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We have a Ha Giang Loop: 8-day motorcycle tour that you must try.

As the name suggests, the motorbike tour starts from Ha Giang, goes through 6 different countrysides, and then returns to Ha Giang. You mostly move around those places by motorcycles, meaning you can enjoy the scenes fully and stop at any time to take a picture or chat with the local people.

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Ha Giang Loop: 8-Day Motorcycle Tour

Ha Giang Loop Motorcycle Tours - Preview

Amazing Dong Van karst geopark

Duration: 8 Days, 8 Nights

Distance: 1,440km

Accommodations: homestays, standard hotels, VIP hotels 

Route: Hanoi - Ha Giang - Tam Son - Yen Minh - Sung La - Dong Van - Meo Vac - Du Gia - Ha Giang - Hanoi 

Located high and remote in the country's northeast and near the Vietnam-China border, Ha Giang offers the best experience as a road tour on two wheels for adventurous riders.

We drive you from Ha Noi to Ha Giang on a VIP bus so you can sleep well before a long tour. Once you arrive in Ha Giang, our experienced tour guide will prepare motorcycles and accomplish you in the next eight days.

Highlighted destinations of the tours: 

  • Tam Son - the gateway to the famous Dong Van Geopark
  • Yen Minh and Sung La - two quiet towns with a natural valley and green fields
  • Lung Cu has the tallest flag tower in Vietnam
  • Dong Van - the most well-known ancient town in Ha Giang
  • Meo Vac - the home to culture-tourism Mong's villages and Ma Pi Leng Pass
  • The last destination Du Gia: This is where to relax with rice fields and local waterfalls.

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Ha Giang Loop: 8 Day Motorcycle Tour

Day 0: Ha Noi To Ha Giang on Bus

The first and final destination of the Ha Giang Loop motorcycle tour is Ha Giang city. However, we set off from Ha Noi on our VIP bus. It takes around eight hours, from 11 pm to 7 am. During this time, you can have a sleep to charge you up with the motorbike tour the next day.

As mentioned, our tour guide will bring motorcycles and inform you of the schedules while you are having your first breakfast in the city.

Day 1: Ha Giang To Tam Son Motorcycle Tour

Twin Mountains, Nui Doi, Double Mountains is the travel destination and famous place in Tam Son town, Quan Ba, Ha Giang, Vietnam

After having guidance on driving the vehicles, you are now ready to take the first route to Tam Son town, approximately 50 km away from Ha Giang city.

The road is well-constructed along the QL4C highway, and the traffic is not crowded. It is just ascending a little. Thus, you have an easy time getting used to the motorcycles and the routes.

If you want some challenges, take rugged detours to Tam Son. Around halfway to the town, there is a market. Lucky enough, you might arrive on the day of the open market. Just grab a pit stop for some local spices or to chat with people.

Day 2: Tam Son To Yen Minh Motorbike Tour

Day 2: Tam Son To Yen Minh Motorbike Tour
Ha Giang / Vietnam January 2020: tourist in Dong Van plateau geopark, the park spread over four districts of Quan Ba, Yen Minh, Dong Van and Meo Vac of Ha Giang province, Vietnam.

Rest in Tam Son for one day to refuel yourselves and the vehicles before going to the next destination - Yen Minh.

On this day, you continue on the QL4C, following the beautiful Mien river and through the valley floor. The route is a bit harder to travel as you must cruise through mountain passes and karst plateaus. 

Supposing you are not confident enough to drive on tricky paths, you can still take a newly-constructed detour across the barren hills. It is a good experience for adventurous hearts, though.

When you get off the motorcycles, the accommodation is up to you. Our tour offers both regular hotels and several local homestays. For dinner, eat where you stay or go to the local market.

The latter option is recommended if you are not too tired.

Day 3: Yen Minh To Sung La Motorcycle Tour

Sung La village from highview in Hagiang province, Vietnam

Sung La valley, which we visit on the fourth day, is also located on the QL4C. Take off the primary way for a while and head to the Vietnam-China border, skirting along hilltop paths.

After that, we will ride back to the QL4C. The route passes through the Nine Ramps (Chin Khoang in the local language.) There are nine turns on different levels, so you have fun riding up and have a breathtaking view of the valley behind.

You can spare time to visit H'Mong run homestay if we arrive soon.

Day 4: Sung La To Lung Cu Motorcycle Tour

Lung Cu flagpole in the border area of Lung Cu District, Ha Giang Province, Vietnam

From Sung La, our Ha Giang Loop 8-day motorcycle tour passes the Sa Phin Market and the H'Mong King's Palace, heading toward Lung Cu Flag Tower - Vietnam's northernmost point.

This is the must-see destination in Ha Giang for almost all tourists. The tower exposes a broad view of 1470 meters above sea level and is also a sacred site of historical stories.

Although the route is mountainous, it is winding enough to tear up the miles and enjoy the cool weather. Just be cautious, looking out for border guards since Lung Cu is also very near China.

We share the night with local people, Lo Lo, and you have an opportunity to understand their cultures better.

Day 5: Lung Cu To Dong Van Motorbike Tour

Stunning view of Dong Van

Dong Van is right 10 km back to the QL4C. Thus, you have plenty of time to visit beautiful places in this town, expecting no shortage of stunning views on the way. Even get back to Lung Cu if you wish to explore more. The sky trails we ride today could be the best Ha Giang motorbike tours!

Arrange a time to visit Sa Phin market on a market day, either in the early morning or at night. You can see the sights of colorful ethnic minorities selling local products and souvenirs.

We will prepare a hotel here for you to relax after a long day, take a hot shower and have your clothes washed before eating at a local restaurant in the market.

Day 6: Dong Van To Meo Vac Motorcycle Tour

Bamboo rafting in Khau Vai, Meo Vac, Ha Giang

Meo Vac is 24 km away from Dong Van. You can reach the town by traveling a short hop through Happiness Highway at the bottom of Ma Pi Leng Pass. 

There are panoramic sights along the way, so you might spend your whole morning stopping off and taking pictures. Otherwise, follow lesser-used roads to practice driving skills.

In Meo Vac, we rest at a small hamlet homestay run by warm H'Mong locals in a project for community-based tourism. The ride today could be the highlight of Ha Giang motorbike tours!

Day 7: Meo Vac To Du Gia Motorbike Tour

The scenic route ride to Dong Van - Ha Giang, Viet Nam

Du Gia is an unknown village hardly visited by tourists in two or three-day loops. Thus, it is a valuable chance for you.

You can select either an effortless tarmac route or a technical mountain one. Both go through Mau Due and reach Du Gia late in the day. Just mind that Du Gia is distant from Meo Vac, and you had better rest well the night before.

Thankfully, Du Gia has a luxurious homestay ideal for relaxing and savoring delicious local cuisine.

Day 8: Du Gia To Ha Giang Motorcycle Tour

HA GIANG, VIET NAM, February 4, 2016 Hmong group of children Ha Giang mountainous areas, outdoor recreation, in the spring

It is time to return to Ha Giang and treat yourselves to modern comfort. Look around the city and have a meal there before we get back to Hanoi on our bus. Just a short drive with no pressure.

A warm and welcoming hotel is waiting for you. Then, go to sleep or gather at a local restaurant for snacks and beverages.

It is up to you!


Are you excited enough to book a Ha Giang Loop: 8-day motorcycle tour and explore every corner of the beautiful northern region of Vietnam?

Packaging your luggage and riding widely with our Vietnam motorbike tours is high time!

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