Hai Van Pass Motorcycle Tour – Swimming In The Cloud Ocean

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Hai Van pass is undoubtedly Vietnam’s number one coastal road riding in Vietnam. This pass is between the beautiful and energetic Da Nang city and the charming ancient Hue city. It is such an impressive mountain pass that Vietnamese and foreign tourists should not miss.

Is there anything greater than experiencing the 21km overwhelming beauty? Today, we will lead you to conquer this pass on two wheels with an experienced guide. This choice will blow you away with different start and end points! Let’s explore what is included in a Hai Van pass motorcycle tour.

Hai Van Pass Motorcycle Tour
#1 Hai Van Pass Motorbike Tour

Why Choose Riding The Hai Van Pass?

Looking at the map, you can easily recognize Hai Van winding along central Vietnam’s stunning coastline. Two wheels best conquer this section of road!

The journey through Hai Van pass by motorbike is divided into different sections, depending on your timeline and route. Each section will endow you with breathtaking attractions and scenery. Some bikers add extra stops to enjoy the stunning Hai Van pass every moment.

What To See On The Hai Van Pass Motorcycle Tour?

From start to finish, there is a world of things to explore during the motorbike trip. Here are some suggestions to add to your plan:

Elephant Springs Motorbike Tour

Have you ever heard of the natural Elephant Springs 20km north of the pass? Don’t miss out on this spectacular cluster of natural rock pools. The gathering of large rocks forms along the mountainside with beautiful water cascades. 

If you desire to dive into the cool and fresh water during the trip, this popular place is one of the ideal natural swimming spots. You can leave your two wheels in the car park freely and go uphill to enjoy the crystal clear pool.

A cooling dip and a relaxing swim at the waterfall’s base will chase all the stress and tiredness away.

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Elephant Springs – Beautiful crystal clear water spring for swimming with rocks and mountain in Suoi Voi Hue Vietnam famous beach vacation spot tourism; 

Lang Co Beach Motorcycle Tour

Lang Co beach is a must-see beach at the pass’s northern tip. You can easily observe it from the mountain pass. The beach is home to a great cluster of resorts, popular with Vietnamese resorts.

Despite the presence of modern built-up resorts, the beach maintains its untouched and tranquil beauty. Don’t forget to spend quality time by the sea and get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

hai van pass motorcycle tour 4
Lang Co Bay, Vietnam – 16th March 2015 – halfaway between Da Nang and Hue, the Lang Co Bay is one of the most wonderful hidden secrets of Vietnam. Here in particular the beach seen during the sunset

Lang Co Bay Motorbike Tour

Lang Co bay is a perfect choice for those enjoying fresh seafood. It hosts the highest-quality restaurants, offering the best fresh fish in Vietnam. When reaching the bay, you can see it surrounded by special lush green mountains.

Don’t be shocked that your restaurant sits on stilts above the water! You will appreciate watching fishers working their lives and enjoying delicious fish.

Lang Co is a great place to stop, have lunch, and take a nap by the sea. This attractive setting takes a million miles away from the city. So don’t miss the stunningly beautiful sunset.

hai van pass motorcycle tour 5
Lang Co Bay, a small town between Hue and Da Nang, Vietnam

Da Nang Motorbike Tour

If you love the busy city with various outdoor entertaining activities, let’s ride to the coastal Da Nang city. The city is 20 to 25 kilometers from the Hai Van pass’s start point. The road between two places runs along the coastline.

Marble Mountains Motorcycle Tour

Heading 10 kilometers from the south of Da Nang is the Marble Mountains. This is a fantastic place for those taking a Hai Van pass tour by motorbike between Hue and Hoi An.

The attraction comprises five limestones and marbles, beautifying the tall southern tip of Da Nang and the surroundings. The place has a breath of unique culture and industry for visitors to experience. There is also a wide range of impressive handmade marble sculptures. Remember to get some back home as a souvenir. 

The Marble Mountains are home to various ancient mountainside temples. They still serve as a place of worship to enjoy the site’s holy element. Yet, what is most attractive about this place is the mountain peak.

Standing on the peak gives you a 360-degree view of Da Nang and My Khe Beach.

hai van pass motorcycle tour 6
Da Nang, Vietnam: Aerial view of Linh Ung pagoda which is one of the most famous destination for riders.

Hoi An Motorbike Tour

Without a doubt, Hoi An is one of the most famous small cities in Vietnam. It is located 30 kilometers south of Da Nang, where it attracts visitors’ attention with its quaint, lantern-lit, and winding streets.

This peaceful town also brings a special feeling of culture and history. 

hai van pass motorcycle tour 7
Hoi An, Vietnam : Panorama Aerial view of Hoi An ancient town, UNESCO world heritage, at Quang Nam province. Vietnam. Hoi An is one of the most popular destinations in Vietnam

Tips For Hai Van Pass Motorbike Tours

The best time to take this trip is between April and September. Yet, no matter when you travel and what kind of weather you get, you will always have a scenic experience.

Hai Van pass is also known as Ocean Cloud pass, which means you will enjoy the misty conditions there. Here are some tips when traveling in this special weather condition:

  • Bring absorbent material: This is vital during the misty weather where you must frequently wipe droplets on your glasses.
  • Watch the mirrors: motorbikes come with no mist lights, making it hard for others to recognize you easily. Don’t risk riding too fast.
  • Make an early signal: No sudden swerving movement is recommended if you don’t want to risk surrounding riders’ and your safety.
  • Use the road markings: Always stay on the right-hand side to keep yourself away from other straying traffic and dangerous dops and culverts.
  • Slow down: Safety is always of utmost importance. In Hai Van pass, your visibility is especially limited due to the misty condition. Therefore, remember to stop within the limit of visibility.
  • Turn the lights on: This way, you can follow the lane more easily and allow others to recognize you.


Hai Van pass is a once-in-a-lifetime experience when traveling in Vietnam by motorbike. There are various routes in a Hai Van Pass motorcycle tour. You can take a trip from Da Nang to Hue and vice versa to experience the different cultures and sceneries here.

Are you filled with excitement yet? Let’s plunge yourself in this poetic ocean of clouds!

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