Himalaya Motorbike Tours – 15 Days To Brave The Rock

Himalaya Motorbike Tours


You should not miss Himalaya motorbike tours if you love wild and majestic scenery.

You have to ride on many roads with different conditions. Some are full of gravel and dirt, while others are smooth. Some roads are rough and rocky, while others are asphalt but many potholes. Thus, this motorcycle tour will be filled with adventurous and exciting experiences. 

Let’s keep reading to refer to useful information and itinerary of this Himalaya motorbike trip.

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What Is The Best Time To Have Himalaya Motorbike Tours?

The Himalayan roads are only open and safe to burn rubber from May to September or October due to the severe weather conditions throughout the winter and the significant quantity of snowfall of the year. 

In addition, since it is monsoon season during these months, many riders believe the motorbike tour will be quite wet. This may be the case in some areas, but it won’t happen in others.

The earlier months often feature a higher risk of rain but warmer temperatures. As the snow in the winter melts, the roads will likewise become soggier. 

Besides, the mid-season riding months often provide a wonderful combination of mild temperatures and blue skies. Meanwhile, the later months offer the most stunning blue sky but colder temperatures and a greater likelihood of snowfall at higher elevations.

As a result, you might need to refer to some Himalayan motorcycle tours reviews to choose the proper time to go.

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15-Day Itinerary For A Himalaya Motorbike Tour


  • Carefully check your motorcycle (oil, tire pressure, fuel, fluid levels, brakes, etc.).
  • Only bring necessary supplies (medical supplies, basic clothes, lighters, flashlights, etc.).
  • Map apps.
  • Raincoats.

(Depending on your tour’s goals, you can bring more or less these items)

Reference Schedule

Day 1: Arrive in Delhi

You might arrive in New Delhi late on the first day. Then, you need to go to the hotel to rest and prepare for the trip!

Day 2: Delhi – Manali Motorcycle Route

On the morning of the second day, you are ready to discover New Delhi. You will take a bus to Manali at 6 pm. It might take 19 hours to go to Manali. However, the bus is comfortable for sleeping, so you don’t need to worry! Of course, your motorbike is ready at Manali for you to scour every nook and cranny.

Day 3: In Manali 

After arriving at Manali, you will hop on your motorbike to go around and explore it. Then, our Himalayan motorcycle tours will proceed with 60 km riding through the Kullu Valley.

You will have a chance to visit the Manali temple and fort in this 60-km motorbike trip. In addition, on your way back to the town, you can enjoy the beautiful and poetic scenery of the rustic villages. 

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Day 4: Manali to Jispa Motorbike Tour

Yesterday was just a taste of what’s to come; today, you’ll start to feel the thrill of the mountain roads’ turns and twists as you wind through this breathtaking scenery.

The 170 km riding journey begins with a climb up the Kullu Valley. You’ll finally arrive at a mountain pass – Rohtang La, at 3980 meters above sea level.

You’ll journey down a beautiful slope from Rohtang La to Lahaul. Finally, you’ll pass through the Pattan valley on our way to the stunning Chandra Valley. Here, you will get a chance to see the Triloknath temples.

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Day 5: Jispa to Sarchu Motorbike Trip

This Leh Ladakh journey will tear along some dirt roads and take you back to the main valley, where we will see some spectacular gorges. Then, you can go to a few historic monasteries, known as “Gompas”. Next, you will continue to explore desolate places. 

Finally, follow the road to the Baralacha La pass (4890 meters) to enter a lonely valley. You will camp in Sarchu’s highland pastures for the night.

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Day 6: Sarchu to Rumtse Motorcycle Tour

This 180-kilometer motorbike route will take you through the mountains, increasing in height when you approach Lachung La (5065m), before dropping into the Pang Moore Plains’s desert through magnificent and deep canyons.

As you reach the Indus Valley, you will ride through some villages before descending to your goal, Rumtse. Again, we’ll camp for another night, this time in the village’s vicinity, on a meadow with a surrounding barley field.

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Day 7: Rumtse to Leh Motorbike Trip

Following the Indus for 50 km will lead you to Ladakh’s capital – Leh. Along the motorbike route, you can visit Tiksi and the renowned Hemis monastery. It is perched atop a rocky mountain.

Day 8: Leh to Khardung Lah Motorbike Tour

You will ride to the Khardung La pass (at a height of 5600 m). Here, you can see the panorama of the great Karakoram and Zanskar range.

Then, you go back to Leh to visit the Stock village on the other side of the Indus. At the end of the day, you can sleep at a guest house.

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Day 9: Leh to Tso Moriri Lake Motorbike Trip

You might start the day with a trip up the Indus in the direction of the Tibetan border to enter the heart of Rupshu. After riding through a track, you can see the Tso Moriri lake. You can camp on the shores of this beautiful lake. 

Day 10: Tso Moriri lake to Tso Kar Motorcycle Route

This 100-kilometer segment of the Leh Ladakh motorbike journey offers impressive vistas and some discoveries about the Champa nomads’ life.

Then, you can move to the next place – Tso Kar by following a rocky and sandy track. 

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Day 11: Lac Tso Kar to Jispa Motorbike Tour

On this day, you need to burn rubber 210 kilometers more to return to Jispa. To go to the Leh-Manali road, you must overcome a rugged track.

After that, you continue south until you reach Sarchu to have lunch. Finally, you can get to Jispa or Drache in the late afternoon before spending the night at a basic guest house.

Day 12: Jispa to Manali Motorcycle Trip

Let’s enjoy the final 170 kilometers of the Himalayan motorbike tours. You’ll leave early to get Manali in the south before the night. Today’s route will be more straightforward, so benefit from the chance to travel faster and take in each curve and fresh scenery.

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Day 13: Manali to Delhi Motorbike Route

You can spend nearly one day discovering Manali. Then, in the evening, you can take a bus to return to Delhi.

Day 14: In Delhi

You can arrive in Delhi in the early morning. This is the time to explore more about Delhi – India’s capital. 

Day 15: Delhi – Airport

It’s time to say goodbye to this thrilling Himalaya motorbike tour. Before moving to the airport, you can visit some markets to buy souvenirs or specialties. 


In short, Himalaya motorbike tours are recommended for those who love adventurous journeys. If you try it once, you will never forget the great scenery. 

In addition, you should put your safety first. Remember that you shouldn’t forget the protective gear or supplies. Take photos with your phone to keep these beautiful memories. Enjoy the trip and don’t forget to share this insightful post to other die-hard fans of motorcycle tours!

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