How To Prepare A Flawless Vietnam Motorcycle Tour? Top Tips

How To Prepare A Flawless Vietnam Motorcycle Tour? Top Tips


If you are looking for an unforgettable adventure, look no further than a Vietnam motorcycle tour. Nothing can beat an extraordinary ride through the countryside to explore this country. You will be able to experience all the dry, tree-starved landscapes of Vietnam, such as bamboo-lined river valleys.

Nonetheless, charging head-first will not guarantee you a great time on the extraordinary road ahead. That is why we prepare this guide full of tips on how to prepare a flawless Vietnam motorcycle tour.

How To Prepare A Flawless Vietnam Motorcycle Tour? 7 Pro Tips

How To Prepare A Flawless Vietnam Motorcycle Tour? 7 Pro Tips
Amazing single track riding around Ha Giang

Plan Your Route According To Your Situation

Vietnam’s beautiful landscape possesses dozens of routes, if not hundreds, which you can explore on. That is why you should pick a beautiful route suitable for your level. 

For instance, experienced riders tend to prefer the more ambitious roads that involve a deep valley. This way, they get both challenging terrains and stunning scenery.

On the other hand, newer riders should look for an easier ride through a flat valley to reduce the risks. A prime example of such a ride is the Mekong Delta, which possesses fertile valleys and picturesque farmlands. You get to admire the best of both worlds and become a more confident rider.

As we are all seasoned riders and have come to Vietnam twice, we chose to head to the Northernmost regions like Ma Pi Leng Pass. And boom! The scary yet magnificent pass snaking along majestic mountains threw us in thrills and spills. You should definitely try them out!

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Choose Between Group And Private Tours

Knowing your limits is everything if you want to explore Vietnam on motorbike. This vital point is shown clearly when you decide between the group and private tours.

Choose Between Group And Private Tours
Enjoying the boat ride on Ba Be lake

Group tours don’t require you to plan all that much, but they tend to be quite restrictive. Once you embark together, there is no way to split up and visit your favorite town. For example, if your motorbike tour plan is to go to Halong Bay, you won’t be able to go to Cao Bang City. 

After all, doing so means everyone needs to wait for you and mess up the plan. You also get all kinds of discounts due to having a large number.

Another big advantage that group tours hold is the fact that you can use sleeper buses if you get too tired. These sleeper buses allow your body some time to heal after spending too much time on bikes through gorgeous valleys and enticing roads.

Private tours offer you the ultimate freedom, as no one can stop you from challenging ambitious roads. 

You can visit gorgeous valleys and a market town in Cao Bang Province in the morning and change course to Halong bay in the afternoon. You can also take as long as you wish to enjoy the enticing roads along the way. We consider this the best choice for backpackers due to its distinctive backpacker vibe.

However, you will face lots of problems if you travel alone, like having to book hotels at the edge of town. Booking hotels in the center of town requires you to plan ahead for a long time. If it’s a busy town like Dong Van Town, then you may even run the risk of not having a place to sleep despite having money.

Pick The Correct Accommodation Options

Vietnam serves you a huge variety of accommodation options, ranging from a budget-friendly backpacker guest house to fancier mini-hotels. Both sides of the spectrum can satisfy you as long as you can balance your preferences and budget.

A rule of thumb is to consider the backpacker guest house if your budget is on the tighter side. On the other hand, get a room at a hotel to access the more luxurious and comfortable amenities. Between them are homestays and mini-hotels, which provide the most authentic experience.

How To Prepare A Flawless Vietnam Motorcycle Tour? Top Tips how to prepare a flawless vietnam motorcycle tour 7
The party night at the homestay in Mai Chau

Get The Correct Bike

Many people overlook this aspect, but getting an appropriate road bike, not the popular choice, will make or break your attempt at a successful motorcycle tour in Vietnam. No amount of excellent route advice can offset the advantages a good bike brings forth.

To be more specific, a road bike is perfect if you want more comfort and ease of handling. Adventure bikes, on the other hand, are more focused on challenging terrains.

A popular choice for a confident rider is the Street 750, which boasts a perfect mix between style and power. When you ride this bike through Pho Co Street, Nguyen Trai Street, or Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, everyone will look on with envy.

Pack Smartly

Don’t underestimate this step, as you will need to plan carefully to pack for a motorcycle tour. It’s not some sightseeing tours that don’t ask for any commitment.

Due to having to carry everything on your bike, you should always pack light. To be precise, only bring essential items like a helmet, a rain jacket, a bike lock, and a first aid kit. 

If you bring too many things, it can get messy in emergencies. Your motorbike ride through dozens of routes will also become cumbersome.

Pack Smartly
Travel light on motorbike tour

We also recommend investing in some good-quality saddlebags or backpacks. They can make a huge difference in the time spent on packing and unpacking. You will have more time to experience beautiful valleys and enticing roads.

Consider Boat Tours

Whenever you feel like the difficult ride is too much and want to take a break, consider taking up some boat tours. These tours provide you with a unique method to take in Vietnam’s mythical landscape with flowing rivers encompassed by stunning valleys.

This approach is also great for exploring alternative routes that you can’t access through road tracks.

Consider Boat Tours
Boating along the Ho Chi Minh trail

Watch What You Eat

Just enjoying a breathtaking ride, while being the essence of a motorcycle tour, is not the be-all and end-all. Aside from taking in the mythical landscape, you can also take in all the unique local cuisines. However, you must be careful, as Vietnam’s street food is not known for its sanitary practices.

As long as you can weigh in the strengths and weaknesses of cheap food options like street food, you are in for a treat. A fancier budget option is to check out local food stalls, which are much more sanitary than street vendors but still offer an authentic option.

The cleanest option is still restaurants, but you won’t be able to taste the unique flavors. Due to playing it too safe, we can’t call them an authentic option.

Due to this problem, there have been many food tours popping up. Some of them even incorporated elements of motorcycle tours. For this reason, you get to challenge beautiful valleys and ambitious roads in addition to a direct route to the best foods in each place.

Watch What You Eat
Vietnamese foods at the homestay


All in all, we hope that you now know how to prepare a flawless Vietnam motorcycle tour after reading this guide. Remember that choosing the correct route, accommodation, and food can make or break your motorbike trip.

No matter how experienced you are, there will always be one out of the dozens of beautiful routes Vietnam offers that can satisfy you.

Where are you going to visit? Share with us in the comment section below!

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