10 Best Countries For Dirtbikes For Adventure Enthusiasts

est countries for dirtbikes


Adventurous riders never stop on the way to find new experiences. Riding on several epic trails helps push their limits and open new perspectives on the outside world. Do you also share the same interest? 

Check out our article if you are looking for challenging yet exciting routes to awaken your spirited soul. We have listed down the top 10 best countries for dirtbikes for your preference.

Top 10 Best Countries For DirtBikes To Add To Your Bucket List

Top 10 Best Countries For DirtBikes To Add To Your Bucket List
Dirtbike tours in Vietnam, the best destionation in Asia

United States

We rented two old XR400s with loud squeaks for our days wandering the US. Despite the expensive rent and poor customer service, the natural landscape wiped away our frustrations. According to local motorists, we’ve added two paths to our to-do list, Route 66 and The Pacific Coast Highway.

The first option is popular for motorcycling because we meet many new friends on the dirt road. It winds through eight states, historic landmarks, and scenic stops. We then spent the rest of our vacation slowing down on the California coast. We let the sea breeze ruffle our hair and blow our worries away on the deserted road winding along the towering cliffs.


Most people think of romantic dates in France, but the country is also one of the most popular stops for adventurous motorcycling. The Route des Grandes Alpes, beginning at the foot of the mountain, grows steeper with each step you take. 

The difficulty levels up when the C-curves become an obstacle on the way to victory. On the bỉght side, every effort is worth it when you reach the top. Mother Nature gives you a panoramic view of the towering mountains covered with thick snow blankets.

The Route des Grandes Alpes is a must-try for adventure seekers

On the contract, The Routes des Vins, or The French Riviera motorbike tour, was born for romantics. The first path guides you through the most famous wine regions while the other extends from Nice to Cannes, giving you views of the Mediterranean Sea.

United Kingdom

As its name suggests, The Lake District is home to picturesque lakes and dramatic mountains. It is your best bet if you search for a relaxing ride to heal the inner child. 

Another similar suggestion, especially for foreign tourists, points to the Cotswolds, which reserves British cultural values. The route takes you to classical architecture of honey-colored stone cottages and rolling hills.

In opposition to the majority opinion, we fell for the thrills and spills on the sandy trails in South Devon. This hidden area is located near a coastal region and has become a hotbed for off-road racers. We met many like-minded friends here who helped us practice and develop our skills from day one.


There is a private land called Compete in March in Spain that has become a training ground for dirt bike riders. The rocky trails recreate off-road challenges to strengthen your skills and handling before traveling the world. 

You can also push your limits on sandy and even snowy tracks on the way to the top. Despite the dull desert landscape, it is a perfect meeting point for beginner riders.

Once confident in your skills, do not hesitate to hit The Pyrenees. Along the border between Spain and France, you travel winding mountain roads to satisfy your thirst for adventure. Or else, The Andalusian Route is also a destination worth trying. The medium-high hills allow you to let loose to distract attention from the unique Moorish architecture.

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This amazing country should come out on for dirt bikers who enjoy conquering the high mountains. We set our sights on conquering the great mountains here of Făgăraș, Paráng, and Carpathian and complete all goals by 2021. 

It was easy to prepare for the race to the two first locations as they are so popular with bikers. We even felt our heartbeats as we stepped on the narrow path next to the deep abysses. It seemed like we were playing in the line of death and life, but this adrenaline-filled motorbike route did satiate our cravings for thrilling.

The TransMaramureșe is a less well-known dirt biking route, but the surprises along the way have made our days. As we admired the stunning view of the Carpathian Mountains, an exhilarating rush of sensations washed over us, igniting our senses and sparking a surge of adrenaline. 

The happiness reached a fever pitch when we came across an old castle at the end of the road race. It was not until we posted the pictures on our social media accounts afterward that we learned it was called Dracula’s Castle – a honeypot of tourists.


We all accepted that Vietnam owns the leading position among the best destinations for dirtbikes. We signed up for the 11-day motorbike tour to the North, and it won our hearts forever. All the experiences were more than motorbike adventures because we lived our greatest days with many exciting activities.

For example, we stopped in Yen Bai and took part in a boat tour on the Thac Ba River. The green mountain range surrounded the calm lake. The romantic sunset scene gave us goosebumps when the purple and golden sunlight embraced the surrounding landscape.

Dirtbike tours in North Vietnam

We headed to Ha Giang and then on to Sapa the following days. The motocross tracks, rough terrain, and fog drenched our shirts in sweat. Can you believe it? We had to pray to get through the narrow hairpins that hindered all of our vision ahead. But the symphony of sounds—the screeching of tires, the humming of the engine, and the rushing wind— accompanied us in our exhilarating journey. Sapa and Ha Giang loop could be the best parts for dirtbiking in Vietnam.

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Fight until the last minute, as you always get the reward later. The marvelous landscapes, including the lush terraced fields, the peaceful valleys, and the green tea hills, stripped off our tiredness. The feeling of conquering the road, of mastering its twists and turns, filled us with a sense of accomplishment and empowerment. As we rested in the villages of ethnic minorities, we were treated to specialties and exciting cultural activities. 

The next time we come here, we definitely take a Ho Chi Minh Trail motorcycle tour because this route is renowned as one of the havens for spirited souls.


Enduro Tuscany comes to blow up your mind with its trail along unpolished beaches. It extends to the medieval architecture and marble quarries featured in the hit movie Quantum of Solace. Imagine you play as James Bond in an iconic scene – riding a large displacement motorcycle soaring over rocky roads, leaving a puff of white smoke behind.

Some of the 48 hairpin turns near the top of the eastern ramp of the Stelvio Pass. Italy

You must also try the Amalfi Coast route to fulfill your summer days. You never regret riding on road trails close to beaches and white sands. The sunlight reflected on the emerald-green water as if sparkling jewels were dancing. 

As you get closer to the bustling town area, you bump into the colorful houses on the beachfront. Do not hesitate to find a local restaurant and treat your stomach with an appealing pasta dish.


The Algarve region of Portugal is the ideal itinerary for adventurous motorists looking to enjoy the gentle sun. Springtime joy seems endless on the long distance to the Rota Vicentina trail. Gentle breezes from the Atlantic Ocean calm down the belligerent spirit of a warrior so that you find back the state of balance.

Taking Honda CRF 230s, we roamed the single tracks without a specific itinerary and caught up with the movement of living beings with all our senses. 

It was amazing how we feel fulfillment in our bones, even without extreme challenges. Let fate take control and random paths lead you to unexpected stops – this idea never goes wrong in Portugal.


Have you ever tried riding in a national park? Try it now at the Veluwe because you have never been so close to nature. This large area is located in the central Netherlands and has a rich ecosystem. The deserted trails may make your blood run cold, but keep calm to find the hidden gems.

You can also search for the same sense of stimulation at Maasduinen Nature Reserve. Both locations share common landscapes, such as old jungles, dunes, and heathlands. 

Avoid speeding since you may lose control if wild boars, deers, or badgers suddenly jumping out of a bush. For the same reason, prepare legal self-defense tools or go with park staff.


Controlling a motorbike in harsh winter conditions is a one-of-a-kind experience that has left a deep impression on our minds. The cold winds could have knocked us down at any moment if we failed to pluck up the courage.

Offroad motorcross bikers driving on rocky ground on mountains of Iceland

We wondered many times if it was worth continuing. Fortunately, we did not give up and found the truth. We completed the South Coast route, which leads to the best scenery in Iceland, including Skógafoss waterfall, Seljalandsfoss waterfall, and Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon.

We also headed to The Golden Circle, which opens to Þingvellir National Park, Gullfoss waterfall, and Geysir geothermal area. It was the first time in our lives that we admired giant icebergs reflecting the meager rays of the sun, creating a unique, otherworldly world.


Have you chosen your upcoming challenge from the best countries for dirtbikes above? Based on our experiences, we highly recommend Vietnam for first-time visitors. 

Whether you want to try out romantic coastlines or narrow, risky mountain trails, this beautiful country has something to spoil you. If you intend to visit Vietnam soon, follow our blog for suggested itineraries and handy travel tips

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