Useful advices for an dirt bike tours Vietnam

Dirt bike tours Vietnam

Top 10+ Useful advices for an dirt bike tours Vietnam

Dirt bike tours Vietnam are more and more popular to young travelers in recent years, yet, traveling on a dirt bike is not among the most favored. It requires skills riding these travel motorcycles and strong physical and mental health to travel quite a long distance challenging off-road tours. Vietnam has gained popularity in tourism for many years and motorbikers choose Vietnam as one of their destination, which supports adventurous tours and services are developing. Here are some tips and advices your next trip in Vietnam on a dirt bike.

Top 10+ Useful advices for an dirt bike tours Vietnam
Endless mountain trail in north Vietnam

Dirt bike tours Vietnam – Most fun adventure tours in Vietnam

Dirt bike tours Vietnam is a journey which provides a variety of experiences such as challenge, exploration and even risks. Don’t you dare to challenge yourself by riding on wonderful beaten-off trails from South to North? If you are an dirt bike professional, we are sure that you will be amazed by hidden roads in Vietnam. If you are an amateur, Vietnam Motorcycle Tours have expert riders who will escort you throughout the journey. Moreover, it is possible to be a pavilion rider on an dirt bike. An adventure trip is a type of travelling involving discovering remote areas, finding new trails where ordinary tourists don’t usually expect.

Different from any other typical tour such as beach vacation, riding a dirt bike will “rock” your emotion while being on the road. It can’t be more exciting when you can ride yourself to the beauty of nature by an motorbike. An adventure road trip will never disappoint you since you will not only get experience but also self-challenging. Remember to be well-prepared before taking the adventure. Vietnam Motorcycle Tours will provide you with all necessary gadgets during the journey including helmet, knee and elbow braces, etc.

Dirt bike tours Vietnam - Most fun adventure tours in Vietnam

Choosing the right time to travel decides your experience in the trip

There is no perfect time to travel to Vietnam. Generally speaking, destinations in the north such as Hanoi and Sapa are great in October, November and December, as you’ll see little rain and should have clear skies and temperate conditions.

The coastal stretch from Hue down to Nha Trang is great in the first half of the year, from January through to July, while Saigon and the Mekong Delta are best from November through to February or March.

#12 Nha Trang - Amazing Beach Riding Routes of Vietnam
The promenade and main beach of Nha Trang on a warm September day

When is the best time to travel to North Vietnam?

Northern Vietnam has a cool to cold season (courtesy of the northeast monsoon from November to March) and a warm to hot wet season (from April to October). December and January in particular can get quite frosty in the far north of Vietnam — pack accordingly. This time of the year can also see heavy mists that can run for days.

These things can reduce visibility in places like Sapa and Ha Long Bay to frustratingly short distances. The wettest months of the year in Hanoi are July and August, the driest, December and January.

When is the best time to travel to North Vietnam?

Check out our FAQs link for more details:

When is the best time to travel to Central Vietnam?

Central Vietnam is kind of a transitionary area climate-wise from the north to the south. As Truong Son mountain range shields the coast line, the rains that come with the southwest monsoon don’t make it to the coast, so between April and September, while the coastal area does see some rain, it does see less than other parts of the country.

This advantage is reversed though come the northeast monsoon when, between September and December, the northern section of Central Vietnam (Hoi An and Da Nang through to Hue and Dong Ha) receive considerable rain.

The typhoon season in the Western Pacific, which can see severe storms lashing the coast from August to November, can affect this region — Hoi An in particular often floods in October or November. Further south though, the southern coastal strip from around Nha Trang to Mui Ne is less affected by the rain and sees a longer dry and sunny season.

Dirt bike tours Vietnam
Khe Sanh battle field along Ho Chi Minh road

When is the best time to travel to South Vietnam?

Without the protection of the Truong Son mountain range, southern Vietnam, especially the Mekong Delta, gets plenty of rain and hot, humid weather during the southwest monsoon from April to September, with June and July being especially wet. At this time you’ll most likely see some flooding in Saigon and the southern island of Phu Quoc can see persistently poor weather and rough seas.

Climate and weather influence traveling a lot, it does not only affect our mood on travelling but also make the attractions more or less attractive. Climate of the North of Vietnam has quite clear 4-season pattern: spring, summer, autumn and winter. The most appropriate period for dirt bike tours Vietnam are from February to April and October to December, when the weather is rather cool and dry.

Different from the North, the rest of the country, from the central land to the southernmost point of Vietnam, the climate is more like 2-season pattern: rainy and dry seasons. Thus, the best time to go for your adventurous trip is ranging from November to the next April.

Useful advices for an dirt bike tours Vietnam Ta Dung lake by motorbike | Vietnam Motorbike Tours
Ta Dung lake in south Vietnam. Check out our Mekong Delta by motorbike

Select a suitable type of dirt bike tours Vietnam

There are 3 main kinds of tours with travel dirt bikes: fully-guided, semi-guided, and self-guided tours. Fully-guided trip is quite easier and save your time as the tour operators will plan and manage all the best for your trip, from the riding routes, to eating and staying places. Semi-guided tour is hiring a tour guide in addition to hiring a motorcycle. You can still spend your time flexibly without worrying about getting lost in the middle of nowhere.

And self-guided dirt bike tours Vietnam are recommended for experienced motor bikers seeking for whole new involvement in such adventurous trips. This type of trip requires a better plan and more preparation for it. Yet, it promises fruitful on-the-go experience.

Select a suitable type of dirt bike tours Vietnam
Rider and Honda CRF250L – offroad trip

Carefully rent an motorbike or consider buying one

In a country that its main means of transport is motorbike, it is not hard to find a motorbike rental shops in big cities. Choosing a vehicle is extremely important for your trip, it decide your safety when joining any dirt bike tours Vietnam.

You should learn some pocket tips to check your dirt bikes before making a rental deposit for it. Else, you could end up paying high price for an unqualified dirt bike. It usually costs from 25 USD per day to rent a Honda XR150 and from 55 USD per day for a Honda CRF250L. It is a lot cheaper to rent a scooter with the price around 7 – 10 USD per day, depending on specific kinds of the motorbike and how long you rent it.

If the dirt bike tours Vietnam are all your passion, then buying an motobike worths your consideration. Owning a dirt bike, you don’t have to return the bike and get back your deposit for it.

Well, that’s pretty enough to prepare the most essentials for your next adventure on dirt bike tours Vietnam. There are more than 10 different colorful routes you can explore in Vietnam from the North to the South by motorbike along Ho Chi Minh Trail, from only 2 days to a month, depending on how far you want to go. Yet, there are more tours operated in North thanks to the mountainous pattern.

Carefully rent an motorbike or consider buying one
Honda CRF250L – Biking in central coastal Vietnam

We, Vietnam Motorcycle Tours, are more than just willing to give you some advices and tips for your dirt bike tours Vietnam. We are always ready for being chatted.

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