaam Samnor (Cambodia), Tinh Bien (Vietnam) – Phnom Den (Cambodia), Xa Xia (Vietnam) – Prek Chak (Cambodia).

Moc Bai/Vietnam- Gates of border Vietnam to Cambodia

#3 Laos

Laos and Vietnam share a considerable friendliness, so there must be immigration counters between these two countries allowing you to extend your tourist visa, such as Tay Trang (Vietnam) – Sop Hun (Laos), Cau Treo (Vietnam) – Nam Phao (Laos), Lao Bao (Vietnam) – Dansavan (Laos).

Bottom Lines

Thanks to the flexible regulations of the Vietnam Government in the tourism industry, Vietnam visa extension can be done with ease and great convenience. You can complete your Vietnam visa run within a few business days and keep enjoying your wonderful time in Vietnam.

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