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The 5 day Ha Giang loop is ideal for people who have a short holiday. However, not all people know how to create a perfect plan for a motorbike tour in Ha Giang to experience the wonder of this place.
In the article, we will show you how you can take advantage of the time to admire the charm of Ha Giang. Scroll down!

5 Day Ha Giang Loop By Motorbike Overview 

Here is all the necessary info on Hanoi - Ha Giang - Yen Minh - Dong Van - Meo Vac - Du Gia - Ha Giang - Hanoi motorbike tours. 

These tours last for five days and five nights. Particularly, the overall distance is 900 km. 

Regarding accommodation, you have two options. First, stay at one hotel and three homestays. For the other option, overnight places are four hotels. 

Please ask the travel agent if you wish to visit other places not included in the plan. The travel agent will rearrange the plan and support you as much as possible.

Tourists depart from Hanoi by bus at night. After about 8 hours on the bus, the team arrives in Ha Giang city. There we will hire motorcycles to travel and discover the city. 

Enjoyable Bamboo rafting, Ha Giang


Day 0: Ha Noi ~ Ha Giang

Tourists will travel from Hanoi to Ha Giang by private bus. The bus can bring visitors privacy, peace, quietness, and comfort for hours. 

5 Day Ha Giang Loop
HA GIANG, VIETNAM, FEBRUARY 27, 2016 : Unidentified H'mong ethnic minority women carry dry trees on road. Ha Giang stone highland has Dong Van Karst Plateau Global Geopark.

At about 7. am, the bus will arrive in Ha Giang city. After getting off the bus, collect the motorcycles. Then, we will get to a local restaurant for breakfast.  

Day 1: Ha Giang ~ Yen Minh

The first Ha Giang Motorbike Tour takes quite a long time. The group of riders starts to ride on flat terrain and then head to the Ha Giang rocky plateau. You must decide whether to take a shortcut or go through the forest to get to Yen Minh town. 

Single track around Yen Minh Pine Forest

One interesting place you should visit in Yen Minh is the pine forest. Pine forest stretches for some kilometers on low hills. From there, you can enjoy the fresh and cool air. 

Moreover, the view from the hill to the downside is so wonderful. The roofs looming behind the mountains and green grass creates a peaceful and picturesque landscape. 

Day 2: Yen Minh ~ Dong Van

It would be best to ride to Dong Van on small back-roads rather than main roads. You can observe villages and local people on the way to Dong Van. The overnight place is a large hotel where you can relax after a long day. 

Wondering what to explore in Dong Van? Here are fascinating things you can try to do there! The ride today offers the best Ha Giang Motorbike Tours.

Epic view from Ma Pi Leng pass down to Nho Que river

Architecture is one of the highlights when you visit ancient Dong Van street. Along the street, you can see houses with red brick and the roof of yin yang tiles.  

Besides, destinations such as Ma Pi Leng Pass and the Nho Que river are worth visiting. Once you have arrived at this place, you can take part in some activities such as conquering the pass or taking a boat tour on the turquoise blue river. 

Note that conquering the pass may be dangerous. Consider it before you decide to do so. 

Day 3: Dong Van ~ Meo Vac

Dong Van is near Meo Vac, so getting here does not require much time and effort. The riders can depart later than the previous day. 

As the travel distance is small, you can spend some time visiting famous places nearby, such as Lo Lo ethnic village, Sum Pun port, and Khau Vai love market. 

Our advice is that you should visit Meo Vac in the spring. During this period of time, you can admire plum blossoms and peach blossoms in full bloom, which is one of the most wonderful views of this place.  

HA GIANG, VIETNAM, OCTOBER 25: Ethnic minority children sit near amazing mountain pass on October 25, 2014 in Ha Giang, Vietnam. Ha Giang is famous for Dong Van karst plateau global geological park.

The typical specialties in the region are Thang Co, 5-color sticky rice, and grill moss. 

Among these specialties, the majority of tourists consider Thang Co as the “weirdest” dish as it is made from animal organs. Try this dish if you are interested in world cuisine. 

Day 4: Meo Vac ~ Du Gia

You will ride from Meo Vac to Du Gia by either a technical mountain path or tarmac route. It is quite a long distance to travel - 75 km- so you may get slightly tired. Do not worry, as the hotel and accompanying services are always ready if you need them. 

After a short break at the homestay, continue the trip - head to famous places such as Di Gia waterfall or Du Gia National Park. 

Du Gia waterfall is one of hidden gems in Ha Giang. Riders always enjoy swimming in the small blue lagoon at this waterfall.

To get to Du Gia waterfall, travel 5 km from the town. Here, you will see the stunning view of natural scenery and swimming pools. 

Du Gia National park is great for those interested in nature reserves. There you can see rare and rare animals and plants such as Sua Bac, Thong Do Bac, Ca Dac monkey, or brown serow.  

Day 5: Du Gia ~ Ha Giang

Visitors will have breakfast before they go back to Ha Giang. After that, return your rented motorcycle and get on the bus back to Hanoi. 

You will get off the bus at the hotel and have a rest. Then, participate in a farewell party at a local restaurant to mark the end of the five-day motorbike trip in Ha Giang. 

Stunning Ha Giang province, northeast of Vietnam

Final Thoughts 

In brief, the itinerary of the 5 day Ha Giang loop lists significant tourist destinations. If you like this plan, why not invite your friends or family to take a motorcycle trip like that? 

Surely, you will have great moments with them. Follow our blog for other interesting info about traveling!

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