Female Vietnam Motorbike Tours: 11 Days On The Go!

Female Vietnam Motorbike Tours


Regarding offroad Women / female Vietnam motorbike tours, Vietnam is the first to offer services just for women. Here, we are excited to share the paradise with like-minded travelers. 

Our women-only excursions offer a fresh perspective on motorcycling alongside other bikers while learning about Vietnam’s rich history, dazzling backdrops, and kind-hearted people at a more leisurely pace than on our standard tours.

Whether you design your own trip schedule or follow the tour guide team, our well-organized post is worth referring to. Off we go!

Ha Giang Female Motorbike Tours In 11 Days Itinerary

Ha Giang Female Motorbike Tours In 11 Days Itinerary
Helena, biker from Holand joined our 8 day off-road motorbike tour

Day 1: Hanoi – Nghia Lo Motorbike Tour

The first day of our women Vietnam motorbike tours kicked off with our motorcycle route to Nghia Lo. It took around 30 minutes to double-check our motorbikes and ensure we had everything we needed before setting out on the trip.

After leaving Hanoi, we went along the great Red River’s outskirts to Son Tay, and from there, we climbed the hills to Nghia Lo. 

Meanwhile, from Thanh Son (Phu Tho) to Thu Cuc, it wound at the Hoang Lien Range’s foot, and from Ba Khe to Nghia Lo with tons of eye-catching backdrops. 

We spent all the night in Nghia Lo’s large alpine town.

Female Vietnam Motorbike Tours: 11 Days On The Go! female vietnam motorbike tours 3
Russian biker girl who rode 13 day Hanoi to Hoian via HCM trail

Day 2: Nghia Lo – Than Uyen Motorcycle Tour

Lung Lo Pass was the first of several obstacles on the rough and winding road. After that, there came the more arduous Khau Pha Pass to cross. 

Riding through Mu Cang Chai massif, nearly as tall as Fansipan mountain, was an incredible experience. No wonder Mu Cang Chai has one of the best views of Northern Vietnam from its peak. 

That was the bomb as the beauty piqued our interest entirely with rice terraces and sun-set scenes when it was getting dark.

Nghia Lo – Than Uyen Motorcycle Tour
Robbie and husband bikers from USA joined our 5 day Sapa motorbike tour

Day 3: Than Uyen – Sapa Motorbike Tour

In and around Than Uyen, the Dzao and Flower H’mong peoples predominate. 

Follow signs to Sapa. The first 100 kilometers were on a flat, paved road, and the final 40 kilometers were through the mountains. We spent some time in Sapa, and we understood why Sa Pa is one of the best go-to sites in Vietnam.

Indeed, Sapa had the magic to blow everyone’s mind. Our group couldn’t overlook the thrilling stories of the residents and their one-of-the-kind customs. Beyond that, Sapa’s cool weather was also nice to help us fall deep asleep at a cozy homestay. The ride today could be the most scenic parts for motorbiking in Vietnam.

Than Uyen – Sapa Motorbike Tour
Marina female biker from Russia, joined our 13 day Ho Chi Minh Trail Motorbike Tour

Day 4: Sapa – Bac Ha Motorcycle Tour

It took around three hours to get from Sapa to Bac Ha and another hour and a half to travel from Sapa district-level town to Lao Cai, a border city where we took lots of on-the-spur-moment pictures against the backdrop of China. 

We felt great by the warmth we received from the locals, notably the youngsters and the elderly. The residents helped us to find the route and restaurants for lunch. 

After lunch, we rode our motorbike 70 kilometers to the historic village of Bac Ha. After enjoying several amazing delicacies, we returned to Bac Ha for the night.

Sapa – Bac Ha Motorcycle Tour
Sarah, biker from Holand joined our 6 day northwest Vietnam motorbike trip to Sapa

Day 5: Bac Ha – Ha Giang Motorbike Tour

Following breakfast, we rode along the main road into Ha Giang. Like Mu Cang Chai, Ha Giang is one of the must-go gateways if you attend a motorbike tour in northern Vietnam.

The Ha Giang’s terraced farms and flower-filled valleys contribute to the region’s majestic highlands and winding slopes. 

Our team stayed for our night and submitted our permission applications before taking a detour onto the path to Xin Man and then a series of side roads with staggeringly stunning panoramic mountains.

Bac Ha – Ha Giang Motorbike Tour
Bill and Anne, Kiwi couple who have done 5 trips with Vietnam Motorcycle Tours ( 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2022 and many more …)

Day 6: Ha Giang – Dong Van Motorcycle Tour

We got permission to ride near the border from the Immigration Police at Ha Giang. Then we rode over narrow, treacherous (but breathtaking) rural roads of the colorful highland hill tribes.

In Ma Pi Leng Pass, we witnessed another breathtaking location featuring cloud-covered land masses and the beautiful Nho Que river winding off into the distance. Our motorcycles traveled along a winding road until we reached the outlying region of Dong Van and mingled with the region’s hard-working residents.

Our group had lots of free time to explore the winding alleys dotted with centuries-old H’mong dwellings made of clay bricks and tile roofs. Today could be the best part for off-road motorcycle tours in Vietnam.

Ha Giang – Dong Van Motorcycle Tour
Kelly, biker from Colorado, USA rode 6 day Ha Giang Loop with us

Day 7: Dong Van – Bao Lac Motorbike Tour

Tracks and unfinished pavement on the roadside made the journey seem longer than it was. The splendid scenery and the laid-back pace made it much more joyful.

We snaked along the untamed parts of Ha Giang, a legendary province in most female Vietnam motorbike tours, and spent the evening at Bao Lac, the Northeast cultural crossroad. 

That was Sunday. People from different cultures on both borders gathered at the market. We also bought many catchy souvenirs for our family and besties.

Dong Van – Bao Lac Motorbike Tour
Scenia, biker from Dubai joined our motorbike tours in northwest Vietnam

Day 8: Bao Lac – Cao Bang Motorcycle Tour

What a lovely trip down to Cao Bang. There were only a few vantage points from which we could exercise complete control over the outskirts. 

When overcoming many sharp turns, we all had plenty of time to pause for photos. Cao Bang dropped our jaws with its particularly stunning beauty as an under-the-radar tourist site.

With rest stops and eating and drinking, the trip should take about 8 hours. 

Bao Lac – Cao Bang Motorcycle Tour
GHD biker chick from Korea, road 17 day on Honda CRF300 ( Hoian to Halong bay by motorbike )

Day 9: Cao Bang – Ban Gioc – Cao Bang Motorbike Tour

From Cao Bang, we went around 100 km to Vietnam’s most stunning waterfall, Ban Gioc Waterfalls. As the weather cooperated, we could swim up to the spot where the 50-meter-high waterfalls enter the river.

It could be a colossal shortcoming if we didn’t enjoy the swimming time. We let off steam and refreshed ourselves gently.

Returning to Cao Bang in the sunset took roughly 2.5 hours, and we took some back roads. After that, we continued our stay in a Cao Bang hotel for a second night.

Cao Bang – Ban Gioc – Cao Bang Motorbike Tour
Ban Gioc waterfall, Cao Bang

Day 10: Cao Bang – Ba Be Motorbike Tour

We were lucky to have a day like today when we could ride across various surfaces. Part of the female Vietnam dirtbike tours occurred on hilly paved roads, while the rest was on dirt paths within Ba Be National Park

Our recommendation for motorcyclists with experience is to take them off-road in a creek in Ba Be. It was the most amiable part of the motorbike trip, indeed.

Our team overnighted in Pac Ngoi town, located in the heart of the National Park.

Cao Bang – Ba Be Motorbike Tour
Zheng and husband, biker from Singapore joined our Sapa motorbike trip

Day 11: Ba Be – Hanoi Motorcycle Tour

It was a relaxing ride back to the capital on the new Highway 3 and the more minor mountain routes. We understood that we needed to sleep in after 11 days on the road.

We managed to get into Hanoi around 3, avoiding the city’s afternoon traffic. 

On top of that, our women-only motorcycle trips were like no other motorcycle vacation. It was a great moment filled with friends and good vibes. We could join once-in-a-lifetime women’s travels and see the world!

Ba Be – Hanoi Motorcycle Tour
Ba Be National Park,Vietnam

The Bottom Line

Offroad female Vietnam motorbike tours are a gift for those who relish riding through some of the world’s most far-flung and unspoiled landscapes in Vietnam. You’ll ride over the pavement as smooth as glass, gravel as abrasive as sand, and even dirt tracks and jungle walkways. 

In addition to the adrenaline rush, motorbike trips provide spectacular views of mist-covered hillsides.

Share this post with your beloved ones and get ready for a getaway!

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