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Currently, Vietnam Motorcycle Rental Service is appealing to a lot of attention of backpackers ranging from local people to international visitors. Applying to these trips, you can broaden your horizon about the beauty of nature, the culture of locals and the delicious cuisines. In this article, Vietnam Motorcycle Tour Company will introduce to you “Duong Lam ancient village motorcycle tour paves the way for new experiences”, allowing you to have the best preparations.

Travelling to Duong Lam ancient village motorcycle tour can be an interesting experience for anyone to discover the real Vietnam. 

Essential information about the Duong Lam ancient village motorcycle tour

Essential information about the Duong Lam ancient village motorcycle tour

Duong lam ancient village is situated in Son Tay town, about 60 km far from the west of Hanoi Capital, the first village recognized as a national relic in Vietnam. It possesses a history of over 1200 years with many architectural features and old houses dating back up to 400 years. Duong lam ancient village used to be the hometown of two Vietnamese famous kings (Ngo Quyen and Phung Hung) that contributed their talence and life during protecting the independence of Vietnam. After their deaths, local inhabitants determined to construct temples to honour the memory of them. Taking the Duong Lam ancient village motorcycle tour paves the way for new experiences can help you get a deeper understanding of the glorious tradition of our country. 

Which places should you discover the Duong Lam ancient village motorcycle tour  ?

The Duong Lam ancient village is outstanding with special buildings made of mud and laterie that are abundant in this area. In fact, Duong Lam also plays a crucial role allowing scientists to perform many resident community studies in ancient agriculture. All things like banyan, well, gates and communal houses can create striking features, attracting a lot of travellers to experience the Duong Lam ancient village by motorcycle. In case, if you have more time and would like to join one of our off-road Vietnam motorbike tours please choose multi day tours up north Vietnam such as 7 day Sapa motorbike tour, 7 Day Ha Giang motorcycle tour or more than 10 day trip to conquer all northern part of Vietnam!

Communal House - Duong Lam ancient village motorcycle tour 

Vietnam Motorcycle Tour Expert suggests you pay a visit to the communal house - a worshipping destination of the god-founder of the village. There are up to 5 communal houses in the Duong Lam ancient village. Joining the motorcycle tours to these places can give you an opportunity to enjoy the picture of the traditional culture formed over many thousands years. In addition, cruising on motorbikes may be the best flexible approach to discover anything you like without depending on one fixed schedule. 

We recommend that you experience Doai Giap and Cam Lam communal houses on motorcycle to accumulate your knowledge about the victory against invaders under the Duong dynasty. Mong Phu communal house is a popular destination of the locals with lots of cultural activities. Dong Sang communal house is rebuilt by financial donation from the inhabitant after being destroyed by the large fire in the past. When it comes to Cam Thinh communal House, you can discover the great mandarin Cao Phuc Dien - the well-known hero for Le dynasty.

Architecture of the House - Duong Lam ancient village motorcycle tour 

Considered as one of the Best Vietnam Motorbike tours, Duong Lam trip can give any backpacker a particular impression of the wooden house with 5 to 7 spans and 2 wings. Travelling on motorbikes along the path towards this place, you catch a sight of the house in the form of leaves, flowers and clouds. To be specific, each span has a sum of 4 leaves of the door, including lower and upper points. Firm wood is utilized as the main material in setting up thresholds with the height of over 10 cm from the floor and 40-50 cm estimated from the ground. Therefore, the house can avoid the negative effects of humidity and temperatures to the quality of the architecture. 

Value of the Duong Lam ancient village motorcycle tour

  • Regarding intangible cultural relics, Duong Lam plays a key role in conserving various customs, festivals and literature on the land and the residents over the past years.  
  • Regarding tangible cultural relics, there are 21 relic sites ranging from pagodas to tombs, making Duong Lam to be classified as a provincial and national relics.
  • Regarding the ecological environment, during the visit on motorcycles, you can see a lot of beautiful sceneries like Ho Gam Hill, the tale of Ngo Quyen King and Guom Hill.
  • Some famous and old destinations, including Ngo Quyen temple and Mia Pagoda are restored for preserving long-term cultural values.

Advantages of  Duong Lam ancient village motorcycle tour 

Advantages of  Duong Lam ancient village motorcycle tour 

Below are some benefits when you discover the Duong Lam village by motorcycle with us:

Experiencing a feeling of being part of landscape - Hanoi Motorcycle Tours

All images of that iconic green countryside in your mind can be accomplished through this trip, and you will be also literally stepping into the background and becoming one part of it. We ensure that you are not passive within this situation, but are rather actively taking part in it. Let’s bring your camera to save any magnificent spot for the memory. 

On your own time

Traveling on motorcycles tends to put you in a flexible situation, making your agenda shift suitably any time. You can see the beautiful sights, take a detour and have a break when you want, which gives you a sense of satisfaction and freedom. 

Be more social

Experiencing a feeling of being part of landscape - Hanoi Motorcycle Tours

Riding a motorcycle is the best way to approach the life of the locals, make friends and start your conversations about any interesting topic. In fact, there is always an invisible barrier, isolating you from others whenever traveling by bus or car. However, if you experience the Duong Lam ancient village on motorcycle, you magically seem to fit better. Hanoi dirtbike tour 1 day in the countryside always ranked #1 as top things to do in Hanoi on Tripadvisor!

Through some of our suggestions about “Duong Lam ancient village motorcycle tour paves the way for new experiences”, Vietnam Motorcycle Tours Company hopes that everyone will have the best options for the trip. Contact us at vietnammotorcycletours.com or hotline +84.945.918.688 for further information.

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