Guides And Tips: How To Prepare For Rider Tours

Guides And Tips: How To Prepare For Rider Tours

To get more knowledge about our country, renting a motorbike in Vietnam can be one of the best choices for international visitors. It’s a unique experience with a full-prepared plane and a good price provided by Vietnam Motorcycle Tours Company. Below are guides and tips for travelling throughout Vietnam on motorcycle for you before starting the dirt bike tours.

The weather in Vietnam – Vietnam on motorcycle

The weather in Vietnam - Vietnam on motorcycle
Riders are happy with the weather in Vietnam

Our country is divided into three distinctive climatic zones, therefore, the weather fluctuates remarkably depending on the area and  the time of year. A few regions are beneficial to drive in the summer months, others in the winter. Before registering for adventure bike rental you have to determine which parts of Vietnam you’re aiming to discover and what you are seeking. Dryer and warmer months are considered as the best time for riding in Vietnam on motorcycle, but maybe busy. Winter months can be adventurous and mysterious, yet chilly to travel.

In the north of Vietnam, the temperatures usually rise from 28 to 35  Celsius and the rains take place between May and August. The remaining period of the year is often dry, but December through March can be chillier for motorbike tours

In the center of our nation, the rainy season starts from October to January and the rest of the year is consistently dry. In the dry season, the temperatures can soar to high 41 Celsius in the summer months, therefore you should rent a motorbike in Vietnam to travel between February and May.

In southern Vietnam, the average temperatures are in the low 35 Celsius all year. From May to November, there are plenty of heavy rains pouring, though often only in bursts of a couple of hours in the afternoon.

When is the Best Time To Ride In Vietnam

When is the Best Time To Ride In Vietnam
Aerial top view of paddy rice terraces, green agricultural fields in countryside or rural area of Mu Cang Chai, Yen Bai, mountain hills valley at sunset in Asia, Vietnam. Nature landscape background.

Vietnam is very all year round, each season has some thing special to offer. But cool and dry season more fun on bike.

Feb to May: Cool and Dry

September to December: Cool and dry 

So above months are great to come and ride in Vietnam. June to August are wet and warm but riding around northern Vietnam this time we can see amazing view of rice terraces such as Sapa, Mu Cang Chai, Tu Le, Hoang Su Phi in Ha Giang.

8+ suggested motorbike routes for motorcycle Tours & rentals In Vietnam – Vietnam on motorcycle

8+ suggested motorbike routes for motorcycle Tours & rentals In Vietnam - Vietnam on motorcycle
Riders with breat view in the background in North Vietnam

The main purpose of these routes is to allow you to cruise on and off roads, passing breaking scenery, and avoiding traffic congestion as much as possible. Currently, some new roads are under constant construction, allowing access to more parts of the country. Therefore, you can take part in Vietnam rider tours in a flexible way on many different roads, including large or narrow paths. This suggestion below is based on our own experience of driving from the south to the north. 

The Vietnam Motorcycle Tours Company has designed each motorcycle tour to meet the demand of separate travellers; based on destination and/or time span. For each of the 8+ Vietnam Motorbike Routes routes we have: give it an article, including a short description; images and essential information at Below are Vietnam motorbike tours gaining the most popularity this year.

  • Nha Trang Motorcycle tours
  • Ha Giang Motorcycle Adventure
  • Ho Chi Minh Trail
  • Halong Motorcycle Tours
  • Ninh Binh Motorcycle Tours
  • Mai Chau Motorcycle Tours
  • Da Lat Motorcycle Tours
  • Hanoi Motorcycle Tours

These trips can take you a maximum time of 10 days to complete and give you experiences on a limestone ridge, sand beaches and endless rice fields. While they’re unquestionably fantastic dirt bike tours, you can bypass any stunning landscape if you do not have a suitable route during visiting throughout Vietnam on motorcycle.

On the other hand, the valleys, jungled cliffs, and winding mountains in the North of Vietnam are also jaw-droppingly beautiful, attracting a lot of tourists every year. Therefore, Northern motorbike tours are highly rated for the quality and the price. However, each province in our country will offer something special.

The motorcycles for adventure tours – Vietnam on motorcycle

The motorcycles for adventure tours - Vietnam on motorcycle
Off-road Vietnam motorbike adventure tours on Honda CRF250L

The majority of backpackers driving in Vietnam on motorcycle start in either Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi due to the two best places to look for a motorbike. Most travelers opt to rent a reliable bike, the others will buy a new bike and sell it after motorbike tours end. There’s nothing wrong with any option, but you must prepare the cost for repairs if you purchase a second-hand one.

Those who purchase motorbikes often choose fully automatic Yamaha Nouvo or Manual Honda Win’s. The Win may be a better option for people associating with any Vietnamese motorbike tours, yet more prone to break down since the parts inside are almost Chinese knock-offs, not Japanese machines. 

There are a vast number of companies providing dirt bike tours for several days on end. Generally, a Nouvo is considered the best vehicle for motorcycle adventure because it is easier to operate, particularly for a beginner. At the present, Vietnam Motorcycle Tours owns many kinds of bikes in good condition, supporting the best experience for you.

The pack used for Vietnam rider tours – Vietnam on motorcycle

The pack used for Vietnam rider tours - Vietnam on motorcycle
Travel light, we carry everything in the dry bag and tight on back of your bike. Big group can add on support vehicle to go along the trip so you can bring max luggage you wish!

Begin with a travel backpack, from 60 to 75 liters, then go from there. The number of clothes must be dependent on the time of the motorcycle tour and the frequency you need to change. 

You must bring a poncho, or a good jacket and rain pants during the tour in case heavy rains pour down sporadically across the country. If you intend to go camping, add a hammock or tent, mosquito net and even a blanket into your pack.

Vietnam Motorbike Driving license – Vietnam on motorcycle

Vietnam Motorbike Driving license - Vietnam on motorcycle
River crossing in north Vietnam. Riding skills are more important, we do not require any license to travel with us! Bring your home license if you have it as we may need some times!

In fact, there is no license guaranteeing to get you out of trouble if you break the law accidentally or on purpose. Consequently, you have to deal with scams from local police officers by a warning or a payment. Even if you have an international license, there will be any better help. vietnam on motorcycle

Instead, when you are pulled over while joining motorbike tours in Vietnam, do the following directions. Remove all keys immediately, then put them into your pocket. As a matter of fact, you only pay a penalty if the police grasp your keys, contradicting that, they will do nothing to you. Another tip is that you should buy a small amount of cash in your wallet or pocket in case you get punished. 

This article “Guides and Tips: How to prepare for rider tours”  is written based on practical experiences of professional backpackers in our country. To travel anywhere in Vietnam on motorcycle safely and comfortably, contact us through Hotline/ WhatsApp +84 945 918 688 to get pieces of better advice from Vietnam Motorcycle Tours Company.

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