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Ha Giang Loop: 7-day motorcycle tour is one of our go-to choices when it comes to visiting Vietnamese Northeast provinces.
A detailed tour plan makes it easy for you to freely explore famous places in Ha Giang by yourselves and on our prepared motorcycles. Just refer to our suggested routes and stop off any time you catch a beautiful sight and wish to take pictures.
Check the tour out now!

Ha Giang Loop

Ha Giang Loop Motorcycle Tours - Preview

Duration: 7 Days, 7 Nights

Distance: 1,260km

Accommodations: 1 bus, 4 homestays, 2 hotels (standard) / 1 bus, 6 hotels (VIP)


Are you ready for our Ha Giang Loop: 7-Day Motorcycle tour?

The whole next week, you can explore every corner of Ha Giang, riding a motorbike on your own and taking in the unobstructed sights of nature and life there.

Just a small note for the adventurous hearts, we will head off from Hanoi to Ha Giang on a comfortable VIP bus, and you can start your riding journey after. Why not drive yourselves up on the main roads?

Despite not necessarily being crazy, Ha Giang roads have sudden ups, downs, and turns. You should be prepared with a conscious mind to enjoy the views fully - and for your sake. Thus, sound sleep on our bus over the night gives you much energy the next day.

From the first day of the motorbike tour, the routes are flexible and of your choice: Either the rugged detour route on the H’Mong highways through mountainous areas or an easy-driving route with many pit stops. 

Whatever you select, we design ample time for you while ensuring that the bus goes to Ha Giang on time. No worries about driving in a rush or at night on mountainous roads. Free to tell us if you want to visit sites or capture some pictures.

To each famous site of Ha Giang province, we strongly suggest you spend more time there than other average tourists. Our motorbike guide, if requested, can show you many unique places.

Now, let’s explore the detailed plan.

Picture of rice fields high up in the mountains of Ha Giang, Vietnam

Ha Giang Loop: 7 Day Motorcycle Tour

Day 0: Ha Noi – Ha Giang by Bus

As mentioned, we often leave Hanoi at 11 pm and arrive in Ha Giang city at around 7 am in our private and comfortable VIP bus. During the trip, you can enjoy the quietness, peace, luxury, and privacy.

After landing at the destination, you are ready to receive your vehicles and have a delicious breakfast.

Day 1: Ha Giang – Tam Son Motorcycle Tour

On the first official day of our Ha Giang Loop: 7-Day Motorcycle tour, let’s visit Tam Son - a local town 50km from Ha Giang city. 

The distance is not too far, and you can take various detours to be familiar with the motorcycles and roads. There are both flat terrains and rugged roads. The weather is cool when you ascend into the Ha Giang Plateau.

Drop off at sights or viewpoints for a while, take pictures and chat with the locals there as wished. If lucky, our two-wheel trip will fall on the day of local markets, and you can buy souvenirs for friends and family members.

Sky path of Ha Giang

Day 2: Tam Son - Yen Minh Motorbike Tour

The next destination is the Yen Minh pine forest, around 50 km more. Before getting there, the motorbike tour takes us along the valley floor, surrounded by trees and mountains on both sides.

If you are not tired, you can choose to drive through a freshly-constructed detour across relatively barren hills or through the forest. Otherwise, you can stay at the hotel/local homestays to have dinner or take a short tour at the interesting local market.

Landscape of Ha Giang province, Vietnam

Day 3: Yen Minh – Sung La Motorcycle Trip Toward The Border

You already knew that Ha Giang province is situated in the far north, with a Vietnam-China border extending nearly 275km. Then, it is exciting to contemporarily forget the main motorcycle tour and come near the border on the third day in Sung La.

We will not cross the border and go to China, of course. It is dangerous and illegal. Just skirt along hilltop paths nearby. Sung La is a stunning mountainous area having blooming flowers in some seasons. You can also take pictures of the impressive Chin Khoanh pass.

Then, get back to the main route toward our H’Mong homestay if you have enough time. The ride today could be the best Ha Giang motorbike tours.

Amazing mountain pass road called Nine Ramps or Doc Chin Khoanh in Vietnamese near Dong Van Karst geological park, Vietnam

Day 4: Sung La – Dong Van Motorbike Tour

On day four, you might get up on the local H’Mong homestay in Sung La and be ready for the following motorcycle destination: Dong Van.

Drive through Sa Phin Market, and you reach Lung Cu Flagpole through H’Mong King’s Palace. This place is the extreme point of North Vietnam. You can climb to the top of Lung Cu, tracing your route for the last three days - as far as 10 km.

After that, you will head to a hotel in Dong Van for a change.

Stunning view in Dong Van, Ha Giang

Day 5: Dong Van – Meo Vac Motorbike Tour

The next day, drive your motorbike to Meo Vac, the neighboring town of Dong Van. There are two ways to get there. Visit interesting locations like the Ma Pi Leng Pass by taking a quick trip along the "Happy Highway." If not, take a longer motorbike trip through backroads that only locals and knowledgeable tour guides like us are familiar with.

Either way leads to a small hamlet with H'Mong homestays for tourists as part of a local tourism initiative. Today could be the highlight of Ha Giang motorbike tours.

Bamboo raft in Khau Vai

Day 6: Meo Vac – Du Gia Motorbike Tour

Since the 5th day on tour has few activities, you had better rest well and be ready for the 6th day. The route is the longest we plan for the Ha Giang Loop 7-day motorcycle tour. The two twins are approximately 70km apart.

Again, choosing a rocky mountain path with holes and bends or easy tarmac is up to you. We recommend the first choice so that you can experience the most spectacular stretch for a motorbike tour via Mau Due. 

There are many impressive sights such as rice terraces, mountains next to mountains, and colonial French watchtower ruins.

You will spend the night at a luxurious and comfortable homestay in Du Gia.

Single track to the horizon of Dong Van

Day 7: Du Gia - Ha Giang Motorbike Tour

Ha Giang is very near Du Gia. Thus, the 7th day has no pressure. You can even lay in to explore more about Du Gia and nearby places. 

If you decide to ride back to Ha Giang and see around there, it is time to pack your luggage and grab your motorbike. Mountain driving dominates the first portion of the motorbike route. Then, the rest route is the main highway you used to drive on the first day.

Have a meal in Ha Giang and return your motorbikes before we offer you a bus trip back to Ha Noi. There, you can have a shower and gather together for some snacks and beverages.

Beautiful landscape in Quan Ba, Ha Giang, Vietnam during trip HA GIANG, VIETNAM travel destination adventure tour and beautiful scenery in HA GIANG, Northern VIETNAM


Have you taken notes of recommended places and routes and been ready to book for Ha Giang Loop: 7-day motorcycle tour?

Just fill in the contact form in two minutes if you want to know the tour in more details and schedule a favorable time.

Now, let's live our youthful life with these Vietnam motorbike tours!

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