10+ Motorbike Tours In Vietnam – Capture The Charming Beauty

10+ Motorbike Tours In Vietnam


If you’re feeling stuck or burning out with work and mundane daily life, get a taste of Vietnam motorbike tours. Let the amazing scenery and experience along the ride shake you free of stress and anxiety, giving back a completely new you. This article will fill you in on the best 10+ motorcycle tours in Vietnam!

Thac Ba lake, Vu Linh, Yen Bai, Northwest Vietnam
Sunset on Thac Ba lake, Vu Linh, Yen Bai, Northwest Vietnam

10+ Motorbike Tours In Vietnam

Hoi An – Nha Trang Motorbike Tour

The historic heart of Hoi An always manages to be among our top favorite motorbike tours all the time. You’ll have the chance to experience various local handicraft villages. Hoi An bans cars from running on its old road, so you can only wander by motorcycle or on foot. 

However, just tearing along the road on your motorbike is enough to thoroughly enjoy Hoi An’s beauty, the kind of beauty that can take you back in time. Drown yourself in the dreaminess of the Thu Bon River and the nostalgia of the Chinese wooden stores; you will be able to live your childhood again. 

Hoi An - Nha Trang Motorbike Tour
Beautiful seascape in Diep Son island in NHa Trang, Khanh Hoa province, Vietnam.

The next destination on these motorbike tours of Vietnam will be the mountainous Central Highland. You will have to face the bumpy path, extreme slopes, and muddy roads here. After overcoming those difficulties, the reward waiting for you is the hospitable community of the Bana, Ede, and Ktu people.

Finally, set your foot in Nha Trang. Blissful nature and magnificent beaches will embrace you, removing all of your worries and exhaustion from the ride.

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Northern Vietnam – Ha Giang Motorbike Tour

Ha Giang appeals to tourists differently depending on the time you visit it. That being said, the best season to ride to Ha Giang is around Tet Holiday. 

At this time, there will be no annoying rain to ruin your motorbike trip (fewer muddy roads await!); the weather gets much more comfortable when Lunar New Year is approaching. Plus, you will be surrounded by spectacular mountains with blooming peach flowers after a long ride.

Northern Vietnam - Ha Giang Motorbike Tour
Dong Van plateau, Ha Giang, one of the best places to ride in Vietnam

On this Ha Giang motorcycle trip, don’t miss out on Thac Ba Lake and Dong Van plateau. Thac Ba is one of the biggest man-made lakes in Vietnam, including more than a thousand islands and forests to attract those who want to get off the beaten track. 

After riding there, you can climb up the Cao Bien mountain to get the best viewpoint of the whole lake. Get ready to be blown away by the glory of the moment the sun sets here.

Getting out of Thac Ba Lake, you can continue riding to reach the Dong Van plateau, where the glamorous high mountains and deep canyons are located. This is also a good opportunity to learn more about Vietnam’s fauna at the Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark. 

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Northern Vietnam – Cao Bang Motorbike Tour

Further on the Vietnam riding journey to explore the local culture and gain your inner sense of peace, we’ll guide you to Cao Bang. This place is full of monuments, museums, and national parks, telling motorbikers the heroic story of many brave Vietnamese souls in wars.

Moving on, your next arrival on the motorbike tours in Vietnam will settle at the Ba Be Lake. You can either stay in Pac Ngoi Village or the guest house in Cho Ra. Either way, it’s convenient for immersing in the lake’s primal beauty and tasting Ba Be Lake’s specialties. 

Northern Vietnam - Cao Bang Motorbike Tour
Rice field at Phong Nam village in Trung Khanh, Cao Bang, Vietnam. Landscape of area Trung Khanh, Cao Bang, Vietnam.

One bite into the food, and you can feel the deliciousness, the freshness, and Bac Kan’s nature in it. They are all part of this place’s natural environment: fishes from the spring, chicken raised on the hills, shrimp living in the lake, or bamboo sprouts on the high mountains. 

Additionally, you can spare one or two days to have fun at Dong Kinh Market. Being the biggest trade place in Lang Son, the variety of products here won’t disappoint you. Cao Bang is one of the best place to ride in northeast Vietnam.

Hanoi – Mai Chau Motorbike Tour

If you want to stay away from the stressful and hectic life for a while, don’t hesitate and go on the Vietnam motorbike tour from Hanoi to Mai Chau valley. 

At the beginning of this motorcycle route, you’ll visit Hoa Binh Town and get to experience human’s endless creativity in the form of the Hoa Binh hydropower plant. It is the second-largest hydroelectric dam in Southeast Asia and can produce 27% of Vietnam’s electricity. 

The next part of your Hanoi to Mai Chau motorbike tours will take you to Cuc Phuong National Park. Covered in the lush green forest, the park provides habitats for some of Asia’s rarest animals and plants. 

Mai Chau valley, Northern Vietnam.
Terraced rice field with mountains at summer in Mai Chau valley, Northern Vietnam.

Entering the Cuc Phuong Park, you’ll have to marvel at the diversity of fauna and flora here, as well as how much of a cultural heritage the park is. You’ll be able to track the traces of the Muong people’s residence in this area from earlier times, with the stilt houses, waterwheels, and the brocade looms. 

Hop on the motorbike and burn rubber through 100km to the Southeast of Hanoi, and you will find yourself reveling in the boundless scenery of green fields and mountains in Tam Coc. 

To witness the best of Tam Coc’s beauty, you can rent a rowboat, rowing along with the enchanting landscape and entering the cave mouth. Tam Coc boasts its stalactites and stalagmites that twinkle under the water like gemstones.

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Why Is Viet Nam Ideal For Motorcycle Adventure Tour?

The first reason that makes Vietnam a paradise for motorcyclists is that the country is long and narrow. This fact allows you to cross the piece of land and discover its culture and beauty without missing any spots. 

Largely contributing to the ease of adventuring throughout Vietnam by motorcycle is the popularity of this vehicle here. Vietnam has open administrative policies and procedures, facilitating the purchase of motorcycles. In Vietnam, you can take the A2 driving license test if you’re above 18. 

Moreover, road signs in Vietnam are written in the Latin alphabet, so you won’t have to worry about misunderstanding these signs or violating the rules.

Why Is Viet Nam Ideal For Motorcycle Adventure Tour?
Single track down to the bamboo ferry on Nho Que river, Ha Giang


If you’re looking for new memories with fresh, natural sights and friendly people with your dear motorcycle, Vietnam is among the top candidates. Grand mountains, fresh lakes, mysterious caves, and affordable accommodations await you in this pretty country. 

So, what are you waiting for? Plan your motorbike tours now and head to the road to create more beautiful moments with Vietnam.

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