How to rent a motorbike in Vietnam? Notes that visitors need to remember!

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Renting a motorcycle in Vietnam is one of the things when you join motorcycle tours in Vietnam. However, not everyone has experience in renting motorcycles and looking for reputable motorcycle rental addresses in Vietnam. So in the article below, we will introduce the notes you need to know if you want to rent a motorcycle in Vietnam for the perfect tour. Vietnam Motorcycle Rentals

Notes that visitors need to know if you want to rent a motorcycle in Vietnam


Vietnam Motorcycle Rentals, Check the quality before you rent a motorcycle in vietnam

Vietnam Motorcycle Rentals, Check the quality before you rent a motorcycle in vietnam
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Currently, the motorcycles in most motorcycle rental companies are old motorcycles and of poor quality. So you need to check the motorcycles carefully before wanting to rent them. 

You will begin with the motorcycle parts as brakes, turn signals, lights, horns, starters, mirrors, and engine. They are easily damaged. After checking all the motorbike parts, you should also test drive it. If the engine of the motorcycle is weak, you do not choose it.

In addition, you also need to check if the car has scratched paint, is distorted outside or not. You look at the condition of the motorcycle before rent.  That will help you ensure your safety when traveling and avoid the situation to compensate the motorcycle driver for errors not caused.

If the motorcycle has any damage, you can request the motorcycle rental company to change to another.  It is necessary for you and your family. If the company does not accept your requirement to take another motorcycle, you can ask for a refund. Next, you will find a quality rental address. Vietnam Motorcycle Rentals

Price of motorcycle rental service – rent a motorcycle in vietnam


When I rent a motorcycle in VietNam, the price is an issue that you need to attend to. Motorcycle rental prices usually depend on the time of rental or the type and the number of rentals. However, you can save money, safely, and should not rent motorcycles that are too cheap compared to the market. Almost all cheap motorcycles are often of poor quality, even though they look like new motorcycles.

It is necessary to save money when renting a motorcycle to go on a Vietnam off road motorcycle tour. It is not advisable to save on too much without ensuring safety. When you rent a cheap motorbike, you will cause many serious consequences that affect your safety during the journey.

Therefore, when choosing a motorcycle rental company, you need to pay attention to both the quality and the price of the service. You can choose the most prestigious and quality service. Vietnam Motorcycle Rentals

Price of motorcycle rental service - rent a motorcycle in vietnam
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Procedures for renting a motorcycle – rent a motorcycle in vietnam

When you want to rent a motorcycle in Vietnam, the companies always ask for some things. For example, you need to provide some documents. They help complete the motorcycle rental procedures. 

The documents or papers have to be brought as an ID card, driver’s license. If you, friends, or your family go together, you should leave your driver’s license or ID card of the person sitting behind. It will help you avoid problems while traveling, especially when meeting the traffic police and asking you to show the necessary documents.

However, if you are going alone, you need to prepare all documents such as your passport, driver’s license, and identity card. That way, you can do the procedure for renting a motorcycle while still making sure to bring enough documents when participating in traffic.

Procedures for renting a motorcycle - rent a motorcycle in vietnam
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Do not forget to take your motorcycle rental bill – rent a motorcycle in vietnam

Do not forget to take your motorcycle rental bill - rent a motorcycle in vietnam

When renting a motorcycle in Vietnam, one note that you need to know is to always ask for a receipt. For some motorcycle rental companies in Vietnam, you only need to provide some identification documents to rent a motorcycle without complicated procedures. 

When the rental company gives your receipt, you must check it. If your bill has the correct information, we can have peace of mind. You read information such as rental date, return motorcycle, the license plate of motorcycle rented, your documents that the company has requested. It will ensure more safety and credibility when renting a motorcycle in Vietnam.

Motorcycle tours in Viet Nam – a reputable address to rent a motorcycle in Vietnam

Motorcycle tours in Viet Nam - a reputable address to rent a motorcycle in Vietnam
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When you want to rent a motorcycle in Vietnam, where prestige and safety are a question of many people when joining a motorcycle tour in Vietnam for the first time. Motorcycle tours in VietNam are proud to be the most prestigious and quality motorcycle rental address in Vietnam today. The reasons why many customers trust the motorcycle rental service in Vietnam at Vietnam Motorcycle Tours:

With experience in organizing tours in Vietnam by motorcycle, suitable for both groups and individuals. Ready to bring the best services to customers. The procedure for renting a motorcycle in Vietnam is transparent and clear with quick and simple operations, always supporting customers at any time.

There are many motorcycle tours at famous spots in Vietnam, helping to meet all needs of customers. We held successful tours for visitors such as Halong Motorcycle Tours, Mai Chau Motorcycle Tours, Da Lat Motorcycle Tours, Nha Trang Motorcycle tours, Ha Giang Motorcycle Adventure, Ho Chi Minh Trail. Customers highly appreciate our service quality. 

Moreover, the cost of renting motorbikes is very suitable for tourists. Depending on the model, the price ranges from 300 to 1000.000 thousand VND. The more customers rent, the lower the price will be. In addition, we also provide a full tour booking service. That includes tour guides. If you want to rent, the staff will help and give a quote. 

We always committed to supporting customers throughout the travel schedule of the Vietnam motorcycle tour. We will update detailed information about rental motorcycle services and booking tours in Vietnam on the website People can accept it on the website: If you have any questions, please contact us through hotline +84 985 333 066 for detailed advice.

In the above article, we have introduced details about the notes and experiences when you want to rent a motorcycle in VietNam. Hopefully, after reading the above article, it will help you gain more knowledge and experience in participating in Vietnam motorcycle tours. 

We hope you will have the perfect experience when coming to Viet Nam.

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Vietnam Motorbike Driving License FAQS

Vietnam Motorbike Driving License FAQS

Is it safe to travel Vietnam on Motorcycle or Is it dangerous while riding motorcycle in Vietnam?

Vietnam is very enjoyable and safe country to ride motorcycle, but the roads are some of the most dangerous in the world. For this reason, wear safety riding gears, drive defensively and always be aware of the vehicles around you. Book one of our guided motorcycle tours and travel with tour guide is highly recommended.

Do you need a motorbike license to rent a motorcycle in Vietnam?

Thousands of travelers each year rent a motorcycle and travel around Vietnam totally unlicensed. It’s illegal. But local police in Vietnam are so friendly, they will let you free mostly or our tour guide will work on it so there is nothing to worry. We say, “ no license, no problem “.

Can you tour on any motorcycle?

Mostly we tour with manual bikes, so you should learn how to ride a manual motorcycle first then come to Vietnam. We use Honda XR150L, Honda CRF250L and more Honda CRF300L. We also have some automatic Honda bikes for new riders and beginners.

So almost any motorcycle model can be used for Vietnam motorbike adventure.

Can foreigner drive motorbike in Vietnam?

As a foreigner residing and working for a long term in Vietnam, you can surely obtain a driver license in Vietnam. First of all, you have to take both driving test and Vietnam (road) traffic law test, even though you possess a US driver license. Now many expats who living in Vietnam for few months and obtain local Vietnam motorbike driving license easily.

Do you need a License to ride in Vietnam?

If you do want to ride motorbike in Vietnam, you are obligated by Vietnam law to get a Vietnamese driver’s license. Not only is it illegal to ride without a Vietnamese valid driver’s license that issued in Vietnam, but it also is safer for riders and everyone else on the road.

Does international drivers license work in Vietnam?

Since 2014, most foreigners are permitted to ride in Vietnam with an International Driving Permit (IDP). You can only get your IDP in your home country, the permit cannot be obtained once in Vietnam or on the road. Riding a motorcycle without the proper licensing can affect the validity of your (travel) insurance. So highly recommend riders to bring all license you have when traveling in Vietnam on Motorcycle.

How many km a day do we ride when we travel Vietnam by motorbike?

Generally, most experienced motorcycle riders can handle about 200 to 250km per day when you ride in north Vietnam and 250km to 280hm when you ride Ho Chi Minh trail on a daily average. Because northern Vietnam we mostly ride on dirt roads, trails, single tracks so we ride shorter than motorcycle tours on Ho Chi Minh trail. It is so flat along the Vietnam’s coastalline.

Do you need a drivers License in Vietnam?

Vietnamese driving licences are mandatory for all drivers of motor vehicles as well as for riders of motorcycles with a capacity of bigger than 50cc.

How much does it cost to rent a motorbike in Vietnam?

Frankly speaking, if you rent a motorcycle to ride around Vietnam the cost will be around $US 14 a day for a Honda automatic or Honda semi-automatic models. (But if you plan on renting a Honda dirtbike 150cc or Honda CRF250cc, more powerful motorcycle, prices are between $US 30 to $ US 55 ).

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