What Are The Five Best Places To Ride Dirt Bikes In Vietnam?

five best places to ride dirt bikes in Vietnam


Vietnam is a beautiful country famous for its diversity of typical landscapes in different regions. If you head to the South, you should expect enjoyable experiences on gentle rivers and fruit-laden orchards. 

In contrast, the motorbike trip to the North throws you some off-road challenges. Say you are looking for the five best places to ride dirt bikes in Vietnam. Find the answer in our article now!

The Five Best Places to Ride Dirt Bikes In Vietnam: Head-To-Toe Guide

The Five Best Places to Ride Dirt Bikes In Vietnam: Head-To-Toe Guide
Epic dirtbike tours in Vietnam

Sapa Motorcycle Route

Sapa Motorcycle Route
The rice terrace fields in La Pan Tan have been recognized as national landscapes by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

Sapa town, located more than 300 km from Hanoi, is a tourist hotspot in North Vietnam. Most of our fellows made it to the top 1 must-visit for Vietnam motorcycle tours, and we knew the reason as soon as we set foot here.

The chilly atmosphere was ideal for foreign tourists from European countries. At the same time, the ancient architecture influenced by the French colonial period gave off a familiar feeling of being in our hometown. However, as we moved away from the bustling downtown area, our fascinating experience truly unfolded.

The winding roads guided us through the remote villages of the ethnic minorities, and a sudden summer rain messed up dirt roads. We wondered how the locals could survive under such harsh conditions. Unexpectedly, we realized the truth just after we reached the first destination – Cat Cat Village. 

Leaving the high-rise buildings behind, we bumped into wooden houses hidden under the cover of mountains and beside murmuring streams. As the rain eased off, the rainbow emerged behind the cotton-candy clouds that made the sky seem larger and more magical. The peaceful scene became the best medicine to soothe our souls in a short moment.

Mu Cang Chai Dirt Bike Trip

The dirt bike riding to Mu Cang Chai is committed to bring unique experiences and discoveries about nature and culture. Despite the rough terrain, the excitement is always with you on the way. The constantly changing scene delights your eyes, from the houses on stilts to the lush fields interspersed with the mat of orchid trees.

Mu Cang Chai Dirt Bike Trip
Off-road dirtbike tour to Mu Cang Chai & Sapa

You will feel like you are gliding on a sea of clouds when you head slowly to the top of Khau Pha Pass. At the highest peak in Northwest Vietnam, the elevation change, along with beautiful terraced fields, brings full joys of the spring.

Do not hesitate to thread into narrow tracks between ripe golden fields. Breeze wafting the rice scent, along with warm greetings from the locals, transports you back to the salad days. It is best to cut all ties of the painful and stressful past and heal your inner child.

If you want to push your limits, make it to Lim Mong village – considered the world’s end. Not many experienced riders dare take this route because of the long travel distance and rugged terrain. Those who already reached the most remote area were overwhelmed by the complete separation from modern conveniences. That’s how you catch up with nature’s movement by all your senses.

Cao Bang Motorbike Tour

The Me Pia Pass is the hardest riding test for adventure enthusiasts to Cao Bang. The total dirt trail is only 2.5 km, but it consists of 15 floors and 14 major, twisty turns. This means that you should never distract your attention from the ahead vision. Your heart probably misses a beat when you bend tight on the single track without knowing what lies ahead.

Once you overcome this off-road challenge, you will find the rest of the journey to the famous attractions is no longer difficult. Thanks to that, you can let your mind relax and contemplate the stunning landscape with your naked eyes.

One of the stops worth your time is the majestic Ban Gioc waterfall. The natural complex consists of many floors at different heights. The powerful flow from the source creps through the giant rocks and then pours into the lake bed. The white frothy stream splashes like a giant nebulizer to soothe the summer heat.

Cao Bang Motorbike Tour
Aerial top view of fresh paddy rice terraces, green agricultural fields in countryside or rural area of Cao Bang, mountain hills valley in Vietnam, China border. Nature landscape

Ha Giang Loop Motorbike Tour

Contrary to the peaceful vibe in Sapa, the amazing motorbike adventure to Ha Giang fueled our aggression and courage. Despite our wealth of experience, we were always in a state of tension during our 4 days roaming on Highway 34.

The toughest challenge belonged to Ma Pi Leng – one of the four famous passes in Vietnam. We felt our ferocious heartbeat during the slow riding on the narrow road winding along the Hoang Lien Son range. Due to the great incline, our vision was extended to another world where limestone mountains stretched endlessly.

Ha Giang Loop Motorbike Tour
Water taxin in Khau Vai, Ha Giang loop motorbike tour

We risked life and limb to cross the off-camber hairpin with a view down to the depths. Can you believe it? It took us a morning to complete a distance of 24 km.

On the bright side, all our efforts were worth it when we reached the peak. The sweet smell of victory took over our souls, but the magnificent natural spectacle stole our attention right after that. It was the best reward we’ve ever received! 

Our presence suddenly became small in front of the great creation of nature – the emerald-green Nho Que River embracing the limestone mountains covered in the thin mist.

Pu Luong Motorbike Route

Pu Luong is a nature reserve in Thanh Hoa province. This means that the motorcycle trip to the destination is not an ideal choice to quench your thirst for thrills but a rustic vacation close to wild nature. This land will take you to the tropical ancient forest and beautiful terraced fields at an altitude of 1,700m.

Beginner motorcyclists find Pu Luong route a great alternative for harsh motorbike routes to other Northwest provinces. It is less struggle to admire the basic features of the Northern Vietnam motorcycle tours, such as endless terraced fields, ethnic villages, and exciting weekend markets, since, fortunately, you take on the easier road conditions.

Imagine the days of calming down in the mountainous countryside and filling your lungs with cool and fresh air. The hospitality of the locals will melt your heart and give you a chance to mingle with their traditional practices. 

Do not let language barriers hinder your integration because you will learn and experience many interesting things here. Do not hesitate to express your interest in participating in the bonfires and outdoor dances of the tribes.

Pu Luong Motorbike Route
Bike on boat crossing the river from Mai Chau to Pu Luong


We scoured several travel forums and listed the five best places to ride dirt bikes in Vietnam. Though we have only visited 2 of these, everything is superb. One thing’s for sure; we’ll return and finish this bucket list soon. 

If you want to fulfill your vacation the most, try it all out now. Feel free to share our blogs with your friend and find more companions for double the fun!

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